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Are There Any Recalls On Nissan Altima 2012

Recalls on 2007 Nissan Altima s 2.5.?

The exhaust heat shield recall PB053 needs to be preformed make sure the service advisor also checks for additional recalls when you bring it in. Not a very complicated job allow an hour after your car is taken into the shop.Good time to read your owners manual. Some motor noise during first start up is normal that stops after oil pressure rises. The sound of knocking you can test it by carefully reaching down on a cold motor and just touching the lower front exhaust heat shield that knocks louldly only during cold starts.

Is there a recall on Nissan altima and why?

Some four cylinder Altimas made in the 6 months between Jan. 5, 2006 and May 29, 2006 have had an oil consumption issue due to an engine part used only during those months. All other 2.5 liter engines are fine. If you have one, they recommend checking your oil every 700 miles and making sure it stays near the full level. if you don't rune them out of oil they'll run grat and last as long as any other.

You'll get a letter and they'll fix the engine. Those 2.5 liter engines are awesome. Once fixed everything will be good as new.

That depends on where it is being operated,  the model year and what equipment you have.You can search for that info on the website.All US recalls must be registered with NHTSA.

Are there any recalls for 2003 nissan altima 2.5 engines?

yeah, unfortunately, with a real nasty sounding knock, chances are, it's a serious engine problem. But first... Are you positive it's the engine? I know that sounds dumb, but have you popped the hood and actually sought where the noise is coming from? Try that. You'd be surprised how many people think their engine is going when all they did was forget to secure the thing that holds the hood up. It could be anything under there, so give it a once over. If it turns out that it's still the engine, try some Lucas oil treatment. It's in a white bottle and is very thick. Pour it in where your oil goes and it should quiet it up for the time being. If the mechanic is telling you that it's in need of an engine rebuild, make sure to get that statement backed up independently by other mechanics. An engine rebuild/transplant for that car will not be a cheap operation.

2011-2012 Nissan Juke recall?

I was seriously looking in to buying a 2011 Nissan Juke. I love the bold style and the look. Also, I have always heard Nissans were pretty good cars. I read online that there was a recall on the 2011-2012 Jukes and that they would just randomly stop running due to a leak or something. Is there any way I could tell which are affected by this and which are not? Should I quit looking at them all together? I want a good running, low gas mileage car and it seemed perfect. They are also cheap to be so new! Any owners out there???

Recall on varistor for a Nissan Altima?

Recall # PB090 addresses a Occupant Classisification System (OCS) Issue. Some owners experenced air bag light issues when placing things into the passengers seat. A malfunction May cause the passenger side air bag not to deploy. On your notice it should state not to have passenger ride in that seat until repair is done. Not to serious and only about 1% need a new seat bottom replaced. Better call your dealership and make sure there OCS tool is operating and set up an appointment. This is a older recall that started December 2008. Your car may have other open recalls and camapigns too. Good Luck

Have there been any recalls on the 2016 Nissan Maxima. Thanks?

Does anyone knw anything about this nissan altima recall?

If your car has a check engine light and is over 6 years 60,000 miles you may have to pay to replace a engine crankshaft sensor. Many altima come in with code P0335 CKP sensor. Then Nissan will free of charge reprogram your car to help eliminate the stalling problem. Campaign # NTB 07-081 that helps 2003 to 2006 Altima 2.5 liter by reading both the cam and crank sensor (to keep from stalling) That recall is for all Altima with the 2.5 liter motor and you may find there is more than one open recall campaign. Having a Nissan technician look over your car once a year or so will keep your engine control system and any safety issues up to date.

Is there a recall on catalytic converter for nissan altima 2002 ?

There are several recalls for 2002 altimas. Most of them should have been done a long time ago, Don't just roll in and expect anything for free except running your Nin# on Nissan Net and see if there are any open campaigns. Save gas call the service adviser with your vin# and ask if there are any open recalls first then ask for an appointment to see a mechanic. Cat converter is a 8 years 80 thousand mile part. If it breaks up and you keep driving it will damage the motor.