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Boyfriend Wont Be Able To Spend Valentine Day Weekend With Me. How To Get Over It

My boyfriend won't celebrate Valentine's Day?

My boyfriend and I have been together for quite a while and I was looking forward to celebrating it with him. I haven't had a boyfriend to celebrate V-day with ever...
He told me this today and his reason why is pretty legitimate. It's because his dad died on that day (Yes it's true, he's not making it up.) and it would be 6 years that he has passed. He said that he just wants to be alone that day...

I'm really trying to understand fully, really I am. Don't get me wrong, I do understand to an extent. It is sad that his father passed, but I just don't understand why he would do this to himself...I mean I want to help him through it and be there to comfort him and nothing else. I don't want to be handed a huge bouquet of roses and be taken out to an expensive restaurant. I just want to be there.

I don't I in the wrong for feeling like this? I haven't had anyone close to me pass away, so I don't really know how it feels like, nor do I feel like I have any right to say anything against it. I sort of feel like I'm selfish for feeling this way.

I don't know what to do...
I want to tell him how I'm feeling but I don't want to push the envelope..

What should I do?
Should I just leave him be?
Should I express my feelings about it?
if so, how can I talk to him about it without it making me feel like I'm attacking his feelings?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you

Boyfriend ditched me on Valentine's weekend..?

My bf and I have been dating for almost 2 years and he left for college 5 months ago. We've been doing long distance, and he came home for Valentine's weekend.
We spend time right after he got here around 9pm and he dropped me off later and went to hang out with the boys.
He called me when he got home and told me he wanted to spend all day today together and he would pick me up in the morning.
He called me after he woke up around 12 and told me his friend was going to go over to play video games for a few hours. That led to a bit of an argument because I thought we were spending the whole day together and he kind of delayed our plans to play video games.
I guess I am mad because he will be leaving tomorrow afternoon and I haven't seen him in a month, I want to spend as much time with him as possible and I thought he would want the same.
Am I overreacting? Does he just need to spend time with his friends as well as me? Or am I right to think it's a special weekend and he should put me first right now?

My boyfriend would rather work then spend valentine's day with me ...?

So my boyfriend is a freelance photographer and instead of spending this evening with me, he will be a two different basketball games, taking pictures. I am hurt and upset and he doesn't seem to care, he instead, keeps telling me that is his job and that is how he makes money. I completely understand that, I just would have thought he would have taken his first day off in like two weeks to spend Valentines day with me.
How would you feel?
and if this matters we are adults and have been together for a year and a half.

My boyfriend doesn't want to spend Valentine's Day with me because he has no money we are in a long distance relationship it hurts me. Does he love me?

He has no money.He’s far away from you (long distance relationship, yes?).He can’t spend Valentine’s Day with you.Are you being reasonable?It’s okay to realize that an LDR isn’t enough, that you would like someone that could be there.But it’s silly for you to be hurt when you completely understand the reality of whatever this relationship is.He and you are the only ones that can know the depth of feelings between you.But if he can’t afford to come to you, and is far away, the better question is … do you love him? What is this about?

Would you spend valentines day an ex?

so my ex boyfriend ask me to spend valentines day with him, i have not given him an answer yet. he told me he won't be nothing spectacular but he said it will b nice. i don't see the point in going if we are not together. besides i would want to catch feelings again are think that he is trying to get back with me and that might not be the case

Valentines Day plans with boyfriend ruined?

I feel a little bad about spending my Valentine day with my boyfriend. My younger is having problems with her boyfriend and they are not going be able to spend it together. He texts her saying they won't be able to spend it together. She went out and bought and had planned to make him cupcakes. I made my boyfriend cupcakes, brownies and cookie tray and were going out to dinner. I do feel kind of bad now that my sister and boyfriend are not getting a long and not able to spend Valentine together but, she not letting that ruin her day. My sister plans on going out with her friends and having a dinner party with them. Also hanging out with some of her other friends. I feel bad that her plans got ruined. I'm sorry to hear about your as well. I almost was not spending Valentine day with my boyfriend as well because he was busy. My heart was crushed but, everything worked out and were able to spend the day together. Just plan to spend another day together and make it special. The thing is whenever your with your partner everyday should be a Valentine happy day.

If my boyfriend doesn't want to spend any money on me, can I believe he really loves me? He is penurious, in general.

To me when aomeone loves you... regardless if is  a man or a woman will definitely share their money with their couple. Specially suring struggling times. I had a fiancée who would not give me cash or help me pay for the bills when living together after 6 monthS. I paid it all, now I'm broke, he is with his family making tons of money, but he will not buy a flight for me, even though im unemployed and trying to stretch what I saved after the last work.. I just have ebough left for flying  and maybe keep 500 in my acct to pay monthly bills that are around 300. Still he will not pay for my ticket. after year and a half of me supporting him, and paying for his tickets. When I left him overseas I didn't because I not longer had money and he was unemploye. Now after getting plenty of money from his family who owns a company. And me showing him that I was there for him for good and bad. The guy expect me to pay for the ticket and met him..  What I think that when they start being stingy not matter what they will not if this is a turn off for you, better to leave than being trapped like me. I lost my vehicle all my savings and the best part is the guy says that I'm lying when I told his family in a email what I was doing..and he expects me to denied everything as well.

My boyfriend doesn't want to be with me for Valentines.?

It is possible that he is planning a surprise, but that may not be the case. If he doesn't normally do things like this then maybe you could hope for that. Give him a chance and wait to see what happens on the actual day. If he does this on a regular basis and Valentines day ends up being the same old thing then dump him. Especially if you don't trust his friend and he won't give you any reasons for his decisions. He's not worth it if he is going to treat you like that. Valentines day should be a happy, special time. Even though a lot of guys aren't really into it, they should at least care enough to make their girlfriends happy.