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Are There Women Out There Who Don

Are there any men out there who don't judge a woman by her beauty?

beauty is something some people take for granted..... its something that some women use to get what they want...if you have beauty and you (as you said ) use it to your advantage pleasing the mans eyes and competing with other women (as i also have) beauty becomes a burden... you will only guess if he is with you because of your looks or because of who you are .....let yourself be you ....the real you ....after several relationships including a 17 year marriage they will always wear you as a prize and you will always play the roll ....enjoy the perks and dont fret it... looks are a gift just dont abuse it anymore...there are other things that are far worse than being beautiful answer your question ...most men will give you a chance because you are beautiful but having a lasting relationship takes more than you looking good it takes you being what he wants all the way around ...

Are there women out there that are pregnant who don't have a baby-shower?

Yes, I'm pregnant and I'm not so sure that I will have one. My friend didn't have one, but says she wishes she did because there was a lot of things she needed and a baby shower would've helped!

One such woman would be my wife. While I'm not speaking for her in regards to answering this question, I at least know what & how she feels when she sees me in women's clothing. She may not be the biggest fan over it, nor she may not completely understand why I do it, but she fully accepts and supports it because she loves me and wants me happy….especially when it involves being happy about something that is a major part of me, to the point where it's the real me.What I love most about my wife's support of my crossdressing is whenever we’re out clothes shopping, and we’ll go through the women's section when she then asks me if there's anything I like. Or when she'll give me clothes that don't fit her anymore.Going by the mentioned example in this question about the long, puffy winter coat is now making me want to get one for next fall & winter, especially one of those coats that has the big faux fur-lined hood — I LOOOOOVE those! But until that time comes, I have this hooded sweater jacket that I’ll bundle up nicely in and it looks extra cute when I’ve got my turtleneck sweater dress, leggings, and boots on, complete with a big extra long scarf to fight off the chill.So yeah, my wife absolutely rocks about all this stuff! If it weren't for her, I’d probably still be hiding this once deep dark secret of mine…. :)

Are there any other women out there that don't get stereotypical women things?

franlkly women are treacherous devious human beings.....u cant trust none of em' and if u are lucky enough to have a close female friend.u best believe u only gonna find one.....

i cannot stand FAKE females, sometimes i just want to slap the hell out of them..why do females have to view each other like slaps of meat in a meat market...i mean seriously.....everytime i look around i got a female sneering like "for what"..these biotches get on my nerves ...thats why i only got one best female friend..u just cant trust females......

my opinion is that whatever EVE ate in that FRUIT from the tree of knowledge turned her into a real biotch!!!!!...and then she passed it down to all females!!!...LMAO..she should have left the damn fruit alone!!...and we as women would not have PERIODS, or HARD LABOR!!!

Is they women out there that don't hurt men that not done anything but love and care for them?

not dated for 10years because my ex. she used to beat me. went to hosp 4 time when she try to kill me. was together for 9 years and i would never leave what ever she did to me. 1998 she met someone else so i finish off homeless. she really hates me because she how first son die. because of that iv not seen my other son for 10 years.its been to court 3 time but she lies and said i did thid and that. she hate me that much my first son as not got a grave stone she told me if i got one she would have it removed. christmas this year i met a women on the internet. we not met its now 5 months. we did talk every weekend and txt each other every day. 2 moths a go she said she would give me a try with dateing her. got a txt last night because she said some really bad things to me for note. i told her your just like your mum heartless. as her mum told a lad of for music that he was dead next day. she txt if im like my mum good by its been 27h no txt so i give up dateing so lonely again

Are there any strong, confident women out there who don't cling to the past?

people are human
they need to deal with their issues
we are all learning all the time
girls are emotional beings & need support, love & care
proving that their ex is nothing more than a pieces of *** & that you are the better choice will soon ease their fears
you just have to be patient! Everyone has a right to feel sad - it doesn't mean that they don't like you
but by walking away from a relationship just because they are not over their past could mean that they are walking away from their true love & missing out - they are just hidden under the wrapping paper - you have to dig a little deeper to find the true woman underneath. To find true love means you have to grow & learn from the ups & downs with your love - may it be their issues or your issues you have to work together as a team & stick around & be understanding. Otherwise your never going to be happy with yourself or others. I take it that you don't hold a very loving connection with your parents from when you were a child - they didn't show you a lot of affection! That is your lesson to learn. Otherwise this cycle wont break!

Are there any women out there that think men don't take quick glances when they're not looking?

possibly i'm reading this question incorrect yet are you asking why a women could inspect a automobile which you're observing or slightly muddle which you're observing -- on the comparable time? she needs to start a communique with you and he or she would not desire to communicate with reference to the climate

I will tell you why, and it is going to be politically incorrect.Because women in some parts of the World -and more precisely in Western World- tend to think that they are queens, that they have all the rights, that they deserve much better than what they’ve been receiving from men along centuries, that men are just useless, that they deserve to be squeezed out of money and dropped (particularly if they have a child in common).A very subtle success of feminism nowadays is that the focus on gender-related issues is heavily biased in favor of women, but they still manage to make it look as if it was the other way around. Men are mocked, criticized, accused, misjudged, labeled with all the negative attributes, etc.I come from a country where a man nowadays can be detained for violence against women even without formal charges, without evidences and without witnesses. Presumption of inocence is not valid when facing accusations of violence against women in Spain. The result of such a wonderful law: Violence against women is routinarily used as a harassment tool at women’s convenience against their partners.It happens that an increasing number of men are FED UP WITH ALL THIS SHIT. It happens that an increasing number of men are realizing that feminism has spoiled and embittered women to such a point that now they are totally overrated: unlike men, they tend to put themselves in the market at a much higher price than their real value. I am sorry but I am not going to buy that.And it happens that when you turn 40, have a decent to good job, and your life is full of things to do by yourself (all the more if you have two wonderful sons, as in my case), you don’t give a fuck anymore on chasing women. At a certain point, they become invisible to your eyes.And when you reach that point, all of a sudden you realize that a certain number of ladies are very interested in you.Of course it is easy to say this if you arrived at your 40’s in good health, decent look, sound economic position and living in a country where women in general are not like that (I live somewhere in SE Asia nowadays and ladies here are a different issue, thanks God), but the truth is that I am not going to waste even a single minute of my time with ‘empowered’ women. I don’t consider myself a ‘naturally empowered person’ just because I was born with a dick (sorry) between my legs, so I don’t want to put up with the grievances and thirst of revenge of people who think that now it’s their turn.

Ohhhh, yes please! I love a man with a beard. I'm not talking about those hipster beards either. You know the ones, the wimpy, whispery ones that are barely there. Guys shave them in all these geometric patterns on their faces. Yuck! It's just some stupid trend that they get rid of at the end of the week. No thank you. I want a real man who has a real beard. The kind of beard that he's been growing for longer than a month. For him I will risk beard burn, thigh burn, and any other kind of burn he wants to experiment with...*someone asked what I meant by a hipster beard. This is not for the squeamish!*