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Ideas for beach themed room?

You will have to find a picture of waves to paint them correctly- they should be painted from the floor, 1/3 of the way up the wall. A sun, clouds, and seagulls could also be painted on the ceiling.
As far as decorating, you can incorporate seashells around the room, jars of colored sand, or a surfboard on the wall. Stick an opened beach umbrella in the corner with a small lounge chair and beach towel. Drape Hawaiian leis on mirrors or her headboard as decoration. You can find beach themed art for the walls. Blow up a couple beach balls to scatter around the room. Get her blue & yellow curtains (or beaded curtains) and bedspread. A lot of her furniture may also be painted blue/yellow to match. Fish could be painted in anywhere, or buy removable decals. Buy an atmospheric ocean noises cd to set the mood. Don't forget the flip-flops, bikini, sunglasses and tanning lotion!

Beach Theme Room Ideas! :)?

Hey Guys!..
Alright So Im Going To Paint My Room At The Cottage And I Thought A Beach Theme Would Be Appropriate, Its Not A Very Big Room..Its Actually Really Small, But I Was Thinking Of Wainting It Light Yellow ( Like A Sun) And Light Blue ( Like Water) :)...I Also Have A Mirror And Im Going To Put Sea Shells Around It, I Was Also Thinking Of Putting Flip Flops On The Wall, Or On An Area Of It Perhaps Around The Window. I Was Going To Put A Fish Tank In There But For One Its Our Cottage So We Won't Be There All The Time To Provide For It And 2 Theres Not Enough Room, So Thats Out Of The Picture. Therefor Im Short On Ideas. If Anyone Has Any Ideas You Would Like To Share That Would Be Wicked Awesome! Thanks Everyone!

You could contrast it with a business idea or a political idea, a religious or scientific idea, or an idea for making something like decoration or entertainment. You can have creative ideas in all these areas. You can explore, use your imagination or express yourself in all these areas. But an artistic idea is one that comes from your knowledge of art and the artworld, directed toward making art, or toward conceptualizing about art. That's the short, unromantic answer. If you expand the idea of art to everything that involves creativity, imagination and self-expression then practically everything is artistic -- planning a vacation is artistic -- I don't think that's what we mean.

Ideas for a beach theme room?

you will get reed mats on the greenback shop. those may be lovable for the window remedies. or perhaps to disguise an old table. i bought a bedspread and sheets and shams with a palm tree topic on line. It replaced right into a marginally expensive one yet you will get them at mattress tub and previous. you additionally can discover truly lovable 'palm tree' floor lamps and table lamps on line and in some lighting fixtures fixture shops. additionally, in case you have a Tuesday Morning interior reach, look there for glass jars. they oftentimes have many distinctive kinds and sizes and that they are remarkable, high quality products for an extremely low-cost. For shells flow to a memento save in case you have one interior reach. If no longer, Oriental procuring and merchandising organization has bins of tiny starfish and different shells that come painted or straight forward. you may pour a container of those in a jar. honest warning, sea existence oftentimes has an scent. i ended the scent of the shells i bought by skill of including cinnamon oil (an entire one ounce bottle) and clove oil (entire bottle too) on a kitchen sponge and putting it in a bag with the shells for some weeks. Then the shells smelled remarkable. and that i stored the scented sponge and sat it on a shelf in the closet. Yummy. For paintings you may seek for photos on line and print out a image on photograph paper and physique it. or you may only image your man or woman sea existence in the time of a visit to the sea coast. yet another lovable ornament is a sand fort you 'carve' out of styrofoam. then you definately spray it with adhesive and canopy it with sand. might take some layers. then you definately disguise that with sealant that may not mushy.

What is a beach theme?

"Here's where "more is more". Pull out all of your surf paraphernalia. Prop up surfboards, light tiki torches at the entry way of your home and in the back yard, stuff wetsuits, and make faux-surfers. Turn beach towels into tablecloths, have a surfing video playing on the t.v., and popular surf music playing in the background. A few ideas are music by legendary surf guitarist Dick Dale, any reggae, Sublime, Beach Boys, and the Hudu Gurus. To go a bit further, how about making a temporary "Surf Shack Bar" with palm frawns and a sturdy umbrella. Provide your guests with cups that are labeled with various surf spots and pro surfers, to keep track of their drinks. Don't forget the cocktail umbrellas! If you've got the space, how about a bonfire out back. Let your imagination go."

I need idea's for a beach themed room!!?

