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Best Game To Buy For Ps3

Where can i buy ps3 games cheap?
people you know.

Best PS3 game ever made?

It so depends on his interests.

For me........I hate cartoons or cartoon characters so I only enjoy the sports games. I think if he is a college football or basketball fan anything titled NCAA Football 2011 or Basketball are great!

I also bought Wipeout 2 from the TV show which is a PS3 move game, it is very fun as well.

What is the best Buzz game for ps3?

Buzz Quiz TV was the first Buzz game released on PS3 and is a very good game, but Buzz Quiz World could be seen as a true sequel to the first (and thus better), where as Buzz Brain of the UK is more of a spin off.

So I'd recommend Buzz Quiz World for the most recent and complete Buzz experience.

Where can I buy used ps3 games in chennai?

Try  Hanchu - Android Apps on Google Play (beta version).It is a peer-to-peer platform for buy/sell used console games. It allows sellers to set price of their game, and if somebody purchases the game, platform provides door-to-door logistics services including packaging. We want to build a community of gamers where they can resell their games at a click-of-a-button to other gamers at a fair price (market price of used console games) and in return, the platform enables door-to-door service like payment, refunds, pick up & drop off facilities. Users can buy a game, play it and resell it on the platform to recover a fair bit of money spent on their games.The app is available in all Tier-1 cities in India.Disclaimer: Co-founder of Hanchu - Android Apps on Google Play, a peer-to-peer platform to buy/sell used console games.

Is Turok a good game to buy on PS3?

i just bought the game today... the graphics are awesome.. and it has really good gameplay.. i think you would like it .. go for it.. if you have to rent it before you buy it

What is the best place to buy a PS3?

Ebay if you're a smart bidder because they're loads of PS3's on there. And amazon is an amazing place too. GameStop is a great online place for bundles. The best deal for a PS3 system is to do this, buy a PS3 that supports PS2 play back, buy a 2.5 500gb HDD to install into your system, and a memory card transfer kit. You'll then have the mega system that can play with all your previous saves from PSone, and PS2, as well as PS3, and have loads of space for DLC, movies, and PSN games.

Should I buy a PS3 or a good laptop to play games?

First thing you've got to do is compare the games:You've got to compare the PC exclusives (Gears of War 4, Forza, Company of Heroes etc) [mostly Microsoft exclusives and strategic games) and PlayStation exclusives (Last of us, Uncharted, God of War etc)2nd thing:Where you'll play, Couch or table-chair. On what you'll play, Big screen TV or PC monitor3rd thing:With whom you'll play. The multiplayer for PS3 is free and for PS4 you'll have to subscribe to PS plus. Which also offers 2 games free per month. While PC multiplayer is free but then there's STEAM.4th thing:Game costs, PlayStation games are more expensive than pc but you won't have to deal with the specifications hassle.5th thing:You'll have to buy a controller for pc and a great expensive system for 50–60 k. For Playstion it's cheaper and it's just plug and play.You won't be disappointed with anyone. But in my experience you buy the thing what you're friends are playing because it will make it more fun. Go ahead and just buy anyone.Happy GAMING.LONG LIVE GAMING !!!!

What's the best game system to buy my husband?

Your going to get plenty of people saying buy an xbox or buy a ps3 they are both great systems but I have to say the ps3 is better of the two unless he likes halo than buy the xbox, but xbox you have to pay to play online the ps3 you don't, and used for both system is from 100$ to 200$, and good games that are out right now, Halo 4 and Assassin's Creed 3, here is a link to with new PS3's that are reasonably priced