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What are the differences between village life and city life?

City : Development mostly happens in city so here we can get any things that we need, good hospitals, schools, good companies. We can get more job in here and we can become rich in small time. Every peoples have good knowledge and every things we can get easily . But in city the pollution is more and we cannot get fresh air. and relation between peoples will become reduce and children's become addict to phone and other social medias, games etcVillage : Village life is one of the best memorable and best life. here we get cool and clean water, air etc. No pollution and every one will cooperate with each other and make good relationships. Less disease and more comfortable in life. No need to worry about pollution and always get water. The negative side of village is there we can get good education and good treatments. No development things has to be there.

What is better - engineering or medical?

Well i think i can answer your question since i too faced the same scenario years before.I'll try to keep it short and simple.IMAGE of A DOCTOR:You can do a lot of social welfare work.You are kind of god wherever you live.You will be in the good book of many people.Respect will follow you everyday everywhere.There is no doubt about it.IMAGE of AN ENGINEER:You will not find respect you will have to earn it doing something worthy and extraordinary.You are just an individual.You may or may not get a chance to work directly for the welfare of the people.Chances are less.But let me tell you  any social service is worthy of respect and honour.But the medical servants own a little more because they are people who save lives.Imagine you are dying and somebody saves you.PERSONAL LIFE FOR A DOCTOR:It is hectic,painful and stressful.imagine yourself fighting death everyday and saving lives and sometimes failing which takes a toll on you. It scrapes away your soul unless you are strong hearted.Hospital is not a fun place.You have to have a lot urge in you to become a doctor and must be willing to sacrifice  your fun ,pleasure many a time. As for money you will start earning at a later age and can keep earning until your old have to be a lot more studious,diligent and hard working.PERSONAL LIFE OF AN ENGINEER:It is all fun & pleasure and doesn't have to be under a damocles sword all the time. You know your negligence or failure wont be taking a life.Besides engineering life is very enjoyable.You can give time to your family.You will be capable of earning early of age and can also earn at par with a doctor.P.S. I have written all these keeping in view you dont waste your life in either case and i have judged from a common platform.besides you must understand yourself what you want and what you are willing to sacrifice whatever the cost.