Asbestos In Polish Gas Mask

Asbestos in my gas mask?

So there is this gas mask i have and its the Cold War Era Soviet NBC model with the filter on the left side on the face. The filter is the 40mm Soviet NBC standard gas mask filter. I have been told to never breath through the filter because it has asbestos in it, yet others have said that it just has charcoal and is perfectly safe to breath through. I know that the NATO 40mm filters are safe to use, but I dont know about the soviet ones... can yall help me??

P.S. I did not breath through it yet.

Do the Czech M10M gas mask filters contain asbestos?

Most likely not, but the only way to know for sure is to have the filters tested. There are no good records of such manufacturing. Better would be to throw the filters away and buy some filters that did not expire around 15 years ago. Any filter more than 5 years old needs to be replaced.

I have a polish mc1 gas mask and a filter on the filter it says faser and I'm concerned about it containing asbestos?

The ONLY way to know for sure is to take it to a lab where they will take it apart and tell you. There are no good records. It doesn't matter since the mask is only a display piece. The filter is way out of date, the mask will not pass a fit test to your face, and you need new filter(s). The best you can do is double bag it and display it. If you need a respirator, buy a new one and have it properly fit to your face.

Did all world war 2 gas masks have asbestos?

i found a french army world war 2 gas mask in an antique store and put it on to see what it was like to have worn one. when i got home i wanted to find out what it was worth and i read that some of the masks back then used blue asbestos filters. obviously i'm not going to wear it again but i just want to see if the mask actually had asbestos in the filter, atleast this countries model. see, the article only talked about british masks, not french. so my questions are, did world war 2 frnech army use asbestos filters and from one time wearing it with a few breaths and no bad symptoms should i be worried about asbestos inhalation?

I have a few questions about my gas mask?

I'm going to be using my grandfather's old gas mask for halloween just to mess around with some people and I was wondering about some stuff.

Could it have dangerous chemicals or particles or anything of the sort in the filter or whatever? It's a Zivilschutzfilter 68 filter and I know it's pretty old. I don't want to get harmed or anything. It's got some dust on the inside which I'll be cleaning out pretty soon.

Also, I wanted to ask if anyone knew the model or what war it's from? Maybe not a war at all?
Here's a picture:

Does the Russian PBF Gas Mask filters contain Asbestos?

Due to the antiquity of the mask, I wouldn't resort to actually using it. It's more of a display piece now; buy something simple such as an N95 mask instead. It's affordable, dependable and asbestos free.

Does the GP-5 soviet russian gas mask filter contain asbestos ?

With all the old eastern block masks, unless you find definitive documentation, you can not say one way or the other. The only way to know would be to have the filter cut open an tested. Since all you can do is hang it as a decoration anyway, seal it in a bag and don't worry about it. It will not be good as a gas mask. Unless brand new, all the others on ebay are the same. If you want a gas mask, just buy a new OSHA approved one.

GAS mask which one???????

Between those two, the Finnish M61 is better than the GP-5. It's made of butyl rubber instead of latex for the Russian ones and the filter thread is on the side for using gun sights. But it uses 60mm filters that are no longer being made so you would be hard pressed to get new ones that aren't expired unless you have a 60-40mm adapter. Both are decades old, so are their filters which have long expired, and there's no guarantees you'll be protected from anything. Though I've heard from some that the Finnish filters, provided they're sealed, last for a damn long time and still work today when tested. I don't know...maybe it's the same principle that new doesn't mean better. Just like old cars have brakes that last over 100,000 miles where today's cars barely last 20,000 miles before needing replacement.

I avoid 60mm filters, not only because they're not compatible with newer masks but there's virtually no data on it compared to 40mm ones. And some 60mms are known to be toxic (like the US C2 filters, M9 filters, and cheek filters for the M17 mask, not the Finnish filters that I know of) and have leaking heavy metals like chromium. Neither has asbestos, only the Russian brown coffee can filters do. And old masks can have defects, wear from use or careless storage, or microscopic holes from rubber dry rot...which is something you don't want...especially in a biological attack.

A gas filter that's a HEPA or P100 or P3 (Europe) rated will protect you from biologicals and radioactive particles. No mask will protect you from gamma ionizing radiation (nothing will short of thick lead or concrete), but they should stop alpha and beta radiation.

Go with the Finnish one if you're expecting to go to war with it, but you have to get new 40mm filters (unexpired and from reputable sources) if you want the best protection. Get the GP-5 if you want the convenience of easy donning and ready compatibility with NATO standard filters. Supposedly the Poles tested the GP-5 for NBC and found it still protective for over 24 hours.

I don't use either. My masks are modern ones, 1-2 years from manufacture, with filters that expire in the early 2020s. But I do have some GP5s. For their novelty. For tear gas. And if I'm ever in a pinch. Would like to get the Finnish one someday though, for the collection.

Where can i buy a military gas mask?

i found this website, hope it helps: