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Are There Any Shows Like Orphan Black

Are there any shows like orphan black?

I've been watching Orphan Black, and I just have to say, it is awesome. I love the story, I love the action, I love Helena and I also like that it has gay characters that are realistically portrayed (ie. they aren't extremely feminine fashion designers). Are there any other shows like this?

TV Show like Orphan Black?

witches of east end - 1 season of 10 episodes, but a 2nd season of 13 episode's been confirmed
misfits - there's powers involved... i only liked the first few seasons
being human - there's a UK and US version... i have barely seen like a couple episodes of both
teen wolf - i myself am a vamp's fan.. but i have to say i kinda liked this
moonlight - detective vampire... i kinda got bored halfway through... but.. there's vampires
the gates - i loved it... 2 bad it was cancelled... there are supernatural creatures
sleepy hollow - about demons trying to bring about the apocalypse
grimm - has supernatural creatures
hemlock grove - has werewolves and vampires and other supernatural creatures
dracula - i only saw the 1st episode... HATED IT... don't recommend it.. but if u wanna give it a try...

I can't really think of anything similar to orphan black... only gave u suggestions that have to do with supernatural creatures... personally i'm a vampire fan... but honestly... i get bored of most tv shows.. like they just suck... wish they were more creative but they come up with a lot of crap!!! i liked the vampire diaries saw a few seasons, i hated it, then saw some commercials and it looked pretty good... so started watching it again to be disappointed yet again... haven't seen the originals....

anyways... i would also urge u, if u haven't... to watch buffy the vampire slayer and charmed... they are tv shows from the 90's... but they were awesome... i'd say they are classic... i don't really thinik therea re any tv series out there about vampire and witches that lasted as long as these 2 shows... u know... it's back from the 90's so u might find it a bit lame... but i would really really urge u to watch them

Is Orphan Black A Good Show?

Yes it's a very good show. It's new season begins tonight. The show is about Sarah Manning a woman with a troubled legal history. One night she sees a woman who looks just like her commit suicide and decides to steal her identity. This leads her into a world of clones and conspiracies and weird science.

Is the show 'Orphan Black' good?

I just found out about this show from my friend and so I'm considering watching this TV show. Is it good and worth watching or is just like many other TV shows that are just 'bleh'?

Thanks in advance to those with proper answers! :)

Shows like Black Mirror?

Lately I've given up on starting new TV shows -- following a series for several years' worth of episodes is way too time consuming.

One exception is the show Black Mirror where every episode is a completely unique story -- like bite-sized movies.
Are there any other good shows that follow this episode format?

Is Orphan Black a good show?

YES omg. I got hooked on it after a youtuber refrenced it. I texted my guy friend and told him about it and now he's on season three. (I told him on Monday)

Do men/males like Orphan Black?

Uhhh… yeah!Cosima is a hot sexy scientist.Hardcore gene manipulation is a great idea for a criminal syndicate. Yay!There are guns in like every scene. Pretty much every conversation between main characters begins with one or both of them looking down the barrel of a gun. (OK, they may have overused that technique…)Whenever you get tired of the big villain, there’s a new villain, who it turns out the old villain really secretly worked for, ready to start antagonizing our humble protagonists the next season.

I loved Orphan Black. Which show should I watch next?

While it's not science fiction, The Fall does give us a very strong female central character.  Gillian Anderson, of X Files fame, plays Stella Gibson, a highly competent police investigator.  She's called in on a serial killer case in Belfast that has the locals stumped.  What follows is an intricate, creepy game of cat and mouse.  Stella is unapologetically sexual and doesn't give a damn about what others think of her in this regard.  She's good at her job, knows it, and what she does outside of her work is her own business.  But the case she takes over is no cake walk.Jamie Dornan plays the killer.  One thing I liked about The Fall is that it doesn't present us with yet another likable psychotic murderer.  Mr. Dornan is charismatic and you understand how he can manipulate his victims.  He's intelligent, cunning and resourceful.  But you don't like him at all.  You're firmly in Stella's camp.  She's the cat, he's the mouse.  They are both very good at what they do.  Yet, they will both make mistakes.  What will these mistakes cost them?Page on youtu.beThe Fall is streaming on Netflix.