Sand, sand lots of sand.. NO just kidding that would be a nightmare !! Maybe with your grandma's quilt you can make pillows from beach towels.. .LIke the "old fashioned" red/white striped towels.. That would be cute ! You could go a little "retro" and get one of those lamps filled with all sorts of sea shells, but put a cool shade on top ! Depending on the size/shape of your room you could use a cool beachy type chair as extra seating or a reading chair! For my friends room we were able to contact J. Crew which was popular at the time and get a life size poster of a model he was at the beach.. So, we cut him out and used him on her wall ! Maybe something like that.. Use an Ambercrombie/Fitch AD beachy scene on the walls or better yet snap some photo's of you and your friends at the beach or pool.. Use a waterproof disposable so you dont' ruin a good camera ! Do, you know anyone that's good at art? If so get an old window pane and take out the glass so it's just the wooden pane, you can even buy these at craft stores.. Paint it to look old/weathered (crackle paint) and get a canvas backing that fits the back of the frame.. Have you or a friend paint a beach landscape on the canvas to hang on the wall... So, it would look like a window looking outside ! For your furniture try a Shabby Chic style.. Good luck...

I need some ideas for a beach themed room? Ideas for Decorations?

A wreath made of sea shells, bits of this and that, with rope and fish net. Use a unique shape for the wreath - like a square or diamond shape.
Also, could repurpose a garage sale mirror with some primer paint seashells and such on the frame.
Look for some light wispy fabric - almost cheese cloth like - then cut it into widths of about 24" wide by the length needed of the fabric. Bunch the fabric, wrap it, weave it, around horizontal pieces of drift wood or tree branches. Let long ends hang from each side of the wood. Hang these from the ceiling or wall in a way that frames the windows in the room. Add dots of glue and iridescent glitter haphazardly on the fabric to catch the light.
Put up a permanent lighted 'xmas' tree in the corner - a small one 4-5 feet high - and decorate it with all beach related items - it should not look like xmas - it just happens to be a tree in the room all adorn with treasures.

Beach themed room??? all ideas welcomed!?

Well, I totally say, get carpet, make one half sand color, the other, ocean blue, cut them so they will fit together (like a broken heart) so it looks like they are coming together! (but dont do a broken heart, maybe like rounded or something, not really pointy!)

And I say, go all the way! Paint the ceiling with clouds and a light blue sky.

Make your bed like a surf board theme, or a sea shell theme, or something like that!

And If you need furnature, see if you can find something like a beach theme type of wood, like a light brown, or something cool!

Go all the way and make it look awsome! If you want seats for your friends, make them out of the surf boards and sea shells!

And see if you can find an artist that will do a mural on your wall just like the beach!

If you need tables, find a glass table and glue sea shells around it!
See if you can find some fake seagulls, like stuffed animal ones, and put some string on them and hang them from the cealing, or put them on your floor!

If you want, you can make your room scented, by spraying things! See, what workes for me is, i find some body spray i like, and spray it in my room every other day! it smells awsome!

Hope this helps and i found two things ( sorry i could not find more) from my recomondations here thet are :

the beach room:

the beach cloud cealing :

Bedroom ideas for a teen girl, a beach theme?

Ok, OMG I am 13 and I want to do a beach theme to!


To create and underwater feel paint job you should check out this Color Splash episode. If you fast forward till it shows the time as 15:54 it should show you how do paint to make it look like it's underwater. It really helps, please watch it!,1000145,HGTV_32663_3147_13091-29861,00.html

A really simple thing to add a tropical feel to your room is buy some colorful tropical or beach puzells and blue some puzzle glue on them so it will stay together. You can hang them up and they will look really cool.

If you are going to paint your bedroom, cool greens and blues with white furniture will look really nice. Add some warm colors if want a sunset sort of feel.

If you are a artistic kind of person you could create a tropical view with a mural or you can buy some great ones.

Adding tropical curtains to a window could be easy change.

Maybe a ceiling fan that look like big palm leaves?


Rugs! Maybe a sandy color rug would help.

If this does not help you than go on google, look in some home decor magazines, look at , and research. Good Luck!!!!!!

Beach theme room?

You can get reed mats at the dollar store. Those would be cute for the window treatments. Or even to cover an old table. I bought a bedspread and sheets and shams with a palm tree theme on line. It was a rather pricey one but you can get them at Bed Bath and Beyond. You can also find really cute 'palm tree' floor lamps and table lamps on line and in some lighting fixture stores. Also, if you have a Tuesday Morning nearby, look there for glass jars. They usually have many different shapes and sizes and they are nice, quality pieces for a low price. For shells go to a souvenir shop if you have one nearby. If not, Oriental Trading Company has boxes of tiny starfish and other shells that come painted or plain. You can pour a box of those in a jar. Fair warning, sea life often has an odor. I stopped the odor of the shells I purchased by adding cinnamon oil (an entire one ounce bottle) and clove oil (entire bottle too) on a kitchen sponge and placing it in a bag with the shells for a few weeks. Then the shells smelled wonderful. And I kept the scented sponge and sat it on a shelf in the closet. Yummy. For artwork you can look for images online and print out a picture on photo paper and frame it. Or you can simply photograph your own sea life during a trip to the beach. Another cute decoration is a sand castle you 'carve' out of styrofoam. Then you spray it with adhesive and cover it with sand. May take a few layers. Then you cover that with sealant that is not glossy.