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Best Time To Ask On Yahoo Don

Best time to ask on yahoo (don't forget time zone)?

"Best" is hard to define. The most users are on YA during these times.

Teens 4-8pm New York time Monday-Thursday
Adults 6-10pm New York time Monday-Thursday

For computers, ask early in those times. If you are asking a local question for say London, adjust those times for the city involved. Holidays and weekends are bad. Forget Super Bowl Sunday.

When is the time to get rid of Don't Ask, Don't Tell?

Right now.

I don't find the severe drop in recruits argument legitimate. If people really want to join the army, then they will regardless of if people are open about their sexuality. There might be a slight drop, but I highly doubt that it will be severe. Joining the military is a serious commitment, and if they are ready to die then they should be ready to know who is gay.

Assuming that all gays flirt hysterically, then yes, it might be best for them to stay out. But not everyone is like that. Plus, why take it out on gay people? The real criminals are the ones who kill and beat them up. And why are people allowed to confront their anger with people in the army? Representing the country, they should be sticking together and keeping their feelings to themselves. And why would someone being gay anger someone so much that they have to beat them? The argument is flawed.

If Don't Ask, Don't Tell is eliminated, the only thing that will change is people will come out and some people will be pissed. They will eventually get over it. I have a friend in the army; she is a lesbian. She doesn't have any problems with her sexuality, but I don't think she is open about it either.

I agree with your last statement. They won't understand until they are forced to understand. People keep pushing LGBT issues away in churches, the military, education systems, the media, and basically everywhere. I think people are afraid of what they don't know, so they push it away, but by pushing it away, it hurts the community and makes them more ignorant.

What is the best time of the day to ask a yahoo answers question ?

I don't see how it could possibly matter because of the different time zones and even being a different day in other countries...
So many kids are in school all day on weekdays and some adults are home with their business or just home for very many reasons...
Your time of 7pm is not someone elses 7pm...
Sometimes are even sleep times for others...
So let's say you were eating dinner and wanted to watch a TV show afterwards and you asked Yahoo folks if that was a good show to watch...
You are probably only going to hear from people in the same or close to the same time zone because they are home when you are home...
Still others play on their computer from an office at work...
And still others stay home from school to play...
Way too many have nothing better to do that mess around with Yahoo Answers...

I don't think it matters one little bit when you ask the question cause you have no way to know how many people will see it...

I personally think it is a waste of time to have to place your question in a category at all...
What if no one spends time in that category?
No one will see your answer...
However alphabeticaly listed questions wouldn't work because no one really asks the question the right way to be most effective...
So I really don't believe there is a best time for one person to get the best responses...

When is the best time to ask a question on Yahoo! Answers?

i'm beneficial there have been some try questions asked collectively because it replaced into in beta sorting out, however the 1st question asked after solutions went public replaced into this one, asked on December 8th or 2005: How do I confirm on a good magic set for little ones (approximately 8 years previous)? ideally, decrease than $50

When's the best time to ask your mom?

So this boy that I really like asked me out today but idk when the best time to ask if it's ok. I have been cleaning the house all day non stop cause I knew this day would come so I've been like prepareing for it almost but idk when to tell my mom and ask for her permission. I am a loyal child so I don't recommend anyone to say "go behind her back"

When is the best time to ask questions?

When someone is in a good mood ! (: and if its only a certain time you should see what time you get a response back from that person ! & keep track of what that time it is that you best get that responses ! :D good luck & hoped I helped (;

Optimal time to ask ANY question on Yahoo Answers?

In my 3 years of regular participation, I still haven't been able to come up with the Perfect Time !
I've used my logic, my time-zone calculations, etc. but personally, for me, it's plain luck ;-)
Sometimes, all Qs around mine will get answers but mine will go unanswered.
At other times, I get a whole lot of responses.

