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Best Resort In Chennai To Go With Girlfriend

Im going to visit my girlfriend in chennai so i would like to stay with her in hotel for couple of days?

No. My sincere advice to you not to stay in any hotels if you both are unmarried and underaged.
Otherwise, if police raid comes, you have to produce valid documents. Tamil Nadu is particular in this point.

Which are the resorts or hotels in Chennai to stay with my girlfriend the whole day?

Hotels for unmarried couples was always a tabbo in India . In terms of pricing, moral issues, and irrelevant questions asked at hotel.But now these problems are getting solve by breviSTAY. You can book Couple friendly hotels by hour starts @ 599 only . No questions asked , hassle free check in. Standard rooms come with AC and budget friendly.No need to request hotel for discount , get upto 70% discount without asking to anyone.Carry valid id proof and book hotels from Book Hotel room by hours for 3hr/6hr/12hr|Early check in,Day use hotels,Hourly hotel,Couple Friendly hotel-breviSTAY

Which resort is good to go to with my girlfriend in ECR, Tamil Nadu?

Do checkout Shelter Beach ResortWe have a Private Beach, Swimming Pool, Spa, Outdoor Activities and moreFor further details feel free to check out the website or do call us.

Which are the best beach resorts in Chennai for couples?

Located on the mesmerising shoreline of Bay of Bengal, there are plenty of beautiful beach resorts in Chennai, allowing people of Chennai to relax and unwind. Hence, whether you want to spend some quality time with your family or with your love; want to hang out with your friends or planning a corporate team outing, these mesmerising beach resorts are for everyone and every occasion.Within 40 km:Blue Lagoon Beach Resort: 20.4 kmBeach Park Resort: 20.6 kmMGM Beach Resort: 32.3 kmThe Green Coconut Resort: 36.8 kmGolden Sun Beach Resort: 38.1 kmWithin 40-60 km:Country Club Jade Beach Resort: 42.8 kmInDeco Resort: 52.5 kmIdeal Beach Resort: 53.5 kmSilver Sands Resort: 54.6 kmMamalla Beach Resort: 54.6 kmEquipped with all the modern amenities like swimming pools, spas, adventure activities, world-class restaurants, cafes, and bars and what not, these resorts are sure-shot way to beat the heat of Chennai.Read the complete article here: 10 Best Beach Resorts in Chennai for a Weekend Outing

Are lovers staying in a resort a crime in Chennai?

I don't think it is a crime anywhere in India. There is nothing illegal in staying together, living together, having a physical relationship etc etc. These are some misconceptions that the film industry have introduced.As far as I know, the only thing illegal is prostitution and that too if there is proof that there was money exchanged.See below links for more:Is it legal to stay with my boyfriend/girlfriend in a lodge/hotel in India?

Which resort in Chennai are okay with unmarried couples booking a room?

There are many Hotels and Resorts in Chennai which have started to rent a room on an hourly basis and are safe for unmarried couples, some of which are -Executive Comfort O.M.RHotel White ParkBlue IrisBlu Ivy Anna NagarChennai Gateway and many more��..I would suggest you to check out MiStay if you are looking to book Hotels in Chennai by hour as I generally book hotels through them and they also have a Couple Friendly Filter which filters out the hotels that accepts unmarried couples and are safe. In addition to that, they also have a Local ID Filter which filters out hotels who accepts local residents or not.But before booking a room, you need to take care of few things like-ID Proof - Yes! You need a government ID Proof to book a room in any hotel. Some hotels accept local IDs and some don’t. But you need to have at least one ID Proof. And if you are going with your partner, you both need to have the ID Proofs, even though you are required to book the room only under one name.Age Restriction - For any guest, the age limit given by the law is 18 or above and the hotel also mention the age limit in their policies. And at the end of the day, the right to allow a guest of a particular age group lies with the hotel. And if they find anything suspicious, they can also deny the booking.If you have the above mentioned with you, you are good to book a hotel room without any hesitations.

I need a place to have sex in chennai with my girl ,suggest a place.if it is a hotel name it!?

Anna salai is the best place.. All are busy in their works .. no one see you. you do whatever you want ...

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What is the best place to stay with my gf in chennai?

Chennai is a very conservative city, and unmarried couples are sure to have problems checking into city hotels. I would suggest airbnb as the best option. Just check with your host before booking, to find out if they re ok to host you both. Most of the hosts are cool with it. Here is a really good option in chennaithe 'By The BAY' Abode, Posh VIP neighbourhood - Apartments for Rent in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India