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Are Your Parents Divorced Or Still Together

Are your parents together or divorced?

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How do I get my divorced parents back together?

Ok, so a couple months ago my mom kicked my dad out of the house, and had a restraining order against him for a month just for yelling at her when she was yelling at him too. And now me and my dad have pieced together that my mom has been going to Minesota to see a boyfriend from 8th grade! and my dad got a txt saying "Lisa (my moms name) if you keep this bullshit up with dan, he wont be sleeping in this house anymore, I hope your happy". And now my mom is trying to get full custody over me and my sister, and she is selling our house that we have had forever, and we have worked so hard to fix up. And she wants to get rid of my dog! And its just before the holidays, and all I want is for my parents to get back together, so please please help me, anything you've got please tell me. Thanks so much

My parents are divorced but living together. Is that normal?

Honestly, it isn't really your business but, I think that they should at least talk to you about without any judgements from you. I sort of had/have the same situation with my ex. But, not really. See, when my sons dad is in between jobs or it's too cold for him to fair through the winter up north, I usually agree to let him stay in my warm climate home while laid off for the winter. I still have two adult sons at home, and they are always happy to see their dad. He usually pays me for room and board and I'm gone at work during the week so, why not? The joy it gives my sons to spend time with their dad far out weighs any reservations I have about him staying with us. but, I have had to make it clear more than once there is no getting busy with me while a guest in my house. We are still a family no Matter what and, although Im not in love with him anymore, I would cut off my arm to save his life. He is an important and respected part of our family.

Are your parents divorced...?

No, they're not. They almost got divorced a couple of times but they decided to work on their marriage. I'm so glad they did :) Now everyone is grown up and moved out of the house and they're still together.

That's too bad that your parents are divorced. I guess you could use this experience for good. Now you know that you should never get divorced and make that a goal. You could also promote saving marriages. Too many people don't try to save their marriage, they just take the easy way out and get a divorce without thinking of the kids.

Ive had a few dreams where my divorced parents get back together... What does it mean?

Some dreams its like they never got divorced at all and sometimes its like they got back together. Im 15 and theyve been divorced for over a year now, so ive accepted it. What could these dreams mean?

Do divorced children want their parents to get back together (I was raised in a two parent family and I always wanted my mother to divorce my father and raise me as a single parent)?

Do divorced children want their parents to get back together (I was raised in a two parent family and I always wanted my mother to divorce my father and raise me as a single parent)?My parents divorced when I was 15. When I was first told, I cried my eyes out for a few hours. I felt all the cliched things (don’t they love me, was it my fault, don’t they love each other anymore), but I seemed to move past those ideas quickly and concluded that they just were not happy together. It wasn’t a reflection on their individual relationships with me or my brother.I suppose that conclusion came easy for me because I had heard their fights and arguments at night. I had heard my father storm out and drive away at night, to come home a few hours later. I had heard my mother crying as she tidied the lounge room. I had seen them parent so separately, it was like we were already a divorced family.My conclusion was only confirmed when my father met his now second wife and I saw just how happy and in sync they were together. They’d finish each other’s needs and sentences. Dad was always making jokes and making her laugh and feel good. She was always taking care of him and being a great hostess. She’d care for his back (chronic back pain due to injury when I was young) and he’d make sure she had the healthy food to eat right.My mother never remarried, but she was infinitely happier, just like Dad.I am a child of divorce that never initially had the idea for or against my parents getting back together, but grew to be against it.I have a question for you, OP. Why did you want your mother to raise you alone instead of with your father? And why didn’t you want your father to raise you at all?

How can I cope with my parents getting back together after a divorce?

I once had a child say to me that she didn’t want her parents to get back together after the divorce because that would mean that all of the “hell” she had been through in the divorce would be for nothing. I think she was telling me that she had just gotten used to the way life was and could not imagine having to manage all of the change that would come with her parents living together again. Also, I think that she doubted that her parents would actually be able to get along and that she did not want to give up the peace and quiet that she now had in both parents homes.Does any of this apply to you?If it does, then I will say to you what I remember saying to that girl. I suggested that she ask her parents to send her to a therapist and to ask the therapist to conduct a therapy session with her and both of her parents. If this isn’t affordable then you could ask to go see your parents’ therapist (if they have one) or the leader of your church (if you have one). If none of this is possible, then I would ask for counseling through your school.When you get to speak to the counselor/therapist/pastor (by yourself for the first one or two sessions) discuss your concerns with your parents getting back together and make a list for yourself of what you need to help you through this big change from each of your parents. Ask the counselor/therapist/pastor to arrange for your parents to come to a session with you so that you can talk to them about your concerns and what you need from them to help you.Sometimes parents are Not capable of therapy or taking care of the emotional needs of their children. This is a very sad situation, but it is not hopeless. Children who have to take care of themselves in times of great stress can get lots and lots of help from professional counselors and teachers at school, youth counselors at after school programs, people at church, kind hearted neighbors, aunts, uncles and grandparents—even their friends’ parents!The first step for dealing with anything is to TALK ABOUT IT to a safe adult. You took a pretty smart first step by asking your question here, but you are in a very stressful situation which isn’t going to be over anytime soon. You need and deserve in-person and on-going support. Please find some safe adults to help you cope.

How do I get my parents back together?

Well i had the exact same situation happen to me. My parents seperated a year ago after 16 years of marrige and my mom moved across the country as well. And in the beginning I wished so bad that they would get back togerther so we could be a family again.
However i understand now that it was for the best. My mom was sufferin trying to get loved by a man who showed no effort to love her back, no matter how hard she tried.
So im not saying theres no hope for them, just o keep in mind what your mom was being forced to go through and to keep the option open that maybe they wont get back together and youll have to cope with that, which is the exact same thing I had to do and yeah i miss my mom and having a happy family, but i would never wish for anyone to go through what she had to go through.

I wish you and your family the best of luck.

If your parents are divorced, are they still friends with each other?

Absolutely not.My parents can't stand one another, at all. Despite best efforts on my mother's part to not ever dig at my dad, there was still lots of tension.It was terrible.The only time I've seen them actually be a unit in any way again was when my brother died.And then by the time it came to the headstone, they put me in the middle again. I was 22 and said enough.