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Are You Obligated To Use Your Effort To Realize Your Potential

Why don't most people put any effort into realizing their hidden potential?

I think it's because most people are worrying about other things.  Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs proposes that humans in developed countries have five types of needs (physiological, safety, love and belonging, esteem, and self-actualization).  The finding your true potential or hidden potential classifies as a self-actualization type desire.  The self-actualization “level of need refers to what a person's full potential is and the realization of that potential.”Humans tend to want to meet the needs/desires at the bottom layers of the pyramid before moving up to the higher layers of the pyramid.  It’s hard to worry about needs at the top of the pyramid (self-actualization, finding your full potential) until you’ve met the needs at the lower layers of the pyramid (food, clothing, financial security, loving relationships).I think most people are trying to meet wants such as financial security, health security, love and belonging, esteem (feeling valued and accepted) and don’t have the luxury of pondering their hidden potential.

Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy... HELP!?

A man pushes a cart up a ramp thats is 4 meters high and 16 meters long. The cart weights 250 Newtons. How much work was done?

How much effort did the man have to use to push the cart up the ramp?

List 6 Simple Machines

What is the weight in Newtons of a box that has a mass of 243.5 kg?

A base ball is thrown with a velocity of 155 m/s if the baseball has a mass of .4kg what is the KE?

An onlympic diver is on a platform 10 M above the pool. his weight is 646 Newtons. What is the diver's mass?

What is the divers PE?

A rock has off a ledge that is 325.5 M high it has fallen 215.6 M the PE of the rock was 1,435,455 J.

How fast is it falling
What is its current PE
What will be the rocks Final Velocity
What is the mass of the rock
How long has it been falling?

What question do potential employers ask on an interview?

what are your strengths?
what are your weaknesses?
why did you leave your last job?
why should we employ you?

Why am I unable to put in the effort and hard work needed to achieve my goals?

There are usually one of two reasons.1)  You are afraid to fail.   Perhaps you've been helicopter parented. You were told you were smart. You were able to achieve without much effort. Now, you're entering adult life, and it's not like that. There are tons of other people as smart, or smarter than you. So instead of trying and failing, something you haven't done in the past, you don't try. Because if you never try, you never have to fail.2) You have no reason to try, you have everything provided for you    You have everything you need. There is no reason to stretch. If you had no food in the house, no money in the bank, and a child or two to feed, and no mommy and daddy to fall back on, you'd be out there getting something together. Because if you didn't, you'd all starve. You'd be doing whatever you could to make it better for yourself and your children.

Why did the valedictorian at my high school get low SAT scores? Am I smarter than the valedictorian?

I'm a junior in hs, I go to what many people would consider a "good" school, it's about medium-sized, a private school, and the kids here are really competitive grade wise.

We don't yet have a valedictorian, but I use the term for the person who has consistently remained at the top of our class since freshman year. The person has great grades and is in all AP and honors classes, but this person only got a 1580 on their SAT. I, who gets crap grades and have a low rank because I put little to no effort into doing any school work got a 2160. In fact, I scored higher than anyone in my class, and all I did to study for it was cram the night before the test. Does this mean I'm naturally smarter than the valedictorian?

What are some ways to effectively promote a mobile app in the app store?

Recently I have written an article on appsRooster - - The Most Damn Thing You Need to Know About App Marketing. There you can find a whole story.In short:First, you should know that there isn’t much difference between app or game development and any other product (or service) development. In both cases you have to truly understand the market and your potential users.The second thing you need to know is that there aren’t any shortcuts or fast lanes in this process. You have to do your homework well or your app will fail.Know your audience - Without this, you will be not effective in all your efforts to promote your app.You have to know the customers a way before you start thinking about your business, start developing any product or service.Translated to app development, you have to tailor your app for known customers or users.Create community for successful App MarketingFacebook is the most accurate weapon in your marketing arsenal. So, start from here.After you create an app fan page, set milestones for each step you plan to take. You have to spend a lot of time and effort to create the community around your app. Steps should look like this: 0-100, 100-1.000, 1K-10K… until you reach THE CRITICAL MASS for the chain reaction. There is no simple answer how many users/fans you have to attract to reach this goal.Think about this process as the creation of a sustainable cold fusion reactor. Once you reach a critical number of satisfy users, they will start to grow in exponential value and your app business will explode producing a tremendous number of downloads.Still, you have to know that there isn’t a universal recipe. So get ready for some dirty job.Full article is available on appsRooster website.

Is self study efficient to crack IIT JEE?

Thanks for A2A!I consider myself a right person to answer this question. Let me come to my experience, I joined a coaching for IIT-JEE while entering in 11th standard, it was not that good, So then instead of joining another one, I decided to prepare on my own and forgot about that fu**ing coaching institute. I searched for what standard books to study and started my journey without any help of anyone.It is always hard to keep yourself motivated if you are not joining a coaching institute, same problem I faced and managed to complete only 60–65% of the syllabus, but still I was confident to get in to the list, I also couldn’t join any test series as I was struggling hard to complete as much syllabus as I could, in last 2 months before JEE advance, the thing which happened in my favour was that the paper was relatively tough that year, (Obviously not for me but for the Nation) so even after completing 60–65% syllabus I managed to get AIR 3162 which I think was not in accordance with my potential. I prefered saving a year so didn’t take a drop to get a better rank.So if you are confident enough to work hard in solitude without any external motivation, then you can opt for self study mode of preparation otherwise join a good coaching or don’t join one. Perhaps a good coaching institute assures one that his syllabus will be completed on time, but then you get bound to study what is being taught in classes. So the Choice is going to be only yours.