Bible Quotes For Monster Movies Trailers

How historically accurate is the movie "300"?

There really is a place called Thermopylae. There really was a battle there between Greeks (including 300 Spartans) and soldiers from the Persian Empire.Yup, that’s about it for historical accuracy. Spartans weren’t interested in Freedom, either for their slaves or themselves. In fact, they adopted their military lifestyle in the wake of a slave revolt, to make sure that no other would occur. The Persian elite guard, the Immortals, did not wear utterly useless and, indeed, counterproductive silver masks, but looked like this:Xerxes I was not a massive but effeminate Chippendale dancer with fashionable body piercings and delusions of godhood, but this guy,He proved a competent war leader in Egypt and Mesopotamia, was a builder, is mentioned approvingly in The Book of Esther in the Bible. He was probably a Zoroastrian.What Frank Miller did in the graphic novel 300, which was reproduced almost scene by scene in the movie, is show a fear of the cultures of the East. It is Islamophobia set in a time before Islam. I’m not throwing the “Islamophobia” word around lightly…he really does fear and loathe Middle Eastern cultures (Frank Miller’s Holy Terror Is Fodder for Anti-Islam Set) and is self-admittedly ignorant about them (Parting Shot: ‘Holy Terror’ Creator Frank Miller Admits He Knows ‘Squat’ About Islam).I know Persians whom I admire, and others I like and trust. The lies of 300 made me angry, but Frank Miller will hardly be concerned about that. He thinks that the Western World is facing an “existential threat” from the Middle East and that people like myself are dangerously naive. But listen to the man himself.

What is your favorite most obscure movie?

I suspect that this wasn’t obscure outside of the US but one of my favorite obscure movies is The Favor, The Watch and the Very Big Fish:The Favor, The Watch And The Very Big Fish TrailerStarring Bob Hoskins, Natasha Richardson, and Jeff Goldblum, this is a comedy about a pianist (Goldblum) who falls for a beautiful woman (Richardson) who waits tables in the restaurant in which he plays. This ultimately leads to him going to prison and vowing vengeance. In the meantime, the waitress meets a photographer (Hoskins) who specializes in religious portraits using actors to play the biblical figures; however, at the time, he is pretending to be his friend Zalman, covering for him at a voiceover for a pornographic film so that his friend won’t lose the gig. The pianist is released and the photographer hires him to portray Jesus. Through a series of events, the pianist begins to believe that he actually is Jesus and struggles with the discord between his vow of vengeance and his role as Jesus. Inevitably, their paths all cross and …I thought it was funny. Maybe a little over the top at times but I did really enjoy it. It was very difficult to get in the US. I was able to get a VCR tape back when they sold VCR tapes in malls. Good luck finding it now.

What is your reaction after watching KGF movie?

THE WORLD OF KGFKGF is the best action thriller Indian movie ever made. It will stand with the best Hollywood movies of all time. Truly a masterpiece and visual treat to eyes. Here is my review.The story is new with a fresh innovative and universal concept. Script work is amazing . Screenplay keeps the audience at the edge of their seats. Don't miss a single scene while watching it. The director has created a new world !! Prashanth Neel sir has taken KFI to a new level ,setting new standards. I can confidently say he is among the best directors of cinema world.A big thanks to the producer Vijay Sir . His passion towards the movie is the reason for this magnum opus cinema.Every single rupee is really well spent. The visual quality reflects it.Cinematography and camera work is marvelous. Bhuvan gowda literally deserves OSCAR award for his work. I mean it.BGM gives you goosebumps throughout the movie . Ravi Basrur is outstanding. The determination and persistence of artists is mesmerizing. Ananth Nag Sir , Achuth Kumar , Ayyappa , Shrinidhi shetty and all others have done their job remarkably well. You will love the villain called ‘ Garuda ‘ .Finally our Rocking star Yash is not hero or villain or gangster . He is MONSTER in the movie. The acting , style ,costumes,mannerism,swag and his performance sets the screen on fire. You will fall in love with this monster called ROCKY. Full marks to Yash Boss.A MUST watch movie.First half is an entertainment package with powerful dialogues , action and about Rocky. 2nd half you will enter the world of KGF . You will not be in the theater anymore. Those visuals,shots and making is just awesome. Songs are great and nicely blend with the movie and are situational. The tunnel fight and ‘Mari Jathre' scenes are best in the history of world cinema. There are plenty of twists in the tale and finally a great climax that keeps you madly waiting for KGF chapter 2.I am fully entertained and thrilled by the extravaganza KGF Watch this 'larger than life cinema ' at the earliest . Thank you.#KGF #Yash