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Why does it seem lot of people dislike women's basketball?

Anyone who says women basketball players are less skilled than men and play less aggressively has obviously never played the game of basketball in their lives.

Anyone who knows the game realizes that women play a more fundamentally sound game, are highly skilled, and are FAR more aggressive than men. The women in the WNBA get away with FAR more hand-checking than what is allowed in the NBA. Try playing 1-on-1 with a skilled woman player and you'll see what I mean.

People who dislike the WNBA and women's basketball in general are sexist and don't really know the game well at all. Its not all about dunks and crossovers, just look at how dominant the San Antonio Spurs have been. How many times have you seen any of those guys on highlight reels?

Basketball Wives: What happened in Vegas with Evelyn Lozada & what was Suzie saying about her?

When they went to Vegas, Evelyn met and slept with some guy and then when they got back to Miami, Suzie shared that information with Al Reynolds, who is the ex-husband of Star Jones.

Evelyn did not like this and has chosen to make Suzie's life a living hell b/c of it, saying that Suzie cannot be trusted and never should have told a soul that she slept with someone.

In other words, Evelyn is a skank and got mad at Suzie for telling people what a ho she is....(so not an Evelyn fan)

Do basketball players lie about their height?

I don’t quite know. But I do know that a similar case happened with Kevin Durant. While he was playing for Team USA this summer, there was a picture of him standing next to Demarcus Cousins, both standing straight next to each other, and Kevin was slightly taller than DeMarcus Cousins who is 6′ 11″, although Kevin is listed at 6′ 9″.It has been confirmed that KD’s “true height” is about 6′ 11″.

Do injured players travel with the team on away games & do wives and kids travel with them?

Some injured players do and some don't. I'm not sure exactly how that is determined. Family members don't travel with the team except for the cool "father trips" that some teams had this season, and very special occasions.

Alexei Kovalev is the only player know of that owns his own plane.

And numba1234567, that Mario special must have been quite old...pre December 2000. Mario has 3 daughters and only one son Austin who absolutely has seen his dad play. In fact in 2000 when Mario returned, Austin was the only one out on the ice as his dad's jersey was unretired and lowered from the roof. Mario also said that Austin never seeing his dad play was the biggest factor in his return.

EDIT - Chernz, former pro player...your first name wouldn't be Rich would it?

Is Kobe Bryant part Asian?

Yes, I'm aware of the fact that he is predominately African American. However, people can actually be more than one race, and I wondered if he was perhaps a quarter Asian (you know, the way Tiger Woods is a quarter African American?). I live in a world where that can happen.

Who all gets Superbowl rings, when a team wins the Superbowl?

Every member of the active roster and the coaching staff get rings. The entire front office and ownership get rings. Injured Reserve and practice squad get rings if their team decides to give them out to them, most do. In some cases players traded during the season will get them too, if they suited up and played during they regular season, but again it is by individual team discretion. (even though regular season trades in the NFL are rare, very rare) If team ownership wanted to give rings to the cheerleaders and other non football operations employees they could, ownership pays for the rings.

The Super Bowl losers also get rings, this year's case would be called NFC Championship rings.

98% of professional hockey players are white. is the NHL a racist organization?

I don't think the lack of racial diversity in the NHL indicates a problem with the league.First, players enter the NHL by being selected by the teams. The league itself selects no one. Talented non-white players are drafted successfully when they appear, and the prevalence of non-white NHL players is rising. See PK Subban, Wayne Simmonds, Nazem Kadri, Darnell Nurse, Anthony Duclair, Evander Kane, Seth Jones, and more. However, such talented non-white players seldom appear compared to white kids.That's the real question. Why aren't there many non-white junior players available to NHL teams? Hockey is a prohibitively expensive sport for many families. The way western society is stratified, there are more white households that can afford to keep their kids in hockey from early childhood through to the juniors, which is generally required to gain sufficient skill. Even among the current non-white players, most are bi-racial with one white parent. Lower income households can only afford cheaper sports like basketball and soccer.  Cultural differences. Related to the above point about money, hockey is more popular with white folks than with others. Even among non-white families that can afford hockey, it's just not popular. It's also especially important to westerners, but much less important to immigrant families from Asia/Africa/South America. So, there aren't many non-white prospects because hockey has a lot less traction in non-white communities. The NHL is not racist, because they neither cause nor affect this phenomenon.