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Brother Always Hits Me

Why does my brother always hit me?

My brother always hits me. He'll punch, slap, shove, kick or strangle me. He'll hit me if I don't do what he wants me to, not play a game with him or get mad at him. Today I didn't want to get him a glass he grab the back of my shirt and pulled then he started strangling me. Another example is one time we were playing basketball and he kept throwing the ball at my face so I decide to go inside he went inside also ran downstairs and grabbed my ipod and stabbed a drumstick into the screen. Every time I tell my mom she doesn't do anything or if I've had enough of getting hit I'll hit him back and I get in trouble. Sometimes he threatens to kill me or drown me in the pool. I hate being around him because I'm afraid he will hit. I don't let him touch my stuff because I'm afraid he will brake it of he gets mad. Is this a mental problem or anger issues? Please help all helpful answers are appreciated thanks!

My 18 year old brother always hits me :(?

I am a 13 year old girl, and my only sibling in my b****** of a brother who is 18. He always hits me! We never get along. Ever. We always argue. Recently, he has started hitting me! Throwing cushions at my face, tripping me over, poking me really really hard, screaming in my face, and poking me hard in the back with a baseball bat! I know you probably think, 'he pokes you, wow' but he likes does it really fast and hard :( I cant describe it.

Yesterday, I went outside to go get my dog back in as he ran out when my mum went out to have a private phone call. He said to me dont go to eavesdrop, but I wasnt! He saw my dog go out, so I was going to get him back in before he ran out onto the road! Then I said to him, yeah right, your the one who always eavesdrops and butts in! And he glared at me, and punched me in the arm! It hurt realy bad and now I have a huge bruise there! I told my parents afterwards, and my dad called him in the room, and said dont you dare ever hit her again in your life. He swore on my mums life that he didnt hit me, when 10 minutes before he punched me! He lied to my parents face, and so it was my word against his, and I have a feeling they belived him. Today, i told him not to eat that bag of potatoe chips, as they had expired, and I was keeping it to show my mum. Lol dont ask why. And that pig ate them, after I told him they were 5 months out of date! I said ew thats disgusting. After I told u u still ate it! And he said why are you always commenting, and tried to trip me over, and I said coz I want to, and he wacked me in the back with this hard plastic box, and the corner hit my back really hard! He wont stop hitting me! He always tried to trip me over, and im getting depressed. I dont know what to do!!!!!!!! Please help. He never does anything to anyone except me, because im smaller than him! He is a complete sissy! What do I do to get him to stop. I have tried ignoring him when he says something mean to me, but he says are you ignoring me? and hits me :( And he calls me all sorts of names! Little sh**, cow, idiot, fool, dumbass, and im smarter than him! He flopped school, and dropped out. He is living off my parents!

My brother always hits me? Help.?

Hi,I'm 17 year old girl,and I have a problem.. My big brother is 22 years old,and he always hits me,I mean he's an adult and he hits a GIRL:( He's so immature to do that;'( I have four brothers all together and they all pick on me for no reason,for example,someone knocked on our door but I couldn't hear it because I was listening to music,my big brother cam and grabbed my by my hair and called me horrible names and told my why I didn't open the door. The call me a prostitute,ugly cow and many many things.. It's getting worse I tried telling my mum last night because I can't take it any more, every time I eat they call me a fat ***** and tell me why I eat so much.. But yet,they don't know that I have an eating disorder. It hurts so much now,that I tried committing a suicide,I just want them to leave me alone,I hate them they are so disrespectful towards me, I've started to fight back,but they just hit me harder,and throw me on the floor if I try and hit them back.. It's so depressing the things what they say,it affects my life so much and noone even knows:( I don't know what to do anymore, I tried ignoring them it's been going on for years:( My dream was to become a singer and overtime I sang they told me to keep my mouth shut that I am the worse singer ect,so I haven't sang for over a year now :( They constantly put me down:'( I try to be strong and happy,but deep inside I'm so hurt,Icry myself to sleep,wish I could speak to someone how I feel,there is no point in living,so I just know I will end up committing a suicide. Recently I always sleep now so I could ignore everyone,been asleep is better than awake,I just sometimes wish that I never wake up,dreams are better than reality. I have nothing happy to stay alive for,my ex left me after like two years,I have moved on but I just can't find the right guy,I always fall for jerks:( What can I do for my brothers to stop making my life so hard,and putting me down when I try to be nice? I will never be nice to them anymore,they have no respect at all..Help please:(

My older brother always hits me and no one cares?

