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Are We All Looking Forward To France V Germany Today

Is it "I look forward to speak with you" or "I look forward to speaking with you"?

It is definitely the second solution and I’ll tell you why.

After a preposition you use the participle of a verb.

I dream of going on holiday.
I am afraid of sitting on a spider.
I am interested in hearing more about playing the piano.

Now “to” is a very tricky word.

I want to eat an apple.
I look forward to eating an apple.

Simple check, replace the verb with a noun

I want an apple, but I look forward to the holidays
I want something, but I look forward TO something.

In the sentence “I want to eat an apple” to eat is the infinitive
but in “I look forward to ..” the TO belongs to the phrasal verb.

This simple check should help you.

He used a hammer
He is used to the cold

He used to be afraid of spiders, but
He is used to being made fun of.



Are all German Shepherd puppies born black?

Solids are born one solid color and they will stay that way. Saddle/bi-color pups will be born mostly black but you will see color on the cheeks, vent, and lower legs. This will spread as the pup gets older until it achieves its final color at 12-18 months old. Sable puppies are born with a dark dorsal stripe and lighter sides. How much base color vs black shows up on the sides depends on how dark they will be as adults. They will get lighter for the first couple of months as they go through the puppy coat stages. As the adult coat comes in, they will begin to get darker again until they achieve their final coat color at 12-24 months old.

EDIT - I should have mentioned that REALLY dark bi-colors can be born with no markings on face or feet but you WILL see color at the vent. May just be a couple hairs at first but it'll spread as the pup ages and markings will appear in the normal places later.