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Boys What Do You Think About The This Especially The Last Part Am I Thinking Too Much Help

I am seriously thinking of committing suicide?

No im not an attention seeking ****, Im not a shitty little troll or what ever you may think.

I am a 17 year old boy from Wales, United Kingdom.

I am now in my last year of sixth form (College) and seriously am thinking of just ending it right now.... I mean why not???

You are wondering why? I honestly am a lonely, Sad boy that genuinely has not got a mate in sight. And I guess you want to know how bad it is? Ok, I am ******* dreading the day of my 18th birthday! Simply because I am terrified of what my family are going to think of my spending my 18th at home with my parents having a BBQ and no mates to go out with. Im one of the youngest last years being born in July. So at the moment everyone is having 18th birthdays! There is like 2 a week! I have not been invited to a single one! I did have one mate. We bought season tickets for my local team cardiff city and have been going for a few years. Its his 18th in a month. And I walked into college today and the 3 boys next to me were talking about how they can get ID's for his huge night out! Everyone in the year a part from me and 2 other boys... That are unavailable to go. Yes you got it! Only one not invited... AGAIN.

What 17 year dreads his 18th birthday? Has never been on a night out with the "Boys" that doesnt boss it out in school??? Im thinking a sad, pathetic, lonely loser like myself?

I have already tried killing myself but for a completely different reason. My Nan, Dog and my Father died in the space of 2 months.

I honestly do want to commit suicide! Im not looking for attention or anything of the kind. I am writing on this for the simple reason that I just wanted to tell someone I guess!

I have tried to put myself out there to make friends but im either bullied (Yes, bullied at 17) or im ignored and closed out. This mate that has invited everyone but me was the last friend I had... I genuinely have no one now! I work, but they are all about 30/35 in work. And a part from school and work I just sit at home upstairs with my door closed, playing Xbox or Watching TV. And not because I love doing that! I have nothing else to do with anyone.

If you read all this then wow..... Thanks! :)

I doubt any of you will change my mind but its worth a shot, I dont want to leave my younger sister.

Guys: what do you really think of women's imperfections?

Getting naked in front of a man is so nerve-raking. I'd like to know what men are really thinking when they see a woman's imperfections. For example, cellulite, scars, asymmetrical breasts, thick hips, etc?

What are guys thinking? What do guys think of girls?

Hokay, this'll be a long one, so I'll just underline that no-one knows what guys think about girls, we're individuals, and thus we have different ethics and opinions on what is hot and what's not. However I do know what I think:

1: Smart girl beats bimbo into the ground, I would much rather work hard for a girl that I can trust, than getting it on with someone who's known to change man every week. Besides, conversations are ten times more giving with smart girls.

2: Same as number one, I'd take the serious one, as long as she isn't completely stuck-up. You can always count on the serious ones to do their part, and who says that they can't still be fun?

3: Curvy vs thin... Hmm I guess that depends, I don't care much about curves as long as it isn't obesity, nor do I mind being thin as long as she isn't anorexic.

4: The thing I hate most to see in girls? Arrogance.

5: Attracted to? Hmm well I do enjoy an open mind, a girl who is willing to stand up for what she believes in, instantly grabs my attention. Wisdom, creativity, a feeling of right and wrong, and of course a cute smile :)

6: Hmm I'm not sure, being asked directly is nice, but I wouldn't mind being asked out through other means (letter, creative game), as long as it is her that's doing it. The question has to come from her, and not a friend, a chatting program nor a cellphone.

7: My rate of thought, how much I think things through and how I always try to do and say the best thing, even though I often fail.

8: All the time? Far from it. Often? Yeah.
Now whether all they want is sex, that's a whole other question. Some guys are happy with just having someone they really can talk and be with.

9: My type? The nerdy, dreamy and thinking girl.

10: A girl who is open to difference and accepts people for who they are. A girl who's not afraid to dream herself away, but who also has enough faith to try and make her dreams real. A girl who likes me as much as I her. A girl with whom I can share any problem and any secret.

What do you guys think. Dog names.?

I posted last night, asking for names for my upcoming Doberman puppy (hasnt been born yet, due mid August) Like I said last night, she/he will be AKC registered and she/he comes from excellent blood lines. The daddy of the pups has thrown reds, blacks and even some blue doberman pup. My dog Casey is black/rust. So we dont really know what colors we are going to get but Im hoping for just a simple black/rust like Casey and her mate.

Anyways, I have choosen some names that I like and I need some insite! .

Girl- Casey Maes' Princess Tequila and Im gonna call her Tiki

Boy- Casey Maes' Caption Jack and Im gonna call him Caption ..

What do you guys tihink? anymore suggestions?

Feeling stuck in this gay relationship?

So you think that marrying a woman and her having children will somehow *magically* produce a "normal" life for you? Like a magic wand will appear and you'll wave it and little sparks & stars and a "poofing" noise will be made and ZAM - you're NORMAL?

Sweet-pea, you really are deluded if you think it works that way. Think of the trauma involved for EVERYONE if after 10 years of this "normal" life, you wake up to the fact that you are NOT happy, that THEY know you're not happy, that everyone is miserable, and you're left as having to play the bad guy by either cheating on her or dumping her and the kids to finally realize who you REALLY are!

So maybe this guy isn't "the one". So maybe you might NEVER find "the one". A life of looking for him would STILL be better than trapping yourself in an unfulfilling relationship and destroying other lives in the process.

Stop being so selfish. No one is going to tell you that your life is going to be easy, no matter WHAT you do. In fact, I'll go a step farther and tell you to stop being a coward. Face up to the fact of who you are. Be a MAN. Own up to the reality of your life.

BTW - Straight people aren't "normal" - they're just COMMON.

Why do guys think about SEX all the time?

I'm a girl but I can tell you not all guys think that way. My fiance is one of them. I'm much more of a horndog than he is. :) And hes always thinking ahead. Hes going to start buying Christmas gifts next week and its not even Halloween yet. He thinks about his job and when would be a good idea to buy a house. He thinks about our daughter all the time. And of course, everybody thinks about money.