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Breaking Bad Is Boring So Far. Will It Get Better

Is breaking bad boring?

The entire show is just about drugs. Doesn't it get boring? I just watched a couple episodes and notices that there is barely a storyline and nothing interesting/exciding happens. Is this just because I only watched about 5 episodes? Does it get better and more interesting?

Breaking Bad is boring so far. Will it get better?

I suggest you watch the rest of Season 1 first, you're already almost halfway there, and if it really doesn't get you, well I suppose there are other TV shows for you to enjoy.

But as for me personally, it's one of my favorite TV shows and with every season it gets better. But like I said, if by the end of Season 1 you still don't like it, there are other plenty other TV shows out there.

Why is The Walking Dead getting so boring?

I disagree.

They've had a big confrontation about the zombies in the barn.

They've had a gun battle against strangers and a battle against the zombies in town.

They had a great deal of drama over what to do with Randall.

Rick and Shane were attacked by zombies while trying to exile Randall.

Yeah, I'd like to see them look for a better more secure home, rebuild and take the fight to the zombies instead of hiding out.

But it hasn't been boring.

Do you think Breaking Bad is so very overrated?

No i completely disagree.

Breaking bad is not just about the drugs - it is about a husband + father that are afraid that they will die of cancer and leave his family with nothing. He is selling drugs as a last effort to make money.

Broadwalk empire - i understand what you mean about being like the sopranos but i think this is a very good drama Broad walk has a lot of different issues and little stories its nail biting good.

House was rubbish - What on earth is Hugh Laurie doing! He is embarrassing. Who is is trying to fool with that rubbish American twinge he puts in his voice "Go back to Blackadder Hugh!!"

Why is breaking bad so popular?

I beg you to watch until episode 3. If you watch episode 3 and still don't like it, fine, but at least watch it. I can't really explain why I like it so much, just the chemistry (no pun intended) between Walt and Jesse, and also how connected you get to the characters after watching for a certain point. You really want Walt to win even though he is the bad guy.

Keep in mind you haven't seen any of the really epic scenes yet, there's a lot more violence and mayhem you haven't seen.