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Boyfriend Broke Up With Me But Wants To Stay Friends

My ex-boyfriend still wants to be friends?

If he genuinely cares about you, then yes it's normal to want to keep someone in your life. Sometimes relationships fizzle out because of a lack of passion or they're simply not IN love with you anymore, but they still love you, care about you, respect you etc. It sounds like this is the case with him.

But there's two parts to this. If you aren't ready to be a friend because you still have feelings for him, he will respect this (it'll hurt him but he'll understand) because you need to give yourself time to heal too.

I've kept a few of my exes in my life simply because I deeply care about them and would do anything for them and that doesn't change just because we're no longer together. The awesome thing about this is if you do manage to stay friends...the friendship is absolutely amazing. Why? Because you both know each other so well you can be honest with each other, you still want the best for each other, etc.

Ex boyfriend and I broke up. He wants to remain friends?

Boyfriend broke up with me 2 weeks ago. Said after 11 months of dating me, he felt like he had not fallen in love with me. And that there was just so much going on in his life and that he had nothinig to offer me right now. But that I was his best friend and he would really miss me if we never talked.

My female friends said to not text him or IM him or call him. To wait for him to contact me. See how he likes it without me in his life and see if he really wants to be single or not. Howev er, he did say he wanted to remain friends. We have talked everyday since we broke up and seen each other and hes poked my nose and tickled me and such. But I dunno if I should just not text for awhile and see if he responds to that behavior?? I do not want him out of my life completey at all. I miss him so much. I did not text him yesterday and now today its killing me lol. Do i continue to not talk to him or should I wait for him?

Boyfriend breaks up with me but wants to still be friends?

my boyfriend broke up with me 4 days ago but he still wants to keep the friendship. We had a break for 2 weeks and i kept on asking him for a decision and finally he said lets call it a day. I really do want him back. i have read on the net about the no contact rule will this really work ? do i stay friends with him or do i disappear so he can miss me ? i really dont know what to do as i dont want to push him further away than he already is. i know he needs space to think as he didnt have that before as he is working alot of hours and cannot give me the time i deserve. im affraid that if i say i cannot be friends with him this will upset him and make him think i dont care or want him anymore.
please help

She broke up with me but still wants to be my best friend... am I right to feel like I do?

To be honest, i understand your ex girlfriend's point of view, you were her best friend while u were together and u must mean an awful lot to her if she still wants to maintain that, but i also understand were your coming from, u still love her and it will be very hard for you to see her with other boyfriends, and since best friends talk about that stuff, its probably going to kill you, so i don't really think its a good idea for you to be that close to her right now, give yourself some space and let yourself have the chance of getting over her. Then maybe when uve got a new girlfriend ( which doesn't seem like an option now but it will happen) maybe you can start a friendship again. I'm not saying cut all ties with her, but at least give yourselves some distance and explain your reasons to her properly, she'll understand.I think that's the best option for you at the moment good luck.

My girlfriend broke up with me but wants to remain friends?

I've been with me girlfriend for almost 2 years now. For the most part, things have been pretty smooth but we've had a few fights. Most of which started when she moved out of her parent's house and in with roommates that she doesn't know. Now she knows these roommates and get along pretty well. They go out a lot, she gets drunk with them, they're all guys. Yesterday she told me she's moving to another house with these guys and a few of their friends as well. I'm pretty uncomfortable with this and I think EVERY fight we've had has stemmed from her living arrangements. She says I yell at her too much, I'm unsupportive and she's unhappy because I don't let her do what she wants. She lives pretty much paycheck to paycheck, wants to travel, is pursuing a useless degree, has a lot of unresolved issues that she just ignores and gets mad at me because I take on her problems for her.

She says she feels like she's living her life for me so she broke up with me. But she says that she loves me and I'm her best friend so she wants to remain friends because she knows that one day we'll get back together. She just wants to get her life settled first but she doesn't know when that will be. I love her so much but where does this leave me? I don't want to break it off because I still want to be with her but it could be years (or never) before we get back together. We've currently agreed to stay friends and we'll get back together when it feels right. Should I quietly wait until she's ready or should I move on?

Why does my ex still want to be friends with me after he broke up with me?

there are a few reasons for this:If it’s their first relationship then they are probably just confused about the dynamics of relationships and what happens after. They will learn how dating works eventually.Another reason is if they can easily be friends with you then….that mean that the relationship was never very serious or they didn’t care about you that much. Think about it. If you were really into someone and they dump you but still want you around shows that its not painful for them because there wasn’t many feeling to begin with.Alternatively, they may be mature enough not to cut you out of their life dramatically ( or suddenly block you on everything) enough to still see you around. so by asking to be friends they are basically asking to be an acquaintance. I think in this case they mean the kinda ‘ friend’ where your still friends on facebook and if you happen to run into each other its not awkward to say hi. I think that is the kinda friend they are referring to. Not best friends. it just sounds better to say friends then acquaintance.Or to keep you as an option. This can be confirmed if he gets into a relationship straight after you guys have broken up.Just a couple of opinions :)