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Are There Any Good Ipad Math Apps

What are some good math/science learning apps for iPad for a skilled 7-year old?

I've been very happy with the dragon box games, which cover numbers, algebra and geometry. My 5 year old is largely autonomous with the algebra, even though his arithmetic is not good enough for him to fully appreciate what he's doing (the game makes the rules of algebra very clear, so the game becomes a puzzle). The geometry game required more and-holding to explain where the proof steps come from but he's quite good at them now and as able to prove for me a fresh fact that was not in the game.I've liked their ui approach so much that I've tried to emulate it in our arithmetic lessons, specifically by working with digit cards that are replaced by other cards, instead of forcing him to write things out. For a child with a short attention span, this is easier to follow.

Which are some good mental maths apps?

This is the best math leaning app for all school students. It contains unlimited infinity numbers of questions and Quiz. You should try this.Maths King 1million+ questions & Quiz & Many more - Android Apps on Google PlayAlso for all type maths definitions you should try this:A to Z Math definitions Dictionary - Android Apps on Google Play

What is the best app for learning maths?

Wolfram alpha, can solve very complex to very basic math problem even advanced math can be done on both PC as well as mobile app, but using them for solving problem at very early age for children will have a great negative as lose their interest to solve them as the software easily does that for them.some other apps are:PCalc Lite (iOS)Digits (iOS) or CalcTape (Android)Tydlig (iOS)MyScript Calculator (Android, iOS)Free Graphing Calculator (iOS) or Algeo Graphing Calculator (Android)Wolfram Alpha (Android, iOS)Mathway (Android, iOS)

MATH App Problem Help!!!?

since "decays continuously at a rate of 5% PER HOUR" is given,
appropriate formula is N = 50*0.95^t

a. N = 50*0.95^25.9 ≈ 13.24 mg <-------

b. 25 = 50*0.95^t, 0.95^t = 0.5 , t = ln 0.5 / ln 0.95 ≈ 13.51 hr <------

if the q were simply "decays continuously at a rate of 5%"
we would have used N = 50e^(-0.05t) and got slightly different results.
a. 13.69 mg
b. 13.86 hrs
but to use it here is not correct

your AD
use the analogous A = P(1± r)^n to understand the concept
here A = P(1-0.05)^n = P*0.95^n

What is the best app to learn math for kids?

Hy there!Simple Soroban - I would recommend this one personally since I use it. Have you ever seen kids doing extremely fast calculations, faster than calculators. They use abacus. This app will help you learn it. Easy to use and really simple design also addictive. It teaches you like you are playing a game.Simple Soroban - Android Apps on Google PlayMaths Creatures from space - This one is a game. Some creatures fall from sky and we have to calculate and they die. Its fun though.Math Creatures from Space! - Android Apps on Google PlayMultiplication Table Kids Math - Android Apps on Google Play - this one has more than 10 million downloads on Playstore. Helps you learn tables.Child Learn Math 1st 2nd grade - Android Apps on Google Play As the name says, it teaches counting.Math Training for Kids - Android Apps on Google Play this ones also nice.Preschool Math Games for Kids - Android Apps on Google Play if your children are really small this ones for pre school kids.Hope this helps your kids to learn mathematics, its really fun to play with number.

Is there any good mobile app for practising maths?

Our Math App is perfect for practicing Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.It’s helpful and it’s free!Download it here:Best Math App for Kids on the App StoreFlashcard mode:Quiz Mode:Can Adjust Level of Difficulty:Has advanced features like Progress Report:Hope that helps!

What is the best app for taking math notes?

This is the best app ever, which every top 10 students use !This app work only on your data. It works when you go to classes and take all those important things which are delivered by your teacher and note these things on your copy. and after all app comes in the hard form. And simple self made app and for notes, no other can be the best app. :)So buddy don’t waste your time in searching these types of things, because a lot of students are working on their’s app. and some of those, already have made it. and keep this thing in your mind, (which is said by Sachin Tendulkar ) - “There is no short path of success.”Happy Learning! and Don’t waste your time in these type of apps. Because a bright future is waiting for you.