Best Franchise For A Nurse

All the pre-preschool chains have their own strengths and weaknesses. What you need to see is what matches your investments and is available for your location. All the top brands are available in all the major localities off the top towns and cities of India and hence the first thing you need to do is to select what is available for your selected location. The most important thing that you need to do is to see if the existing preschool franchisees are happy with the support the franchisor is providing. once you speak to a couple of franchisees you will understand which ones are supporting their franchisees the way you would want to be supported. Also Eurokids may cost more than Bachpan and Smart Kids, however their fees is also higher, giving you higher realisation per student. What you also need to do is to check the market capability or the number of students whom you would be able to garner within two years of operations and whether that will give you your desired return on investment.Since the preschool business has become extremely localized it is important to choose a Franchiser who has got very good local support and does extensive local marketing to generate customers. You could explore several new preschool opportunities at franchise opportunities in india, Franchise business opportunities in india -Franchise opportunities(#Franchisebazar) Where over fifty preschools are listed for you to choose from what could be suitable for your requirements and is available for your location.

#Best #Franchise: Some really good “Affordable” franchise to get can be explored in various segment, what you could do is visit platforms or portals that provide franchise opportunities in the country. The Best in the Country that I can suggest you is Franchise Business Opportunities In India they are the leaders in the franchise industry and have a plethora of affordable franchise that you can explore with them. Do get in touch with the franchise consultant for better ideas and opinions.Have a Great Day!

Many Franchisee Business Opportunities have good ROI (return on investment). Franchisees are available across industries and from all domains you love to work in.Franchisee is like other business option, you have to choose best, work hard to make it most profitable and highest ROI.Choosing the best is a thing that i will describe here -How ever it is a big exercise and topic of personal research as to which franchising company you should work with.Always calculate ROI from the capital expenditure (initial cost) & Revenue expenditure (running cost)There are many factors like your passion for that particular business, Unit level economics ( how much profit per transaction) and demand for that particular product determines your ROI.Always keep in mind some very important factors while going for a franchisee. I have made a list here, which should help you find suitable business opportunity for yourself -You should take decision after lot of deliberation and working. As starting a business is easy but running it is quite tough and there are lot of closings which happen in franchisee formats.I think you should think through many aspects before starting out. I will write some here -a) Customer’s Perspective - Think about what services or products your targeted customers will prefer. This has to be bang on.Think about demand for your product.Do you have the right place to cater to your customer’s demands.b) Marketing - Marketing to targeted customer’s is quite competitive these days. Learn about franchisor’s capabilities about marketing.c) Finances - Think about cost and revenues. Think thoroughly.We are entering digital age where lots of capital expenditure (expenditure into shop, interiors) doesn’t make profitability.Think very clearly about running expenditures too. Discuss with franchisors on all issues.d) Your Own Goals - Think about your compatibility with business, your goals about business.Your franchisor and working should be fit for you both strategically and operationally.e) Feedback - Learn from existing franchisees and if possible meet them. They will give you real feedback about working.Best Of Luck For Your Franchisee Journey. Thanks

Is there a nursing shortage in Canada?

Yes, there is a nursing shortage in Canada. You will have no problem. The UK (England, Ireland) also has a shortage and you can get a visa easily. We are Americans in Australia and my girlfriend is a nurse here. It's similar to Canada, but the weather is better and the beaches are awesome. Work visa's are easily obtained by nurses and are most often sponsored by an agency or a hospital.

I haven't been to church in a while.?