Some categories have much higher levels of participation than others.
So, I believe, it is best to check the 'time' of maximum response for Each category rather than a general time range.
So, next time you want to ask a Q in a particular category, check whether many people are online in that category. If not, when is the number largest.

I'm in India. I've tried to ask Qs based on US timings, but have not always been successful.
In fact, I think I get more replies from Australia & UK than from US.
I avoid Indian day time [except evenings] coz I don't get satisfactory answers from Indians in my categories.

Sometimes there are more people of Weekends than on Weekdays. This is especially true of US Holidays, when more people seem to be logged in.

Another technique you could try is to have a large contingent of "contacts" in your favorite categories, in the hope that at least a few of them will answer. Choose contacts who are more active & regular.

All the very best :-))

What's the best way and time to ask a girl out?

Start by noticing whether she looks at you and she smiles at you to start with.That means she is interested in you.If she doesnt do that then she isnt interested in you.Always look for girls who look at you and they smile at you.Those girls are always interested in you and you're not likely to get

Ask her to hang out with you.Spend time together regularly.Make sure you spend the time getting to know her.The best subject to talk about is her.What do you want to know about her? Just ask.Stay focused on her.Tell her you like her and you'd love to go out on a date.Just get her to be with you and talk about dating,relationships and her.At some point you can ask her out on a date.In the meantime get her phone number and ring her.Show her you're a decent guy,someone she could love.

What's the prime time to ask questions?

It depends what time zone you live. But I think in the evenings 7pm-12pm you are likely to receive more answers than in the day. Most people are back from work and school then.

If you post a question at a night then it won't stay on the front page as long as it would do in the day.

You can always extend you question your question if you are not satisfied with the responses that you have got.
By clicking on the pencil and on the drop down menu it should say "extends expatriation"
That will extend the question to seven days.

It also depends on what category you put your question in, categories such as religion & spirituality and polls and surveys are fast moving categories and you are likely to not receive any more answers after about 25-20 minutes.

When is it a good time to ask for a dog?

OK so first PLEASE don't report me I'm on my moms account. THIS ACCOUNT ISN'T MINE. So anyway, i just had my 13th birthday, (January 10th) and within 4 days of it my life went downhill. So for my birthday/Christmas present I went to the Humane Society and got a dog. I payed for the adoption fee, food, toys, everything. The agreement was it was my dog but my mom and i both had to agree on the dog. So after the first week (this was Christmas week) the dog was basically hers. She insisted that she take the dog out, she feed the dog, she gives the dog treats, and the only thing I got to do, was scold the dog when it got in trouble. Even my grandma tells her that this isn't fair and she needs to stop. So to the dog, i was the bad guy, and she was the good guy. Then we started realizing that the dog was aggressive towards our cats, and one night injured our small kitten. It was then decided that we had to give her up. So the day after my birthday this lady comes and picked her up, and shes gone. And my mom says she doesn't want to get another dog for a while because it's to hard on her. That same day our baby crested gecko died, and I had to transfer schools. Then the next day (2 days after my birthday) one of my best friends (he's a dog) dies of old age. That same day my mom decides she's giving my rabbit away without me getting to say goodbye. So yesterday, about a week after my birthday, I find a perfect rescue dog that i had been looking at for a long time, and ask my mom if in the next couple weeks we could meet her and see how we bond with her. My mom said no and that we can' t get another dog because it's to hard on her, and she always ends up taking care of it(Even though I INSISTED on taking the dog out, feeding it, taking care of it and she wouldn't let me). And again the dog was the only thing i got for Christmas and my birthday and i had to pay for everything the dog needed. I talked to my grandma and my dad about it and they agreed my mom should let me get another dog. Now my mom thinks I'm going into depression and she doesn't know why (even though I've been through a lot 4 days after my birthday and I just had the only present i got was given away.) So now I don't know what to do. I really want another companion, and I don't know what to do about my mom. I have all A's so I can't get my grades up any higher and i have done all the chores i possibly can do. Can anyone give me advice on what to do??