Bonding With My Boyfriend

Bonding with boyfriend's mom?

Help! I need some tips on how to bond with my boyfriend's mother. I am in a long distance relationship, so I get to see my boyfriend about once a month. there is also a little bit of a language barrier. I do not need tips on activities to do, but something more like conversational ideas, or ways to reach out to her to show her she means a lot to me. Thank you and ten points go to the best answer.

What are some fun things to do when bonding with my boyfriend's little sister? Shes 9 btw.?

You could offer one day to go do whatever she wants. Take her to the arcade, or a movie, or to the mall. Whatever she wants to do. Play a couple games with her, go to build a bear or something like that. Do each other's hair, makeup and nails. Take her to the amusement park or some place fun like that. Find her interests. If she likes art, take her to an art museum or a painting studio. If she likes music, buy a CD and jam it up while you hang. Anyways, you get the idea. BTW 9 year old girls tend to love shopping, dolls, sports and just plain talking.
Good luck and have a good bonding time!:)

Boyfriend not Bonding with my daughter?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 6 months now. I have a little girl that just turned 1 from a failed marriage. He helps me out with her in certain ways, such as buying her the things she needs and playing with her occasionally. But he won't change her, feed her, or be physically close to her. I know that it isn't his but he says he loves her and wishes she was his child. The other day my daughter walked up to him and tried to kiss and hug him and he told her "no". Then she cried. I don't know how to help him bond. I am now pregnant with his first child and he is totally excited. I tild him that I don't want him to leave out my daughter when this baby is born and he says he wondt but I am worried. How should I go about talking to him about bonding with my daughter. He says he wants to adopt her if we get married in the future because to him she is his. Should I worry about how he relates to her?

How do I let go my boyfriend when I see bonding with another girl and be strong?

Its really tough to behave strong at such a time.I would say if he is hooking up with someone else, let him go.If he is so insane to have done such a thing then you should be thankful that you are not with such a guy. Things change. Give some time.And don't waste your life with such kind of a person who doesn't even value your relationship.God Bless!

How to bond with your boyfriends mother?

Ok so me and my bf been together for 2 1/2 years. Me and his mom says nothing to eachother but hi and bye . My thing is I have nothing to say to her.. Literally - the "how's work" and "how's school" question can only be used but so many times. I'm his longest relationship and I have an engagement ring on my finger. She's very standoffish and I refuse to kiss ***. I invite her to my family gatherings and all , yes she comes sometimes but we are really not clicking . I am honestly trying . Idk if she thinks I'm takin her son away from her or what ( he's her only child) this is driving me nuts .. Help

Ways to bond with my boyfriend's son?

I've been dating this man for 6-7 months now. Our relationship is great and I can really see a future with him. He is the perfect man (has great qualities, smart, gorgeous and makes good money, all of which is important to me), but he has an eight year old son whom he adores and has been raising all by himself for over 7 years now. His ex is nowhere near him or the kid.

The problem is I can't get along with kids, I don't understand them, I don't know how to act around them and I'm never planning on having any, I'm more of a career type woman. This kid, however, I must get along with and learn how to do it fast, before my boyfriend realizes I can't and chooses his son over me (which he's done before with another girl he dated)

You all said I can't buy his love, but what is there left really? I can't do anything else. His dad is like a 29 year old Peter Pan, they have tons in common, they can run around, talk for hours, wrestle, read books, they go to parks and they always have something to do. I on the other hand don't want to do any of this stuff because I can't. I don't want to be his mommy, I just want us to be able to live in the same house without the daily temptation of sending him off to a boarding school.

I obviously can't share all that with my boyfriend, as he is crazy about his son but how can I bond with a kid, who is always super awkward around me and barely speaks to me?

My boyfriend says he has a bond with his ex, should I worry?

Let him go.Look, in all honesty, I doubt he’s playing any game but is emotionally connected with his ex because he has lack of experience in dating many women. He’s attached to her due to past emotional investment.You don’t want to be with someone who says that to you.Date someone with less baggage and who is mature. You are probably dating some young guy or a guy older but who isn’t mature, has low self esteem, lacks purpose in life, and has got life upside down, he doesn’t know his head from his ass.You really don’t want to hear someone you’re into saying that to you.Can you imagine walking about with a guy who just said that to you and you sleep with him, knowing he said he is emotionally attached to his ex, he has a bond with her?Let him go because if opportunity arises, and he meets his ex or something happens like a connection between them - something is going to happen.I don’t believe when people say this something to not worry about.It’s not about worry but really, do you want to be with someone, invest more time with someone, who says that to you?You’re choice.But me, if a woman has the audacity and immaturity to say that to me, and thinks it’s not going to affect our relationship, she got no clue who she is dating.It be over and I’d move on.But hey, it’s your choice.I really do feel for you. It’s not nice when someone you’re into says that. It is a horrible feeling and you feel like in a limbo.Wondering to let go or not.But here’s my take.If you’re confused then don’t you agree, deep inside of yourself that cracks are now already showing and damage is done.That your faith, belief in the relationship with him is crumbling.That you cannot really trust this guy because for all you know, his mind is somewhere else, while with you.The cracks are beginning to show and I think you can feel that too.

How can I make the bond between me and my boyfriend extra strong?

I don’t know your age, so I’m going to have to assume you are in your teens.The only thing I can tell you is that the first thing you should do to strengthen the bond between you is to stop worrying about losing him. I don’t mean trust him blindly, I mean stop worrying about when he is going to leave you for another person. This sort of constant worry will poison any relationship you have. I had a girlfriend who was like that, and even though I never thought about leaving her, the constant insecurity she had bled into our everyday life until there was nothing left to hold on to.So stop worrying, just enjoy what time you have and remember nothing you can do or change will make him stay any longer than he wants to. Everyone changes, nothing is permanent and fixed in this life.

What are some activities that me and my boyfriend can do to bond?

Take doses of oxytocin together. In a controlled clinical setting, of course. MDMA can work as well. You will bond, guaranteed. Sure, you can do this the hard, traditional way by sharing interests and spending time with one another. It’s all just hormones and neurochemistry, no matter how you do it.Go do something together that’s adventurous and maybe even a bit scary, like sky diving, rock climbing, mountain biking, rafting, stuff like that. Being in those tense situations together can induce bonding. Also, have more sex. That’ll help strengthen your emotional bond too.

I've been dating my boyfriend for a while, but we don't seem to bond. We don't talk much. I really do like him, but I feel like he doesn't really get it. How can I talk to him and tell him how I feel?

Just like taking a chance to ask someone out for the first time, when you tell someone how you truly feel about them you just need to do it. It can be scary because you don't know how they will respond, but if you really like him, you owe it to yourself to express that. Once you tell him it will get easier after that.If your problem is just with finding things to talk about to bond over, then you might be spending too much time only together. If you spend time doing most things together, there won't be anything the other person doesn't know about to talk about. If you both just aren't good at communicating, then one of you needs to bite the bullet and just start talking; might as well be you. Choose a topic, any topic. What are their goals? Scariest thing they have ever done? Most rewarding thing they have ever done? Just start talking. Yes it will be awkward at first, but you just need to try not to think about this. It will only get easier once you have made the initial jump.If you don't seem to have anything in common, then you might need to consider if he is the right person for a relationship with you.Hope this helps!