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Being Bullied In School

What do I do if I'm being bullied at school?

As Ben mentioned: Talk with a teacher that you trust, and then an administrator and get some moral support from your parents.But, in parallel, what do you believe is causing this behavior of them towards you?If you were “invisible”, they would not notice nor bother you.Are you just going about your day to day and class to class activity, and they are going Out of Their way to bully you?I always wonder how these things occur. When I was a student, I was bullied, but dealt with it. I then saw other instances of bullying as a student and then later in life as a coach and referee I have had to squash any “bullying”.It is usually good to do some self-assessment and determine if there is any activity/actions that you are doing that puts you in direct contact with these people that could be “slightly” modified and reduce contact and therefore reduce or eliminate any bullying.Out of sight and out of mind is a well used saying.All the best.

My son is being bullied at school?

My 13 year old son and one of his friends is being bullied tremendously by almost all his classmates in school, mainly 3 guys and a girl. But some of them tease him too every once in a while. Tom only has 4 friends in his class, they are the only ones that don't make fun of him. Tom is being teased because of the clothes and shoes he wears, and how his hair is styled. So mainly, these kids bully him because he looks different from everyone else. His other friend Rainbow is being bullied mainly because of his name. Out of 3 guys and 1 girl that bully him everyday, the girl bullys him the worst out of everybody in the class. She hits him, takes his lunch, talks **** to him saying why he is not goth like her, and sometimes, she makes him cry. And when he starts crying in class, everyone laughs at him and calls him a wimp. Last year, Tom has fought one of the guy bullies and got suspended for a week, but the other guy didn't. Those kids have been bullying him since he started a new school last year. Last year, I went to the school and told his teacher about the bullying, she said she will talk to them and make them stop, but she hasn't been doing much, those bullies are getting worse and worse, plus Tom found out recently why the girl has been bullying him was because she has a crush on him, so she likes to express it by hitting him. Tom comes home crying everyday and I'm sick of seeing him come home red and teary faced everyday, what should I do?

What should I do if I'm being bullied?

I really hate to say but as someone who spent a large portion of childhood being bullied, I must say that the politically correct things most adults tell you will not help.Telling a teacher may help but most teachers wont take much notice or action and if they do, will rarely follow up. If there is a cool teacher you trust, then tell them.Ignoring it is only advice from people who have never been bullied, its near impossible.I found what really helped was earning respect. Look at why your being bullied and work on it. Are you fat? Well it helps to have a sense of humour about it or fix it.Same as anything to do with appearance, I was chubby in school and got picked on, when I moved schools, I became the funny fat guy and everyone liked me. No one could pick on me because it wouldn't effect me and there was nothing they could say that I hadn't already.In high school, I got picked on by one particular bully who was very into fighting.I never used to fight back and was a victim frequently.One day I had a particularly bad day for other reasons and just was not putting up with it, I was in a head lock and punched him as hard as I could in the kidney. He let go and was clearly in pain, instead of running, I just stood there and told him to "get f@#%ed or I'd get his other kidney". He walked away.Next day, I passed him and got a nod. I showed that I would stand up for myself and earnt his respect.Key thing to remember is bullies only ever pick on you for one of two reasons:One is they really like you and are compensating by looking like they don't. (Usually only in boy/girl situations).The other main reason is they have family troubles or are being picked on themselves and need to feel superior. If they have a brother or father who bullies them then they will likely take it out on someone weaker.Similar if they are doing it to impress their friends, it's usually because they need to compensate for a short coming or weakness. The second you fight back with force, it defeats the purpose.Just my realistic two cents.

I'm being bullied in high school? Please help?

I'm 15 (girl) and I'm only 5"0 tall and I'm gonna be a sophomore this year. Everyone bullies me and I don't know how to defend myself. All the girls make fun of me. They all accuse me of wearing a push-up bra when I don't. Big boobs runs in my family. They announce that I'm wearing a pushup bra out loud in class and it embarrassing and I'm really shy and I don't know how to defend myself. I barley talk to anyone. Everyone calls me the "pretty but dumb one" they all think I'm dumb because I don't talk to anyone. One time this big guy came up and kicked me in the *** and made me fall to the floor and I fell and started crying cause it hurt and everyone was laughing (including my friends) and no one helped me up. No one likes me and I don't know why, I never talk to anyone. I just want them to leave me alone. All the guys like to scoop me and they hold me down a lot and it makes me late to my classes and I feel so violated. The school doesn't do anything about this. My dad works at the school and he doesn't even care. How can I defend myself? And once this guy only dated to to see how far he could go with his teacher's daughter because my dad is his teacher.

I'd move schools but my dad refuses to let me cause he wants me to go to the school he teaches at

My brother is being bullied in school what should i do?

my brother is in the 7th grade right now and one of his ex friends keeps calling him names etc..what should i do about this situation?would calling the school be of any of help at all???or should i just go find him and kick his ***? give me your suggestions thanks..

How can I get over my memories of being bullied in school?

Hey I am sorry to hear that you were bullied in school. Please do not think it was your fault or that it was your consent. I don't know what you were bullied for but it was definitely something not in your hands... Or so I'd like to believe.The first step to bullying is realising the fact that healing has its own speed. You just need to allow yourself to heal and it'll take it's own pace. Remind you sometimes you'd face with flashbacks or random memories and your default reactions to certain situations can be of the person you were when you were bullied.The trick is to allow that old you to take it's time and rest in peace and practice the art of allowing this adult you to react rather than the younger you to come in the way.Books were of help to me. I went to psychologists but due to certain reasons it didn't work out and I took the matter in my own hands since India isn't much open to mental health.Here are the books that helped me:I thought it was just meWhat I Know for SureEmotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQEmotional Blackmail: When the People in Your Life Use Fear, Obligation, and Guilt to Manipulate YouWhat I Know Now: Letters to My Younger SelfI hope these books give you the healing you deserve. Do not let this hurt child guide you in the future. Heal it to release it.

What can I do about my 12-year-old daughter being bullied in school?

If you are aware your daughter is being bullied, it’s best to take action immediately.Ensure you’ve made it perfectly clear to her that you will support her unconditionally. Children who are victims to bullying can become verytraumatised and seek your love and support. Secondly, try to understand the reason why she’s being bullied, is it a misunderstanding that can be resolved through conversation. Thirdly, let your child first try to neutralize the situation herself. Check if ignoring the bully can help. Ask her to stay with friends who will support her rather than the bully. Finally, talk to school administrators or Head of Year about procedures they have in place to deal with these incidences.