I've always considered myself very spiritual. I spent the earliest years of my life with a Christian upbringing, and have been exposed to quite a few belief systems (Norse, Wicca, various forms of paganism), and I believe that there is a god, but i haven't always been sure what form it takes, until a few days ago, i was hanging out with some friends, both of whom are Christian, and very strong in their beliefs, and at dinner, we said a mealtime prayer with his family, which is a practice I didn't do even when I followed Christianity. Well, i felt a weird feeling that is difficult to describe during that prayer. It was a sense of belonging, and ease, or fulfillment. Just overall a very good feeling, and it has turned my previous beliefs upside down. I honestly believe in a god now, but I'm not sure what to do.
I was talking to my best friend about it, and she said that I truly felt god in the room, my other friend and his family are true followers of Christ, and it is evident in how they interact, and pretty much just lead their life. She told me that if this is truly how I feel, I should start reading the scripture, and consider attending church services. Well, my other friend, the host on that possibly fateful day, invited both of us to his bible study on Tuesday night. I sent her a text to see if she was attending, and if so, if i would be able to tag along with her. But the only thing is, I'm not sure if i should, it's been so long since I have attended a service of any kind, about 3 years. I guess the question I'm asking is, should I go? I fail to see if any harm could come of it.

Notes: I should also point out, the reasons I originally left the church. I was either 10 or 12,(so this is about 7 years ago) and mostly, i didn't want to go because I found Sunday School incredibly boring. Also, there was how the adults within the church acted. Everything I liked was evil, pokemon cards, the cartoons and movies, anything related to the franchise really; magic the gathering, just a harmless collectible card game, much like pokemon, and many of the progressive rock bands that I enjoyed at the time. Also, the people were hypocritical, which i now realize pretty much describes people wherever you go. But they would claim to live by the good book, then turn around and judge you for your mistakes.

Should I go to nursing school or massage school?

Have you considered Physical Therapy (PT) or PT assistant (PTA)? The income will most likely be greater than Massage Therapist (MT), the job opportunities more plentiful (and often covered by insurance), it is generally more recognized by health care professionals, it is a more respectable form of health care (sadly, MT's are still having to deal with the negative stereotype), and it is generally still considered "natural". There are excellent techinques within Massage that you can still learn as a PT. If you are going into osteopathic medicine, I strongly suggest looking into CranioSacral Therapy, which is a specialization that any health care practitioner can invest themselves (usually after initial training as part of keeping up with CE's).

If you'd like to keep your foot in natural medicine while going for your goal - keeping with massage or physical therapy may be your best bet. I'd strongly suggest looking into the education requirements for PT or PTA.

Extra tidbits on massage: massage can be considered to be a great part time job. However the cost of the requirements for continued education can often drain what you make! In general, most MT's can't work more than 30 hours per week without draining themselves after a short period of time. MT's working for chiropractors you can expect to earn roughly 20-30 dollars per hour fresh out of school. Any more than that is unusual, in general. Hope some of this info gives a little more perspective for you.

A little Batman survey/questions, for the fans. Best answer 10 points.?

1. It depends on how they bring him in, and how much he does. I think that Batman should be a lone knight for a little bit longer. If Robin just poofs in then it would go against what happened in Dark Knight. Batman lost a lot of those he cared about, thus showing he couldn't ever have attatchments without endangering them. It would be weird to just make him have an attachment so quickly.

2. I don't think it was intentional, and it was more trying to show her motherly side. Also it might have been because of the fact the boy was linked more with his father, and the daughter her mother. That's why Harvey didn't bother to hold her against him. She might also become a future part of the movies.

3. 9.5. It had it's flaws, just like any movie.

4. Joker, as always. Though it'll be hard to recreate Heath Ledger's acting, I think it would still be wonderful to get him in there because in the comic they were always battling.

5. Probably the Riddler. This one focused more on the Joker, and they made it seem like Two-Face was dead. So I figure it'll be the Riddler, which I wouldn't mind too much either.

6. I don't know, possibly? Batman saved her family, and they all seem to admire him. Why not?

7. I do not think she should've been in Dark Knight. It focused on the relationship between Batman and the Joker more than anything. Adding her in would've been so confusing. I wouldn't mind seeing her in the next one, as long as it's the right person cast for her.

8. Yes. I think they'd be committing social suicide if they dropped the Joker from the movies. He holds many fangirls.
Though it might be an odd choice, I would like to see Daniel Day Lewis, or perhaps another actor from a mildly dark movie.