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Bros How Come Drug Dealers Get To Live The American Dream

Bro does drugs?

Brother does drugs he is 26 and still lives at my parents. I am trying to succeed but it's super hard for me. I do not do drugs, but anyway I have no idea how to servive without my parents help either. Once you suck at school are you doomed wtf! I have a bachelors in somethig that does not help me in anything. I am stitting here waiting to go to the gym, but I cannot bc all cars are disable here, so my bro won't go out to get drugs. My parents are always stressed out. What can I do to fix my situation. Well nvm I cannot go to the gym bc no car works here, that they left. I will have to wait for someone to come from work.
They disable all the cars so al cannot use them.
What do you do with a brother like that? Going to the gym takes my mind off of life also I just went to visit my bf but lost my job for it bc I went for too long. We are in a ldr.

I am talented in soccer but will not get picked for a pro team no matter how well I did at tryout better than any girl out there!! My brother works.

Why do so many educated black women date white men?

The reason why I have decided to stop dating AA men is because of how I am treated. It is that simple. I am very educated. I have my own business. I have my own home, property and I have one child that I take care of alone.  I have savings and I am debt free. I am a nice looking woman... I used to model but I decided to pursue my studies. I am an African American woman. I LOVE black men and I am proud of who I am, but I am tired of how I am treated when I am in a relationship with them. I always say I love black men but they don't love me.  I have now opened myself to whites and other nationalities with hope that I can find a better relationship and a better overall person. I have dated down. I have dated blue collar men (I am a professional, one guy was a garbage worker), uneducated men, men that had been to prison all types, men with children everywhere and I MEAN everywhere and it never works. I try to be open to them but I am not sure what is wrong or even how to fix this. I am not trying to put down my brothers but I GIVE up... at least for the time being. I need a change. People say that black women don't give black men a chance and that is bull. I am living proof. I try to be nice, friendly, loving, helpful, giving and it never works. Black men complain that we are all loud, ghetto, obnoxious.. We are not all that way. I am not that way. I consciously try not to be a stereotype.  I am a simple woman that just wants a nice man. THAT'S it.. I make money.. I can take care of myself...Every time I meet a black man, he has a woman..somewhere hes hiding.. he lies about being married, girl friend, etc. he has a drug problem..  he has an undercover life.. he has babies everywhere.. or he wants me to take care of him once he sees my home and my life. So many of my friends are not married because they say the same... Its really sad.  Most of my friends.. including my sister who is a computer engineer just don't date. They just rather be alone that to deal with that... but I want someone in my life.. So I am still trying.