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Attention Would You Like To Tell You Secret

Will you tell me a secret?

Ok, I got a story. It's only a secret because only a certain trusted few know. So, there was this French teacher in high school. He picked on all the kids, every day. He would say demeaning things, get huffy like a little princess.
He picked on my friend Sondra one day, and it was the straw that broke the camel's back. When he left to go talk to the principal, I hocked the biggest, nastiest loogy imaginable into his coffee. There was like 10 kids in the class, and they were all cool. I also put a few thumbtacks on his chair before he got back.
He comes in the room, picks up his coffee, and starts drinking. We were all just kinda lookin at each other smiling. We waited..he sat down..and screamed like a girl. I've always wanted to tell him what I did, but I never got a chance to.

How can you tell if someone is cutting for attention or if they're actually ill?

if they're doing it for attention then they won't go to great lengths to hide it, showing their cuts, telling people when they've done it, possibly even cutting in front of others. However they are still in mental anguish. No-one that is not in mental anguish would feel the need to go to such great lengths to seek attention. My counselor one told me that she liked to look at attention seeking as attention needing. There is always a reason for it. They are seeking help the only way they know how. If someone is cutting for attention it becomes more than a coping mechanism but a cry for help. They need your understanding.

Can you tell me your secret.....?

Chamomile tea
Amen tea
1/2 cup of warmed milk
1/4 teaspoon sugar
1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract.
,,,great for billy lids with attention deficit hyperactive disorder...& uptight grown ups too

What is a secret you want to tell, but you can't?

Its an interesting question but let's make it more interesting. Let's suppose, i know some secret but i don't want to tell it directly, so instead of telling you the secret what I'm gonna do is, prove some statements about that secret and tell you that i know something about that secret.The only rule of the game is, we both speak truth.Makes sense? No? Okay.I will take an example to tell you how it works.So let's take a deck of cards(of 52).So, i took out a card from the deck and suppose it's a red one.So instead of telling you directly that it is a red one. What I'm gonna do is, i will show you exactly 26 cards of black colour.( So,obviously the chosen card is a red card)That way, i won't be telling you the color(secret) but you still will be able to figure out the secret.Now, I'm gonna tell you some statements about me and you're gonna figure out what I'm trying to tell you.Here it goes...Introvert.I get as much attention as the white crayon.I'm romantically challenged.I'm like the most of my socks.I'm too sexy for most women to handle.Oh, my hand.I'm great in bed.... i can sleep for hours.The “40 year old virgin” is my favorite documentary movie.Fri(end), girlfri(end) but piz(forever)za (√).Okay, thats enough making fun of me. I have told you something about my secret without actually telling you the secret. I'm sure you will be able to figure it out.The above theory is actually called “zero knowledge proof ”.

I need some fake secrets i can tell my friends?

That's definitely not a good idea. They're not gonna believe you did it to test them out and they're just gonna end up annoyed with you because they'll think you lied for attention. Besides, these stories could easily end up spread to people outside of your group of friends and then you'll have half the school believing ridiculous rumors about you. Even if those problems don't happen (although it's likely at least one of them will) it's a pretty small chance that you'll find out who told who what. Nobody's going to rat out which friend told them the gossip because they don't want to piss them off. It's also possible that more than one girl will spread the stories around.

If you want to see who's trustworthy then look at how they treat their other friends and how they've treated you overtime. If one of your friends always tells you secrets about other people in your group then it's more than likely they do the same thing to you. If one of them barely gossips and you can't remember them ever revealing a secret of yours or anyone elses (and if they do it's rare and the secrets aren't big ones) then they're probably trustworthy. Their loyalty towards other people in general will help determine their loyalty to you.

I'll tell you a secret if you tell me one please?

What?? Thats not a deep secret.

but oh well.. okay okay. Well Im on my dads laptop, and I just found in his favorites; a youtube video called sicknasty sleepover fun. like two seconds ago. I now see why my mom divorced him.

And I am not even kidding.

How would you ENTPs act around someone you have a secret crush on but are too shy to actually approach them?

