Are There Anyother Websites Like

Are there anyother websites like ebay?

auction sites? i havent found any. sites that are cheap...well overstock, amazon, and there are tons of ad craigslist, your local paper had ads online, or at least paducah sun does. and anyone will negotiate ads listed prices to sell their stuff.

Is there anyother websites like my space???

yes there are alot like everyone said even more than listed if you google social networking groups you should find alot but facebook and friendster and yahoo 360 are all popular ones

Are there anyother websites like

i have been using for a while but find that there are no Australian servers and i always have well over 500 ping and sometimes 900-1000 ping.

Are there any sites like this for CS:GO for australians that don't have incredible internet speeds?

Please help this has been annoying me for a long time!!!

Are there any other websites like meez?

ok im looking for ebsites that are like meez. i want to play games that have a virtual world and avatars and also chat. i know about runescape also. BUT i dont want to download anything so that knocks websites like and out. well the only reson for that is because i dont want to have any viruses. and i have a gateway laptop. simular to the macbooks

Are there any other websites similar to Yahoo Answers?

There is a website called It is an invitation only website that is very similar to Yahoo!Answers. Users have what they call an IKU score. Your score goes up for asking valid questions, answering questions with valid information, rating other answers, and for having expertise in a particular category. As far as I know, the only time your IKU score goes down is when a question or answer has been legitimately flagged and removed.

There are many different categories and you can choose a category you feel you have the most knowledge in. You can also set up a profile with an avatar. It's a fun and useful site.

However, it is invitation only. If you go to and click register, it will ask you to fill out your invitation code. My code is 356775-93. Copy and paste the code into the correct line, fill out the other required information and you're done!

For Stories You Can Visit on

Ruby Lane.

Are there any other sites like yahoo answers?

Formspring, I guess. It's like similar to Y!A, asking and answering questions. Since you can ask anonymously, you can ask whatever ya want..

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Since chegg offers variety of services so they have different competitors in different service categories but as of now i feel there are only two websites which are close to chegg in competition.Crazy for Study ( HeroThese two websites have similar business model compared to