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Birthday Here Soon Help Me With Ideas On What To Ask For

My 16th birthday is coming up soon, and I need help?

1.Find a better place to have it its your day you should enjoy it.
2. Send out invitations pronto more people than you have its your day let everyone else be jealous.
3. Find a caterer you need good food at your party.
4. Select theme go with something you like the most like colors bubbles something.
5. Get decorations dont spend to much money on them
6. Get your dress and shoes
7. Get a tiara from party city if you want one. (Your the princess)
8.Get a dj
9.Get favors
10.Get your cake try wauldbaums the princess cake
11.Plan out you candle ceremony try and include everyone like to my girl friends to my guy friends
12.Prepare speeches
13.make sure u buy plastic forks spoons knives
14.Buy canned drinks
15.Get their set up early
16.Do hair on the day of party before party get an appointment do nails get and appointment for that
17.Get your Guy friends to carry you in on their shoulders or hire someone to and get them to wear shirts saying your name sweet sixteen

Ideas for a birthday party?

YAY 15! Sooo much fun. Well my family and I just did a great party for my 14 yo niece. These are some recipes the kids loved and it also allowed us to spend a little time before the party preparing these recipes together.
Magic Potion -
Cupcake Bar! -
Pink Lemonade Pie -

I love the fuzzy idea! These were a great hit also,

Have a great party...also check out pinterest in general great DIY projects for decor...

Asking out a girl on her birthday?? HELP!?!?!?!?

Well we're in high school and i really like her and im almost certain she likes me, her bday is coming up and i wanna ask her out on her bday, i just need a cute way to do it and i will see her on her birthday, i was thinking of doing it in a birthday card of something, i need a good way to do it though like what can i write in the card or give me a better idea, thanks :)

Birthday gift ideas? (for a 15 year old)?

Ok, hi, my name is corryn and my mum has asked me to start making a list of things i would like for my 15th birthday. I don't have a clue, i asked for money but she said no :(

here is my previous list:
1. iPad or new iPod ANSWER: no
2. Clothes (abercrombie, hollister, superdry, urban outiftters etc. ) ANSWER: no
3. A ralph lauren polo ANSWER: no

FML. i actually dont have a clue what i want?! please help :)

aaaaaaand... i dont know what party thing i want to do, as i cant have a party party because i am having one of those next year, for my 16th SO ANYWAY... please help :)

mucho appreciated :)

It's my birthday soon and I don't know what I want. What are some ideas?

Since your asking for ideas, that says to me you want to do something that’s memorable……let’s work on that. One thought to identify with first, is….one question….how would you like to be remembered. There’s a lot of paths here and I will only list a couple….1. on your birthday donate a check to your favorite organization….do this faithfully every birthday. OR…. 2. Decide to do one adventurous thing ex..ride a roller coaster or ride an air balloon. Pick a different thing every birthday. OR 3. Get tickets to a broadway show….do this every birthday. What you’re doing is starting a tradition that’s yours. As the years pass, you can invite others to join you, or simply do it yourself and whisper a silent thank you to your Mother and Father for giving you this terrific life.

What are some awesome birthday wishes?

On 27th March…My life's best birthday wishes.One of my friends whom I met in CA classes and though we aren't that close…It was a very sweet gesture.❤In no time,he has been the most sweetest Friend ever…My Brooo..My life…My crime partner..❤Bubbly boy….Mr.Motu….Friend cum brother…#Broforlife…@ paglet.My first bff at school..❤She is just so annoying but still I find her the most coolest person ever..❤Just cute…just annoying sometimes…But still no one can take his place in my life though whatever differences we share..❤BFFs❤She just thinks like me…Thinkalike partner….Not a sibling by birth…But we are the same..❤My Sisto….Whom I have answered before…in Quora…juse she is amazing..❤One of my lifes closest person..❤These birthday wishes made my day..Though people don't express each and every day..Just one message of this type…drives me crazy.❤Love.Dee Bohra ❤

14 year old birthday party for my daughter ideas?

at the age of 14, girls usually aren't into themed parties, she's most likely to have mroe fun if just a bunch of girls and guys go to a movie (without parents) or go bowling or something fun, again, at that age, having parents around is really awkward.. Good food would be pizza, she could also have a sleepover with some girls after the party and they could watch movies together, thats always fun.

My boyfriend of 8 months hasn't asked when my birthday is and it's soon?

I've been with my bf for 8 months, things are moving pretty slow but it's ok. I am very much in love with him but he doesn't know it. My birthday is in a few weeks and he has no idea. He has never asked me when it is and I feel like he doesn't care. There has been opportunity for him to ask like when I asked about his. I also once mentioned it was in January. He has never looked at my ID so I know he doesn't know. I don't feel like it's my job to announce to him that my birthday is coming. I truly feel like if he cared he would ask. We are both adults at 31 and 40 and I think it's a pretty standard thing to know about someone you care for. I am seriously considering breaking it off if my birthday comes and goes without him knowing. We waited 4 months for sex and he didn't invite me to his house until 7 months. He also still doesn't stay the night and he won't accept my Facebook friend request bc his boss is on there. I don't think there's someone else but I do feel like he is embarrassed or ashamed of me and clearly doesn't care for me like I do for him. The birthday thing is my last straw as I've been stressed about it since November. Any advice or opinions? Male advice is greatly appreciated.