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Back To School Shopping .

Is this too much for back to school shopping $1000?

well that seems like just a little bit too much. but its ok if youre not going to go shopping again for a long time. maybe you should get some knits too, not just tees. and maybe some tanks for layering.

What should I add to my back to school shopping list?

Oh, I used to love my time of going back to school.School bagPencil BoxLunch BoxFancy Erasers and SharpenersWater BottleThe list is endless, I even wrote a post on this very topic- I hope you find it useful.

Have you started back to school shopping?

I’m not a huge fan of back to school crowds so I ordered my children’s school supplies through an online group to be delivered to their classrooms. I also did my school shopping for this year during the Fall and Winter sales at the end of last year, simply upping the size by one. I tend to shop that way as it is much less expensive and there are certain things they need and wear that won’t change much in terms of style. All I have left to buy are Clorox wipes, tissues and baby wipes for the classrooms and socks and underwear for my eldest son. He prefers classic briefs and for some reason all I can find are really funky colors in his size. He is 11 and no longer wants Batman underwear so I was thinking grey, white, black. Anything normal. Even solid colors would be ok. What did I find? Plaid.Who wears plaid briefs?

My mom wont take me back to school shopping?

my mom wont take me back to school shopping for clothes.. she keeps on saying that all these stores are only going to have fall and winter clothes and its still going to be hot! but i still need new clothes for school because my old clothes are so damn ugly! how can i get her to give me new clothes?

$120 dollars for back to school shopping?

Forever 21
Rue 21
Charlotte Russe
Ross (Dress For Less)
It's Fashion
Old Navy
TJ Maxx

Those are all pretty cheap/reasonable stores.. good luck!

My Daughter and Back-to-School Shopping?

Look, i was never given a huge amount of money and told to shop. my parents taught me the importance of a dollar. my family isnt filthy rich, so the way i used to shop at her age was with my parents. My mom would take me to a store like TJ maxx or JC penney's and we'd pick out things together. we'll also look around malls for sales and discounts. that way i could find stuff i like for cheap. Trust me, you will teach her a valuable lesson on money. i never owned really expensive clothing, and i survived. I still cringe at price tags in certain stores. now that i earn my own money and buy my own stuff, i still tend to go for cheaper clothes and sales, i can get more that way! and trends will fade, tell her not to worry about trends and just go for pieces she likes.
i really wouldnt suggest just giving her money and letting her loose, what she will do is go to those exact stores you mentioned and buy a couple of expensive things. then she will go home and complain about not having enough clothes and guilt-trip you into giving her more money. im not a parent but i can imagine that it must be hard to deny your child of "coolness" and popularity, but they'll grow out of it. this wont be such a big deal to her in a few years if you set her straight. if you dont, she'll forever be obsessed with material things and won't be good with her money.
i survived without abercrombie, so can she

good luck!

How much should I spend for back to school shopping?

I'm going to be a freshman in high school next year. Right now I'm 13 , but will be 14 at the start of the school year. I don't want to look like a bum in my opening years of high school. I made a list of clothes that i want to get (that can last the whole year)
1. Hollister
2. American Eagle
3. Abercrombie&Fitch
4. H&M shirts
5. Urban Outfitters
6. Adidas
7. Polo Ralph Lauren
8. Nautica
9. Hollister Jeans & Pants
10. Aeropostale Jeans
11. Nike

Jordan retro 10 powerblue - $120 (my size)
KD vi (any) - $100
Lebron soldier vii galaxy - around $90-100

I did the math and I'm estimated to spend over $700 . I didn't tell my dad yet, but I'm not even sure if he'll spend that much for school. My highschool has no uniform, all my previous schools did (so he didn't have to spend much)
I feel like I'm being greedy, but not sure. Am I spending the right amount for school clothes?
Can you make a list of how much to buy out of the list i made above (optional)
And yes, I really need the shoes.. It matches with my clothes.

If I'm wrong, how much should I be spending (including shoes) .

How many of you are doing your back to school shopping online or are you going to regular stores? Where are you doing most of your shopping?

