Attack On Titans Is The Uniform Of The Boys Different From The Girls

Is Armin in Attack on titan a girl or a boy?

I'm pretty sure Armin is male.

Regarding the magazine interview that Lanblade linked to - I took Isayama's answer to that as a joke. Isayama has been known to joke around a lot, especially with things like Armin's feminine appearance/cross-dressing jokes, as well as Mikasa's less-feminine looks.

And actually, in chapters 53-54 of the Shingeki no Kyojin manga...

Armin disguises himself as a girl as part of a mission, and is pretty much molested by one of the thugs. After the rest of the group intervene and tie up the thugs, one of them comments "So I heard you were actually a boy..." (and seemed pretty turned on by it). (Not to mention that Armin sleeps in the boys' dorm.)
[End Spoilers]

Specifically, the interview question reads:
Q: In the context of the females of 104th Trainee Squad, who does Mikasa get along with the best?
A: Armin.

But if you look at the question below it:
Q: Mike smells various scents, but what kind of scent does a titan have?
A: The scent characteristic of a hot-spring town!

Unless you seriously believe that Isayama intends on making Titans smell like hot springs, it's clear that his answers to this interview were made tongue-in-cheek.

Good anime like Attack of the titans?

I'm japanese and in japan ,Some otaku says Attack on Titan is the combination of 諸星大二郎(Daijiro Morohosi)'s manga(especially 流砂=Quicksand) and the movie "The War of the Gargantuas" So,non-japanese people tend to criticize this anime as innovation of anime ,but it's not true. Daijiro Morohoshi is one of the legendary mangaka(Castle in the sky,Evangelion is inspired by his works),but he is not known at all except japan.If you have interested in anime and manga, you should watch 1960's-1980's anime and manga and tokusatsu(特撮).A lot of today's anime is based on them.

諸星大二郎's works→

"The War of the Gargantuas"→

Good Anime like Attack on Titans and Death Note?

Code Geass: A boy obtains a power that gives him the opportunity to lead a rebellion against the oppressive Empire vi Britannia. Lelouche (the main character) uses his superior wit to out manuever his enemies despite being outgunned and overnumbered. great mech battles and a cool rivalry between Lelouche and his best friend Suzaku. if you like the mind battles of Death Note, you'll probably like this.

Fate/Zero: involving a battle between seven mages and seven summoned heroes from the past (Arthur and Alexander the Great to name two...), this anime has dark elements, great action, and generally well written characters (Kiritsugu needs some work :P). pair this with an excellent soundtrack and you have quite the anime. yeah its the prequel to Fate/Stay night, but skip that and watch this.

Macross Frontier: J-pop, giant mecha, and romance all in one!. fun anime though i enjoyed the original macross a bit more.

Elfen Lied: Dark, bloody anime revolving around Kouta and a girl named Lucy who isn't exactly Human. This anime is quite depressing and generally i liked it, though it suffers from lack of character development and excess nudity. it also didn't explore the themes it touched on as deep as it could have. the opening theme is absolutely hauntingly beautiful though.

Gintama: Set in an alternate history where japan is conquered by aliens, this comedy anime follows the adventures of a samurai who fought in the war and two companions. While mostly a (great) comedy anime, the action arcs are quite epic. the first episodes are kinda meh but they get better as the anime goes on.

Full Metal Alchemist: Follows Edward and his brother as he searches for the Philospher's Stone to restore his brother's body. good action and darker themes and generally great story.

Sword art online...... this one had SOOO much potential but poor execution, lack of character development brought this one down. still has great action sequences though.

Blood+: follows Saya, who discovers she is a vampire and uses her strength to fight and slay other vampires. i wont say much more but the plot gets pretty good and builds to an absolutely epic point a bit after the middle. the remainder of the anime disappointed slightly but overall its great with an excellent soundtrack and action.

Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) question?

ok, in your opinion, is Hanji Zoe a man or a woman?

I know that in the beginning the author thought that it was explicit, but since a fan brought up a doubt he (the author) decided to leave it ambiguous. For him to leave it ambiguous, he was sure that there wasn't any real explicit mention of his/her genre throughout the entire manga otherwise there would be no use to do that. -_- I know that in the English translation Levi refers to Hanji as "her" once, but in Japanese there are a couple ways to refer someone without using his/her name and without mention the genre either, so it can't be 100% trusted. Besides, the English translation did have to give the creature a definition.
I know there are drawings of Hanji dressed as woman (drew by the author himself), but they were made for fun only and aren't in any way official (according to the author). Even because if they were, it wouldn't be ambiguous anymore so I'm sure the author was just making fun of it.
As for his/her body structure, I think the majority will agree that sometimes it looks female others it looks male. His all art itself might be tricky at this point because it's the type of art that if you don't want to reveal it, you just don't. Damn! The uniforms and athletic bodies don't help either! And on top of everything, Hanji is the type of character that could perfectly be either a man or women in all senses! I read in some website someone describing "him" as a gay/asexual eccentric! :o (which makes some sense ¬¬)
Anyway, the truth is that there isn't any real evidence of his/her genre. Ok, the anime version makes him/her female (because of the voice which can be clearly taken as female), but as I said, the creature needed a definition! They went for the obvious! When I first saw him/her I thought it was male, but then I thought "he" was a bit too "she", so I went for she. But when "she" took of the glasses and threat the priest it totally looked a "HE"! O_O You simply can't tell -_-

So, what are your opinions?