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Are These Boots Too Manly Looking For A Feminine Female

I am a woman but I look masculine. How can I look more feminine?

I assume by telling Masculine, you are a big bird with broad shoulders but smaller breasts and smaller waist?My silly attempts to try and be a tomboy when I was a teenager all failed, and this is what I did for a quick turnover.#1. Long hair - Grow long hair and maintain a more wavy or straight hair. Keep the fringes long (till it covers your cheeks) so that it will fall down on the face smoothly, and you can keep moving it backward. I love to do that with my hair.#2: Wear some accessories: Drop earrings (instead of stud) is a quick turn-around solution if you want to have a different look. And matching thin necklace with a cute pendant (my favourite is heart pendant). Dont forget a charming Bracelet.#3: Wear eye Makeup: Mascara and Kajal (eye pencil) will looks so beautiful and speak for itself. Remember kajal is different from eyeliner, you put it on the inside of the eye.#4: Love your feet (and hands): Do Pedicure regularly and wear bright colour nail polish. Wear sandals to show it off...simple.#5: Wear bright colours: Heard 'Pretty in pink'? it is so true. Vibrant colours will do the trick.I dont believe that wearing a flowery dress and shorter dress make you look feminine. Because some gals are really pretty and very feminine even in formal suit and trousers.Hope this helps

Do these boots look too "masculine"? Help with convincing my mom?

these Demonia boots:

I'm female, my clothing style is kinda like simplified industrial goth. I love black with little bits of purple/red; my hoodie, jacket, + trench coat are Tripp brand, all have straps or bits of hardware, + I love combat boots + canvas sneakers (one pair has 3 buckles/straps (Demonia)).

I've always wanted to try wearing a pair of combat boots with buckles like in the links above. although, one time I've shown my mom a pic of similar boots (these TUK boots --> and she did NOT like them! called them masculine + the sole being too thick.. that kinda upset me.
but not as badly cuz the Demonia boots don't look that 'heavy', right?
I mean on a girl, here's the longer version of the Demonia boots:

do you think it looks too "masculine" (if it were the 3 buckle style/version)? or how else can I convince my mom to get/try them? (she doesn't seem to mind or mention much of the 3 buckle sneakers I have-->
if that makes a dif much...)

Why Is The Idea Of A FEMININE Female Metalhead So Wrong??

I like looking at my best, I just do. You know what else I like? METAL. And a hell lot of it. I ecspecially like DEATH metal. But for some reason, so many people have the idea of metal being more of a "man's genre", and if you ARE a woman thats into metal, stereotypically you're thought of as "butch" or "dirty" or "manly".

I introduced my favorite band, Arch Enemy to a friend of mine a few weeks ago. First, I let her hear one of their songs and IMMEDEATLEY, she says "The lead singers really manly isn't she?". So I show her some pictures of Angela Gossow, and she says "Oh, she can't be metal --- shes too girly."



If you are one of the people who thinks being a feminine girl appearance wise and into metal at the same time is wrong --- please state why.

Is there such thing as feminine trans men and masculine trans women?

Sure!My friend Rebecca loves video games and baseball, and is just generally pretty masculine. That doesn’t mean she isn’t a woman. If she could do it, she’d love to wear dresses sometimes.I make jewelry, (badly) like the color pink, enjoy cooking and gardening, and still like wearing the occasional skirt or pair of earrings. I am generally pretty feminine. At the same time, I generally dress in a fairly masculine manner, because that eases my dysphoria. Some day, I’d like to go to the grocery store in earrings and a skirt with a full beard and be addressed as ‘sir,’ after they ask to make sure they’re using the right pronouns.Rebecca and I aren’t outliers, but here’s a funny thing. In order to be accepted, sometimes trans people have to act hyper feminine or masculine.“You say you’re a woman, but you’re wearing pants. And you! What kind of man has a pink phone case?”Not everyone is like that, but I’ve heard that line of thinking voiced many times. It’s one of my friend Silver’s favorite things to rant about. Lots of trans women may keep quiet about hunting and fishing in an effort to be gendered correctly, while trans men leave their knitting at home. That isn’t fair to them, but until gender roles get a bit less rigid, that’s how it unfortunately is.Obviously gender roles go beyond the scope of hobbies and colors. Those are merely serving as examples.

How to be more feminine?

As long as you want to change, change and not for anyone else.

I was quite similar and I'm still a teenager lol, but I went from the skater/gothy kind of look to looking a lot more girly and stylish looking than I was before.