There’s a problem there, I’m never too shy to approach a crush; so I awkwardly stroll up and lose absolutely all ability to compose a slightly intelligent sentence.I am probably one of the most awkward people one will ever meet, however I’m so ridiculously confident I tend to be able to play it out as eccentricity. So as an ENTP with a hypothetical crush I’d definitely talk to them with catastrophic failure. Since we (ENTP’s) don’t really rely on feelings ever: we don’t handle having them very well, but the pride we carry in managing to be confident we tend to misjudge our charm when actual feelings/interests are involved.So exactly what I’d do:• I’d take what you think about me in to consideration• If i don’t get the attention I want I’ll definitely pretend to not care what so ever. I don’t want to let any second party control me. So if I crush on someone and get nothing from it I’ll be to stubborn to keep trying.• I’d definitely send a message, since all direct conversation failed when it all turned gibberish. I can keep my ground over text.ENTPS will not let a feelings control them for too long, help us out and initiate a bit to see if it’s actually something there. So there’s a short window for high impact action

I haven't told my best friend a secret, so I wrote a letter. Is it ok to tell someone something big in a letter if you're too afraid to do it in person?

You may be looking for reassurance here, and yes, generally speaking it’s fine to write a letter rather than saying something in person. But I wouldn’t advise it, if it’s really your best friend and you need to say something.Writing is a one-way, very limited form of communication.Your friend could misunderstand what you are saying. Or it could catch your friend at a really bad time. It’s a little scary to get a letter from someone you’re used to seeing in person. How would you like your friend to respond? Since you say it’s a secret, what if somebody else sees the letter?The times I’ve received a letter like this, on some level I realized that the person was too nervous to tell me in person, and I’m sympathetic to the idea of someone getting tongue-tied. But people see things from their point of view first.For example, if you tell someone you’re interested in him or her romantically, that person can process it as: this person who is my friend has romantic feelings for me and is afraid that it will be weird, but it’s already weird because I’m getting a letter from my friend.Or, my friend was sexually molested and is afraid of my reaction if I know that, because…?Or, my dad is having an affair and my friend wants me to know that but not talk about it because…?The classic example must be the goodbye letter, or the big reveal that there’s somebody else in the picture. This is the grimmest letter to get. It gets worse if the person includes explanations.In all these scenarios, the fact that it’s a letter is pretty prominent in any reaction. To my way of thinking, if the secret is big and important enough to say, why make the way you say it the important part of the message.

Should I tell him I'm pregnant?

you need to tell him absolutely... if he never knows someday your child shall show up on his doorstep and say "hi dad" which shall break up their marriage... also your child needs to know about his/her heritage and health problems or ???... on another note, you are due child support payments to raise the child... children are expensive and it is a hard work (especially in the early years)... at some point the child shall start asking where is my father and if you lie they shall find out someday and that shall destroy your relationship and all that you have done... also while you may be financially secure now - things can change - your health your job etc...
i admire your resolve to keep the baby and raise the baby alone and not ask for child support but i think you owe it to him to tell him... secrets have a way of coming out and what a tangled web we weave when first we decide to deceive...

What secrets do women not want men to know?

These of course are my views,One thing I do not want men to know is exactly what I think.I do not want them poking around in my head trying to figure me out.Chances are if they’re prodding my brain, they are looking for something that isn’t there or missing in them.I learned very young that men, enjoy an air of mystery that surrounds a women.Just like a pinup they put up in their bedrooms as teenagers, it’s all in the mind, the allure is in the fantasy.Once the fantasy bubble bursts, once they’ve figured you out the chase winds down, the eye will roam.Someone always seems better then the one they know, comfort becomes familiarity,familiarity less of a challenge.The challenge has lost its shine.Men won’t tell you this, of course.Which brings me to,«Ο άνδρας να μην γνορειζε τιν γυναίκα, μόνο από τον λαιμό και κάτω».“ A man should not know a woman, but from the neck and below”.I grew up on this proverb.It’s true message, let them know, receive the wonders of you, but never truly let them into your mind, your world, distance from your core, makes the heart grow fonder.If you do allow them in, be prepared to backup that lost fantasy, with other skills.Skills that will makeup for the loss of excitement.I don’t want to hear that ‘love’ takes on different forms, when you’re in your twilight years, maybe.Eros, the love between a man and a woman should not change in its foundation.Not when you’re young and virile, choose him, then become his drug of choice, you becoming the high he chases everyday.Intrigue him by keeping words to yourself, just sitting quietly with them, a smile with no explanation. Silence speaks volumes, by raising your voice they tune you out, when silent they want ‘in’.Some feminists, will disagree with me. Then puzzle over why men avoid them.Men were made to be men, let them be what is true to their nature.And women although clever of the mind, seek a man of character, strength equal to their cleverness.Like Zeus, once in my head, you may not like what springs out fully armored, a goddess prepared for battle,Although, some men may find that intriguing as well…There isn’t a secret I don’t want men to know, I’m confident within myself and everything I’ve put to task, so as not worry about such things…The secret is…“I/we do not need men to know woman, we need men who know themselves”.Image courtesy of the Internet.