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Are There Flashbacks In All Seasons Of Lost

Lost Season Finale!!!!!!?

Yes the finale was a great episode. I think it's one of the best so far on the show. It definitely was a flash forward where we get a glimpse on life after the island. The director said there will be more flash forwards in season 4. I'm pretty sure Charlie is dead because he was supposed to die and he wanted to do it for Claire and the baby. I think Naomi and her people are some kind of unknown conspiracy and I think Ben was right not to trust them. Also, I think Ben didn't want her people to know that there's a whole village on the island. I don't think it was Ben in the casket because Jack wouldn't be that sad for Ben to die. I think it was more like Juliet because he's the only one who cares for her. In the hospital, I think Jack was drunk or drug uped, that's why he said "ask my dad" because he was hallucinating or imagining things. I'm looking forward to season 4 because it should be a good one.

LOST season finale?

who was in the casket? - Well, we don't know yet. What we do know is that it wasn't a family member or a friend of Jacks, so its possible it wasn't anyone from the crash. Maybe it was Ben?

who are naomi's people, are they another group of others? -I think they may have some alterior motives other than rescuring the people on the island.

what about when naomi said they found the plain and they were all dead? -I seem to think that maybe the Others somehow have the resources to reconstruct a crash and get enough dead bodies to stock pile it.

what ever happened to walt and michael? -Last we saw they were headed off the island.

so charlie dies? -If we believe what we saw and what Desmond saw, then yes, Charlie is dead.

how did lockes dad get on the island? -In a previous episode, Locke's Dad said that he was driving down the interstate and someone rammed him and they were putting him in the ambulance and someone injected him. I guess he was abducted.

what about the two people buried in the sand? -they're dead.

but if jacks dad is alive in the future but he was dead on the island, does that mean that everyone who died on the island will somehow be alive in the future? -I think Jack was drunk or not thinking straight and maybe he expected his father to be alive.

in the end does this mean they were rescued (or just jack and kate)? -Not sure yet.

will jacob really let them leave the island? -Is Jacob really the one keeping them there?

so if they do get of the island is the show just going to be about where they are now and how there trying to get back to the island, or will they stay on the island but instead of having past flashbacks theyll have future flashbacks of what their life would be like if they left the island? -I think it would be interesting next season to show a future flashback of what happens in the future and how they cope with getting back to society. Whether or not they leave the island or want to leave is another question...

In the LOST Season 5 Finale...?

No, it was the same screen as a time flash. Plus, they clearly had problems getting it to disarm. If it was going to go off it would have when it fell into the hole, not when hit by a rock.

I also believe, in an earlier season but later in time, that when they filled that part of the hatch up with steel, they covered up the bomb-and again it was buried underground. I always wondered why the hatch exploded, spewing things outside of it. Technically, it would have imploded, as that is why all the metal was being drawn in. I wonder if that key Desmond had turn had actually set up the rigged bomb to go off preventing the island from being destroyed by the electromagnetic field.

As for Juliet-your guess is as good as any of ours. She could just be making appearances in flashbacks-I think there is still a lot for us to learn about the others and their lack of ability of carry a child to term. She could come back in a form of a flashback with Ben or Alpert explaining or remembering it.

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Lost Season Finale?

Throughtout LOST we have always had Flash Back of each character of events that happened to them. In this seasons Finale of Lost, we got to see a Flash Foward of events that transpire in Jacks Life based upon "their successful rescue". This episode looked at time in the Future, based upon events that transpired on the Island, I.E the phone call, the radio receiver working, Stopping Ben, Locke not stopping Jack etc.

Hope that clears up some things.

OMG Lost Season Finale?

the "new" alive Locke is the smoke monster(Esau, Jacobs twin brother who he was talking to in the beginning)) he takes on the form of people (remember it took the form of Ben's daughter and jacks dad, Christian Shepard too) and uses their bodies manipulate people.

the names Jacob and Esau are in the Bible, Jacob and Esau were fraternal twins who spent the majority of their lives in a fierce rivalry. When Esau finally got the upper hand and killed Jacob, Jacob's children rose up and overpowered Esau and his followers...(what lies in the shadow of the statue.... "He who will protect/save us all." aka the others and ajira airlines people)
I think they are using the bible story reference!
I think the new season is going to be a war between Esau and Jacobs follower OR (i don't think Jacob died really) I think that it FLASHED right before the bomb went off, did anyone else notice it went white like a time travel flash?
Now where do you think Clair comes in???
i also am not 100% sure charlie died either.
One thing that the season finale told me....Ben means NOTHING lol, he was only fooling himself, i think he will be a "good" guy next season.

They are the flashback Episodes..!! ;) :)

Flash Sideways Confusion on LOST?

The Flash Sideways aren't "What would have happened if Oceanic 815 never crashed" they are "what happened because the bomb was set off in 1977" that is why the entire timelines of these people are different. Now we don't know anything 100% for sure like *when* the changes actually occurred because it seemed that Ben and his father left the island BEFORE Ben was shot which would mean they left BEFORE the bomb went off. It is confusing because it has to do with time travel and alternate timelines which is confusing by nature and everyone has a different opinion of how time travel works but the writers have said that by the end of this season the flash sideways will make sense with the island story.

Also Kate's story did change because she didn't kill her father because she set fire to his office building but he wasn't in it and she ended up killing some other maintenance worker that was in there instead.

Also I don't know if you noticed this in the first episode but the island was underwater. There was still "Others village" but obviously no one was living there anymore...there were no others or jacob or mib I'm assuming.

There are many theories as to what these flash sideways mean and how they are relevant to the island story but we won't know for sure until the end

Lost Season 4 Opinion? [Spoilers]?

i theory it became into amazing! sure, i think of Jin's truly ineffective. even if i've got self assurance we are going to see him returned in flashbacks or hallucinations. I doubt Locke dedicated suicide. He ought to've been taken out via Widmore's human beings. I felt sorry for Juliet. She truly wanted to get domicile and notice her sister and toddler nephew. No, Claire's no longer ineffective. whether I have no theory what's occurring together with her. sure, i think of the genuine Christian is ineffective. whether I have no theory what's occurring with him. with a bit of luck they're going to clarify why Alpert on no account grows old! The numbers - very spooky and surely no longer purely Hurley's insanity. Smoke monster - god is familiar with. in line with probability at some point we are going to locate out. in line with probability Jacob's no longer a actual person, yet in actuality an all-powerful spirit. in line with probability Jacob IS the island... i think of Daniel have been given "moved" with the island. They weren't that a techniques offshore. in line with probability Charlotte became into born on the island, yet I have no theory what her history must be. The writers have purely alluded to the possibility she became into born there.