Just gradually wean yourself to show more skin, like 3/4 length trousers or "pedal pushers" and then you might gain the confidence to wear skirts around that leg length. At the start I used to always wear shorts underneath which still makes you feel as if you are wearing full length trousers.
I'm not one for clothing brands because of the high prices, so I stick to Primark/New Look etc especially for strap tops, tank tops etc, which over jeans will look nice for more or less any bar or place to go out to.

A simple way to have you hair slightly done up is to put it half up, half down, it helps to keep your hair out of your face and keeps the top layer tied so it's harder to get messy. Or just having it down and keeping a fold away brush in a bag will be nice.

Make up wise you should try talking to beauty consultants at different make up stalls, and if they try to persuade you to buy something say you only have £10 on you at the minute or whatever amount.
I only started to wear eyeliner and progressed on to eye shadow, brown is a nice colour for a natural but noticeable colour. Like clothes just wean yourself to build it up over time, helps you to not look like you have put on much make up, rather than going and sticking a lot on the first time, if you get what I mean?

Hope this helps

Would it be okay if a female was to wear men's Timberland boots?

i don't personally own timberlands, but i know a few who do. its my opinion, as a perfectionist, that the men's version appears differently than the women's. this conclusion derives from that fact that men's boots are generally built bulkier and heavier. women's boot tend to appear more slender and slim. it really depends on if you want to look manly or feminine. good luck!

Are platform heeled boots consider feminine or unisex?

You know the very chunky medium to high heeled platform booties that often accossiate with the alternative styles (punk, goth, grunge, dark lolita etc)

Like these:

This question has nothing to do whether you like them or not. Im just asking - are these consider feminine or do men wear this type of boots (who has the edgy style, my style is edgy, so personally I love them and they were first pair with a little bit of heel that I learned to walk in. Mine were slightly shorter). Feminine in a more laid back edgy way, not "a la glamorous stiletto" feminine.

I know there is a style of oxford heels that the younger generation are accessosiate with old women office wear, but I dont think women wore the 2-4" platform boots to office or did they?

Why do so many female fitness instructors have manly bodies? How do I avoid exercising away my feminine shape?

Hello,Rest easily, what you are concerned about is a large misconception. Muscular development is inherent with both sexes. Each gender is going to have more pronunciation on their development given their methods of dieting and training. If an emphasis on muscular development is not what you are after there are training programs out there for you.

Do you like feminine women or masculine women?

Well the OPs question has incited a number of frustrated answers in people trying to pass some kind of moral, social and egalitarian judgement on the question and the OP. When in fact the OPs question is very black and white. It is a simplified question but it is very easy to understand the OPs intention.I very much like feminine women. Ok, simple answer because all women are feminine. And all men and women have feminine and masculine traits. So you could say the OPs question is redundant. But is it?From a liberal, left wing, moralistic and social judgement viewpoint, with the retort of ‘But it's just a social construct' (EVERYTHING is a social construct. Philosophy 101. But that is another discussion. Watch The Matrix if you don't believe me), it appears it is. From a biological, Darwinism viewpoint the question is not redundant. I'm going to side with Evolution and Biology on this one because I am old fashioned like that. Pesky Science.A female CEO of a company will display more masculine traits like aggression and dominance which does not make her less feminine. It is behaviour she has to adopt to survive in a male dominated environment. It just means nurture, elevated testosterone and acculturation has driven her choices to where she is today.Take her out of that environment and she may have children, be a devoted mother, likes to paint her nails, giggle and flirt with men and feel her sexuality as a woman. Or she may like getting oily and dirty by fixing cars, drinking beer with the men and seeing who can belch the loudest.On a biological level it is estrogen and testosterone that determine masculine and feminine traits.I am attracted to the CEO, outside work, who giggles, dresses in feminine clothes, shows her sexuality as a woman and is full of life. She does not have to be a CEO. She could be a Barista in a coffee shop. I am just making a point.Other men maybe different in that they are attracted to more masculine women. The reason is dependant on a number of factors. It is dependant on the levels of testosterone and estrogen the man has in balance. It is also dependant on nurture. To be very Freudian, all men want to marry their mothers.

Do you think men's fashion/clothing is becoming feminine?

Skinny jeans, the tightness and brightly colour pants and shirts………...

I'm not stuck in the 90's because I'm willing to accept new ideas, but a lot of men's clothing in retail stores look really gay. Every time I step foot inside a shopping mall it’s really hard to find something that doesn’t look like a woman could wear it.

Do you think the reason why Men’s fashion is becoming feminine might be due to gay fashion designers? (No offence)