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Best Songs Superwoman Lilly Singh Listen To

What is the best Bollywood song that I can make my American friend listen to so that she can get a taste of what Bollywood actually is?

There is not any best bollywood song, because every song in bollywood is a unique masterpiece.Although if you want him to listen few classical songs, u can send him.. few songs of mohd. RafiElse now a days the songs by sonu nigam and arijit singh can also be listened . Here i am listing a few of my favourites.Abhi mujh mein kahi baaki thodi si hai zindagi - by sonu nigam in agneepath.Tum hi ho - by arijit singh (aashiqui 2)Har kisi ko nai milta pyaar zindagi ka- by arijit singh (boss)Kuch is tarah - by atif aslamIf you want songs with a little rock music, you can also opt for the following songsRock on(remix version)Breakup song- ae dil hai muskilSadda haq- rockstarBreakup party - yo yo honey singh

Lilly SIngh?

There will ALWAYS be haters or people who try say you copy, people say i do aswell with my videos but i just personally make my videos like i do just because i am not "big" people so "OH THIS PERSON DID THAT SO YOU COPIED THEM" it really is a childish immature thing people do and feel the need to try put you down and that you copied them, sometimes i even do things first, a big YouTuber does it, and bam i am accused of "copying" just ignore these remarks.

You even got to meet Lilly Singh that is EPIC! keep up the great work you have big potential :)

Why is Superwoman (Lilly) so famous? And why do her fans go crazy about her on YouTube fan fests?

The raw truth of it is that the youth of today can relate to whatever it is she does. With an american accent and torrents of Indian slang, the fast talking rapper-like girl is what every Indian guy and girl wants to see. Just when we thought comedy was her forte, out came music videos, a movie and now a sitcom about make-up. Notable celebrities make guest appearances in her videos. And she makes guest appearances too.Her Wikipedia page says she is unsure about what kind of entertainer she wants to be.I respect her for following her dreams even though it is not my cup of tea yet its something I cannot look away from.A lot of people feel that she is pushing in a lot of realism into comedic routines than she normally should but it apparently is something that Her followers dig. Maybe she really is unsure and hence the odd/different kind of works displayed but as long she finds her foundation, She will have people who question her methods.She is Kramer!!!

What was the first kpop song you ever listened too?

SHINee’s Lucifer.Yes, you can see that I’ve been into Kpop for quite some time. It was also them that are my favourite group up till today. I listened to Lucifer first back then but my favourite song of theirs is ‘A-yo’.I still remember my first impression of them. Why is there a special girl in the middle, wearing totally different clothes compared to the others? That is Lee Taemin, a common perception most people have when they watch the music video. Why Lucifer? I didn’t know, I didn’t understand the lyrics back then either. All I know was the music video was weird with them flying around slow motion. But, it was catchy. Catchy enough to make me a fan.

What are some of the best channels to follow on YouTube?

Here i’m giving list of YT channels that i have subscribedBest YouTube Tech channelsMarques Brownlee (MKBHD)PhoneBuffPewDiePie(Gaming)Unbox Therapy (gadget & technology)For Apple News EverythingAppleProAustin EvansJonathan MorrisonAlltime10s bring you the most informative, fascinating and engaging top 10 videos on YouTube.Geekyranjit (India)iGyaan (India)Technical Guruji(India)C4ETech (India)OS Installation WatchMeTechDude Perfect (Sports+Comedy)IISuperwomanIISoSorry So Sorry is an exclusive Politoons series by IndiaVirtual RealityTED-EdFind Top 50 YOUTUBER CHANNELS BY MOST SUBSCRIBERS in the world

I listened to Maroon 5’s "Girls Like You. I really want to know the inner meaning of this song, is it related to women empowerment and feminism?

Okay, my first reaction to this question was, “What?!Not everything is about feminism. Duh!!”This song is about a guy thinking about the amazingly beautiful connection he has with his girl, how he needs more (time) with her, how he effortlessly “spends all night on the last flight to her”, how she is the one person he wants to come home to at the end of the day, how a guy like “him” wants a girl like “her”.It's individualistic, it's his heart beating for her, it's his whole being reaching out for her at sundown.It is between two people. It is special. It is love.Everyone deserves to be loved the way this guy loves his girl. It is not a privilege. The girl sure is lucky.And I can't stop writing about this song because I love it too. But never have I ever felt this is about somebody's empowerment.Not everything is about empowerment. We are talking about empowerment so much these days because there is a lot of difference in understanding how people belonging to a certain gender must be treated.You can treat someone with respect, even if you don't love them the way this singer loves her.There's no relation between this song and women empowerment.

When did you discover BTS?

This is the best question ever! I remember it like it was yesterday. I was already into kpop, my favorite groups at the time were Girl’s Generation, BigBang, Shinee, Miss A and many more. I still love them but it is really hard to get a song from them now, they all are succesful individually. Back to the question, I was on Youtube watching live kpop perfomances and you know that youtube add suggestions for a next video so the suggestion for the next video said “COMEBACK STAGE BTS DOPE SHOW MUSIC ENCORE” and I didn’t stop it and decided to watch the video. The song started with Rap Monster saying “Hm? Eoseo wa! bangtaneun cheoeumiji?” which means “It is your first time listening to Bangtan?, I was intriged. Then the inevitable happened the Ayo ladies & gentleman part started and I was hooked, but later on when the chorus started and they danced I literally fell for them. I was so impressed by their dancing and singing that I hated myself for not knowing about them earlier cause their debut song rocked. I inmediately downloaded the song (DOPE) and started searching their names and life (haha). I later discovered that Jin was my crush, he still is by the way. Later after that life changing moment, my sister told me to watch a video on youtube, send the link and guess what, it was the same video of BTS. I guess I wasn’t able to escape from them either way. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to Youtube, that suggestion changed my life. Now I am proud ARMY with my sister and would never leave their side. JIN <3