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Background Turned Black What Do I Do

How do I make Google Chrome background screen black during night to protect my eyes while reading?

In Google Chrome open the Change Colors extension at this address: the Add to Chrome button. Confirm your choice by clicking Add in the pop-up window.Click the menu button (top right next to the URL address bar) and click on Settings from the drop down menu.In the page that opens click on Extensions (left column).Find your newly installed Change Color extension and click the Options link.On the Adjust your preferences page set Use Web pages Colors to No and change background, text, and links colors. You do that by clicking on the color bar next to each item to open a color palette and select your preferred color. (You may use the slider next to the color palette to adjust the brightness of the color).For the changes to become effective click on the new eyedropper icon (right side of your address bar) and select Apply Override on All Pages from the drop down menu. You can also choose to apply the changed color settings only to one page or one domain.Note: Since your new color settings don’t affect the Chrome settings pages, you have to navigate to another page to see the changes.Hope this helps!:)

How do I get the screen back to white background and black text instead of black background and white text?

You’re on high contrast mode. On most computers and phones you can find the option for toggling high contrast mode in settings. If not, then try experimenting with the physical buttons on the side of your computer.

How do I change the black background in Android?

Source: you ever get bored with the black background in Android, now you can change it by making a few small edits to framework-res.apk/res/values/styles.xmlThis will affect MOST of the black background you see in Android (e.g. settings, contacts, mms, installer etc.) with the exception of certain apps that use their on backgrounds (e.g. contacts logs, email etc.). Difficulty level: Medium1. Decompile framework-res.apk2. Navigate to res/values and open styles.xml3. Locate