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Who is your favourite teacher? Why?

My favorite teacher is from my least favorite school. Her name is Ms.Meyers. She taught history for my eighth grade class and was just so damn kind and helped me in my darkest time.I was really depressed in my middle school years and for some reason I always broke down in history class, still do. When I broke down one day in her class, well, to say she helped me is an understatement. She saw me crying just a little bit and immediately took me outside, hand in hand and stared talking with me. She asked me what was wrong and I told her I hated myself and that I’m the worst person in the world. I was really bawling by this point. She wasn’t taking it though. She heard my words and left me to sob outside but she wasn’t done. She didn’t continue class as she could’ve but instead she got to work on a down to earth letter, for me.Here it is

Can a teacher make you take your jacket or hoodie off?

Ok.. My little sister is in 4th grade, and her teacher is kinda old.. And just... Not smart. She has like short term memory.. And says something, then turns around and says something else.. She can't remember.. Literally. Well, she has been keeping it really cold in the room, and making the students take their jackets or hoodies off.. My sister wears a thin little jacket, and she makes her take it off. The teacher herself wears HERS during class. She makes them all take them off. The reason this came into question, is because my sister had just got back to school from being really sick, and she was cold, and the teacher said something to her about the jacket... I think it is absolutely ridiculous. I am in Highschool, and if we are cold, we put our jackets on. Thats the way it should be... How can she make it freezing in her room, put her jacket on, and tell them all they have to take them off?? I live in Georgia, is there any kind of law against a Teacher making you take clothing off if it is not against dress code?? The dress code says they can wear any of that, yet she says different. Can she do this?? I'm going to the school soon and talking to her... We have already talked to the principal.

Survey: Math challenge x.x?

5+5+ (5/5) +(5/5) =12
((5*5*5)/5) +5 +5 = 13
(5*5)-(5+5)-(5/5) = 14
(5*5)-(5+5)*(5/5) = 15
(5*5) - (5+5) + (5/5) = 16

(5/5)(5+5+5+5) = 20

I can't think of 17 and 18 right now, If I come up with something later on, I'll edit!
Hope this helps!

Poll:Embarrassing teacher stories?

Math teacher said this: it back in 8th grade. Ok here it goes.

Teacher: Sit down

Me: Ok

Teacher: Now

Me: Whatever

Teacher: Sit down, turn on your computers, and take out your D ! C K S!!

Poll: Have you ever seen a teacher throw up in class, yes or no?

No but I am a teacher and I threw up in the art cupboard in a plastic lego box after our Christmas do thenight before .. the kids had to do wordsearches and colouring in for the whole lesson and I got taken to the Medical room by 4 six year olds ....

Can SurveyMonkey trace your IP? URGENT!!!?

Your teacher is trying to scare you... or whomever he thinks posted the unfavourable feedback. He has two problems here, firstly, he would need a court order to get your ( dynamically assigned ) IP address from your service provider, and secondly, if he didn't declare that your details were being logged prior to taking the survey he's on very shakey ground legally.

It might be worth pointing these details out to your teacher in an oh-so friendly way. :)

Should I tell my religion teacher what my faith is?

I go to a pretty conservative baptist college, and he is a baptist minister.(he's adjunct) So my Survey of the New Testament class ends up turning into Sunday morning at the ol' church building in South Carolina. *ahem*

Well, today is my second time through his class(I had to drop last semester because of a schedule conflict) and I noticed that he is up to his old tricks from last semester where he makes condescending remarks about restorationists, like JW and LDS. He doesn't know my religion, and I think he's well meaning. Do you think that telling him might aggravate my problems, or do you think it might make him cease with the remarks? I mean, i say he's well meaning, but ya never know....and I'm stuck with him.