This came up in my news feed because of morgan, haha.And I LOVE back to school shopping. It is my favourite thing to do, ever.I mostly do mine in-store with the odd ordered t-shirt.When I go back to school shopping it always ends in me hating myself and my older sister yelling at me. I don't go until 2–3 weeks before school starts.I get my clothes from these stores. I highly recommend them.American apparel. This is quite expensive sometimes as one plain t-shirt can be 50$. So I wouldn't recommend buying all your clothes from here. They only go up to size 12, so if you are overweight in any way you can't go.Walmart. Oddly enough I have found cute jeans from Walmart and I get my tank tops from here. Simply because tank tops aren't supposed to be 30$ so why would I pay that?H&M. This is my favourite store. Some of its kind of expensive but most of it is good priced. I love their clothes. I live for it.Hot topic. I buy all of my anime shirts from here.Pink - Victoria's Secret. I don't really recommend this. My parents don't like spending money on clothes so I don't shop here often. One of my “Pink” shirts was 75$. It's honestly not worth it. Walmart has the same thing basically for 10$.Garage. I don't know if this is American too but I love it. It's not too bad in price and has cute clothes.For online, I shop at ROMWE. I love it and there are some pretty cute shirts from Japan and stuff.That's pretty much all I shop at. Aside from under armour for the rare sweater.

Is 300 dollars enough for back to school shopping?

I know you said not forever 21 or wet seal but they are great places to shop. go to every store - forever 21, wet seal, h&m, hollister, abercrombie & fitch, aeropostale, american eagle, old navy, pac sun. you can find things anywhere. I spent about $300 also so i'll just tell you what i got:

Forever 21:
- about 10 shirts (including sweaters, long sleeve shirts, and cardigans) ranged from 11-20 dollars
- a pair of black leggings $4.50
- a pair of jeans for just $10.50
- 2 necklaces (i can't remember the exact prices, but not more than 6 dollars)
- fake pearl bracelets about $3.00
- 5-pack plastic headbands for $1.50
- sports bra for cheerleading $3.80
- regular bra $5.80
- nude colored cami for $3.80

Wet Seal:
they have great buy one get one for a penny and 5 for $20.00 basics (tanks, tees, shorts) deal
i got buy one get one for a penny shoes, so for $9.31 i get a pair of cheetah print flats and gold sandals.

American Eagle:
- 1 pair of yoga pants on sale for $20 (originally about 30 dollars.)

- 1 pair of 1/2 off jeans $25 (originally $49.50)

Pac Sun:
i just got 1 shirt on clearance for about $16

Old Navy:
- 1 white cardigan on sale for $16 (originally about $26)

- 1 pack of socks - about $6.00
- 3 camis for the price of one (about 17 dollars)
i shopped there last week and at the time they had buy one cami get TWO free. i'm not sure if that sale is still going on but aero always has great sales all the time anyways.

I think $300 dollars is a great amount for back to school clothes shopping. Although I didn't shop a lot of sales I still feel like I got a lot of great things and got every thing that i needed. Notice that this isn't including the jeans I purchased at the beginning of July & saved for school. I got 4 pair for a $14 total at Rue 21 because jeans were on mega sale because they were getting their summer stuff in. I did buy 2 pairs of jeans besides that, however. I know that Hollister, Abercrombie Kid's, and Abercrombie & Fitch's jeans are all 1/2 off right now. I hope I helped!

What is your opinion on back to school shopping, as a parent?

I used to think it was selfish and they just wanted my money spent on stuff they didn’t want to buy.Then I went to work for a school as a teacher’s aid— wow, I felt so bad. I saw what the teachers used their own money for, and how little they make. I mean I worked for 3 years and I brought home less than 800.00/ a month. The teachers made double what I did- but once insurance and retirement and taxes was taken out- it was not much. Yet they fund their own classrooms- most of the time all by themselves.So now- I buy extra all year long, I also make sure and ask teachers what else they need in the classroom- is there a student who couldn’t get supplies? I do not think twice now that I’ve been on the other side of it.We should support all teachers, and educators and work with them- they are teaching our kids how to grow, learn and become something. Support that.