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Are Threats Allowed On Here Now

Is TNA a threat to WWE, or is ROH more a threat to TNA?

RoH would be a bigger threat to TNA if I had to pick one of the options you have here.

Honestly though I don't see RoH being a threat to TNA or TNA being a threat to WWE, not at this time. Yea RoH has a TV deal, but not alot of people have HDNet. So those who don't have the channel will still have to surf youtube to see RoH. Hopefully though RoH will continue to grow, cause they have the best pure wrestling in the US in my opinion, something once offered by TNA, but some how lost their way over the last year.

TNA is so far behind WWE it's ridiculous. TNA had a much better product two years ago, but now they have become WWE-Lite. If anyone can take anything from Eric Bischoff it's the fact he knew he couldn't compete with WWE doing what they do, he and WCW had to be different and it worked. I thought that's what TNA was going to do, but instead they picked up ever former WWE star they could get their hands on. Now look at them, they get rid of Dutt and Williams, but guys like Nash and Steiner keep their job. That's moronic in my opinion. When TNA started with the M.E.M everyone assumed it was to get the younger stars over. Then why has Sting and Kurt Angle main evented the last couple PPV's and for their next one it's Sting vs Mick Foley. Why aren't Styles or Joe leading the way for this company?

Do you know about the threat of "abortion extremists?

There are laws here now that protect women from the protesters.People are NOT allowed to protest within a certain range of abortion clinics. Thank GOD.As if women don't face enough of a struggle mentally dealing with having an abortion, these self righteous idiots need to make things worse.IT'S EXTREMELY JUDGEMENTAL AND NOT CHRISTIAN.If only GOD can judge then let HIM FFS!

Why is it illegal to threaten the president's life?

If right now I posted on here that I intend to kill the president, the Secret Service could possibly become aware and at some point it's possible that I could get questioned in person on this very post. Depending on the outcome of that chat, I could spend up to 5 years in a federal prison.

In the code of the United States making a death threat to the president, vice-president, or next in line to the vice-president is a crime and as mentioned, punishable by up to 5 years of prison time.

What if I made a threat against a congressman? Is that equal? Considering "checks and balances" and the equal roles of power shared among them it should be.

Where does our 1st amendment right come into play?

Death threats for leaving Islam...? Muslims?

How are you sister? I never heard of her before...BUT, I have heard it many time by scholars that if someone leaves Islam...he/she must be's called Wajib, so it' s Wajib on Muslims to kill him/her. Unless they decide to become a Muslim again. BUT before that, Muslims should ask him/her the reason of why he/she left Islam and then explain the teaching of Islam and son on... Now here is the question, why it's Wajb to kill someone who leaves Islam...Well when someone in the army betray his country, he/she's punishment is death the same rule apply on here as well. it's because he/she has betrayed religion of Allah, Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W), Muslims...
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Is Christianity a threat to India?

Well, I have my issues with every single Abrahamic faith. Why? Read on.Their supremacyJews were the ‘chosen race’. Jesus Christ’s path became the ‘only true path’ to get close to god. And Prophet Muhammad was the ‘true and final’ prophet. His revelations were ‘absolute truth and final’.Their exclusivityTheir faith becomes the only true faith. Their way becomes the only true way. Their books become the only source of the truth.Their proselytizationIt doesn’t stop there. It doesn’t matter what you are, what you do, what your personal code of conduct is; you’re wrong if you are not following their cult. You’re doomed. You’re a sinner and you’d end up in hell.Their self-righteousnessThey don’t hesitate in declaring your gods ‘false’. In fact it becomes their duty to show you the right path. Screw your sentiments and feelings, they’d say it out loud and clear.Religion’s roleReligion occupies a key role in their lives and a lot of times it doesn’t remain ‘a personal thing’. I’ll give you a proof later.However,I find it a threat when a practicing dentist[1] of Indian origin died because she was denied abortion of her 17 weeks old pregnancy as ‘Ireland is a catholic nation’.I find it a threat with the role of church in the American politics[2]. God save America has catholic undertones to it. Piyush Bobby Jindal converted to Christianity when he was in school and to appease the ‘people of the faith’ he too now opposes abortions[3].I find it a threat when missionaries around the world found the earthquake in Nepal[4] an opportunity to convert.I find it a threat when distressed people are targeted by evangelists with the sole reason of conversion. Terminally people are told that they suffered because of the sin they did by worshiping false gods.Agreed, the Christian community of India is a progressive one. They are all doing much better than most of their equivalents in other faiths. They are guarding our borders, researching in labs, treating patients, celebrating Onam, contributing to arts and cinema. However, they need to keep their faith a personal thing. And the missionaries need to put their foot down.Thanks for reading.Footnotes[1] Death of Savita Halappanavar - Wikipedia[2] Why Religion Rules American Politics[3] Bobby Jindal on Abortion[4] When Nepal was groaning in earthquake, Christian Missionaries were shamelessly selling Jesus

Can a neighbor threaten to hurt your pets without having legal charges brought to them if they've stated it to a police officer?

It often emerges in Quota answers that the police do not have a legal obligation to enforce the law. In this case they have decided that the threats against you did not justify the use of their resources to proceed with.I am not too sure how I would tackle that. Perhaps I would start by ensuring that there had not been a communication breakdown and that they really knew what had happened but were still refusing to enforce the law and to protect you. I would ask for documentary proof that they were including this in their statistics as a serious crime that they refused to investigate so that they can not get away by logging it as a minor offence. I would request copies of all documents relating to the case and if you notice any ommissions think about whether you need a lawyer to intervene. Then I would use the police complaints procedure to the fullest extent to obtain a remedy and/or an explanation.