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As A Cashier What Should I Do In These Situations

A cashier was giving me attitude. How should I response?

We have all had similar situations and a part of me says that she does not deserve that job as there are probably a lot of more friendly customer oriented folks that would be better at it.

So is it worth it to write a letter to Costco and complain about her? Probably not. Sometimes we have to be the bigger person in these situations and realize that perhaps the person is the way they are on that day and in that moment for a very good reason we don't understand.

Maybe we need to extend them some slack that we wish others would give us when we are not at 100%.

Best wishes!

Can a cashier at a gas station refuse your cash?

I was trying to purchase a item at a gas station when the cashier refused to take my money. He wouldn't take a dollar bill because it had writing on it. Is this legal? I believe it's legal for him to refuse me as a customer but is it legal for him to not accept defaced cash or money that has "scribbles on it."

Will you need a lawyer in these situations?

*If you want to get a divorce.

*Two friends are caught robbing the cashier at a local store, and they name you as one who hlped plan the robbery.

*You are turned down when you apply for a job. You think you were rejected because you were deaf.

* You hit another car in a parking lot. Your insurance agent indicates that the company will pay for bodily injury and property damage.

Please help! Thanks.

As a cashier, have you ever had any difficult or weird situations with customers?


don't worry the guy was being a douche bag.

Ive worked in retail for 9 years and now Im a store manager so have seen many retard customers in my time. if i were you, i really wouldn't give that man another thought. I know it's upsetting when you're younger, but by the time you're 20 or 25 you won't give a s**t, when i get a bad customer, or when one of my staff does i just apologise like a stuck record, get the problem fixed and get that angry customer out the store!

Then I have a good laugh about them when they're gone, coz they're the fool not you. You could've been anyone and he would've done the same, keep your chin up and ignore miserable customers like him!

haha unfortunately schools right now don't teach respect so going back to school would be pointless. Just get those tricky customers out ASAP then giggle like crazy coz they're morons, not you (=

Impolite cashiers at supermarket?

bought 4 items, mentally totalled the amount and knew it was no more than $10. The cashier asked for $10.40 after punching up. So, I asked her "wasn't the apples $1.55", she didn't reply at all but repunched the amounts and then told me $10 . (expressionless), without apology, nothing !! How would you have reacted ?

If you had to buy 3 items to make the cashier uncomfortable, what would they be?

Get ready for some weirdness.Biggest bag of marbles, super glue, and a plant.Bottle, a die, and a stapler.Scissors*, tissues, a paintbrush.Apple juice, a bag of balloons, Tipp-Ex.Ketchup, a clock, and some origami paper.Meat, a frying pan, and men’s shave oil.Motor oil, hundreds and thousands, and some paint rollers.Lipstick, cabbage, and a shovel.*let’s just pretend that I’m 18 and it’s completely legal for me to buy scissors

Scared to work as a cashier?

DO NOT rely on the cash register to do the addition and subtraction. You can make a lot of mistakes that way. When you're at the register, always place the money the customer gives you in a spot where both you and the customer can see it. That way you know exactly what the customer handed you. Get the change out of the register. Always count back the change from the amount the customer owed to the amount the customer gave you. Don't just hand the customer the change in a wad or even in the customer's palm. You will find you make less mistakes that way. And you should not have any shortages in your register. After you've counted back the customer's change, then put the amount tendered in the drawer and close your cash drawer.

It's understandable you will be nervous your first week or so. But once you've gotten the "hang" of the job, you should do well. Good luck to you!

What would you do in a situation where you're in a crowded Walmart and a cashier grabs your cart, take you to their just opened register and someone with more items than you hops in front of you?

If the cashier grabbed my cart, it is their responsibility to tell the other customer to wait, not mine.

What are some good ways to keep a cashier motivated and invested in their work?

Find out what motivates themSimple enough right? Treat people like people. If you truly want to motivate someone, you must first find out more about them. Some people are simply motivated by money. Well then it’s simple, provide them with an incentive program. Some are not. Find out, then apply.Why before whatI use the example from Simon Sinek all the time of “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” I believe the same is true for your employees, in this case a cashier. Almost no one wants to sit behind a desk and take money all day long. But perhaps framing the conversation differently will help build motivation.Help relieve the stressorsNobody wants to look incompetent and they don’t have to. Train your team members on how to handle as many of the situations they will run into during operations so that they can be the hero of a poor situation instead of a victim. Every time they get the positive result in these situations, they will feel empowered…every negative outcome has the opposite effect.To have the biggest impact for this suggestion, identify the biggest pain points of the cashier’s role and help them overcome them. Better yet, document them for other team members to build their own hero scenario.If you’re interested, here’s a link to HowFactory’s eBook that can help you planAndrew Vick - HowFactory

What do you do when you go through a grocery line and the cashier is rude, under the guise of being "too polite" … in case you want to talk to a manager? How do you handle the situation?

What are you going to say? ‘I really don’t like how polite she’s being’? Just step back and relax. Some things you just ignore and let go. We don’t have to tattle about every little thing. Maybe she had a really bad day. Maybe her kid is sick or her mom just died or he car broke down or her boyfriend hit her this morning or something. Try a little empathy and save the outrage for real rudeness. When you start getting upset at politeness, no matter how forced it may seem, and trying to get people in trouble for it then you have become the problem. Surely you’ve had days when you felt terrible and faked niceness. Would you want some stranger to complain to your boss because your politeness wasn’t polite the right way to please them???Instead of being an childish tattle tale perhaps you could smile at her and say “I really hope you feel better soon” or “I’m sorry you’re having a bad day”. Something like that.