You don't sound stupid at all! You sound like how a normal person who is being beat up should. First off your brother sounds like a asshole. He should pick on someone his own size. If I was you I would try to talk to your mother about it don't tell her your bruises are from breakdancing tell her your brother beats you up but then tell her not to tell him you told her becuz then he might beat you up more. Really even though this sounds babyish I would just always stay by your mother becuz then she can see what he does to you. Or this is kinda big but you could try to contact the police if it gets too harsh. If he's abusing you he shouldn't get away with it. Use your words next time he starts punching you say "stop" and "your hurting me" loud and try to get the message across. Overall I'm really sorry and I hope you can find a way to stop him

What should I do when my brother hits me?

My Indian brother is the same. He was verbally and physically abusive and has slapped, punched , kicked me; called me a 'bitch' and much much worse. I've cut him off from my life and my heart. I no longer speak to him or acknowledge that he is alive and do not consider him my sibling. Your parents are cowardly. The typical Indian parents who favor the son and indirectly shift the responsibility for his violent behavior on to your head. Mine were the same. It's NOT your fault. Your brother has mental issues and he is venting on you, using you as a punching bag. Your parents are NOT protecting you as they should. By blaming you and not rebuking your brother, they are reinforcing your brother's violent behavior. My advice is IGNORE and STAY AWAY from him. DO NOT let him hurt you physically. STOP talking to your brother. PRETEND that he does not exist. Keep your interactions with him minimal. If he tries to start an argument with you DO NOT engage him, ignore him, go to your room and lock the door. Study hard, get a job and move out.

Is my brother allowed to hit me?

Lauren, I don't know you personally but it sounds like you do not like your brother at all. I understand this, I really do. I myself have two younger brothers who always teamed up against me and seemed to relish in the thought that one day I'd finally move out, but until then they'd constantly swear at me and yell at me and my parents would take their side. But this thinking is incorrect. I can't hate my brothers. It's wrong. It's very wrong. If I can't learn to get along with my own blood relatives then I sure as peanuts will go nowhere in the world. People around you can hate you so much more easily than a brother can. They're not connected to you in as many ways as your brother is. You can't arrest your own brother, what kind of a sister would that make you? That's a terrible thing to consider, let alone actually do. If your brother is hitting you at least he is thinking about you. I know brothers of friends who don't give a rat's behind about their sisters to even hit them. Some sisters deliberately anger their brothers to get some sort of attention from them, any kind of attention even if it's something negative like violence. Be thankful that you're not in this situation. What will arresting him do anyway huh? Revenge? Will he learn to love you after putting him in prison? Of course not. Maybe you could explain to him that you think he might need anger management courses and you might need them as well (not being violent doesn't make your yelling any more valid).

Hope I didn't come off as too harsh.

My older brother hits me? Help?!?

I'm a 15 year old girl and my brother is 19. He always hits me. Yesterday, I was cleaning my plate and he told me to move. I said "just give me a minute" and then he got mad so pushed me real hard and I hit my head and arm on the wall :( it hurted so bad. I was crying in my room. He also hit me again because I was wearing a shirt that had buttons and the top one was opened. He told me to change it because I'm a girl and I said "okay, okay" I wasn't really payin attention. So then while I was eating breakfast, he grabbed my plate and smacked it across my face real hard and told me to go change my shirt. I cried and then changed it :( my face is half red and my eye hurts a bit. I went to the school nurse and she gave me an ice pack for my bruises on my arm, head, face.. I didn't tell her it was becuse of my brother though. I tell my parents and they absolutely don't care AT ALL! They say it's my fault for not being kind to him. Wtf, I hate when my parents blame everything on me! Please help me? What should I do?

What do I do if my 18-year-old brother hits me?

Tell him to stop. Get away from him immediately . Call for help and be loud. Tell your parents or other adults that you trust. Once you are physically safe adults need to take over . Safety first always. Do not hit him back unless you feel that your life us endangered by whatever he is doing to you. If you need to run down the street in your pajamas in order to be safe — do it. If your parent's are not available, call the police— they're here to serve and protect you . The question “why does he hit you” will be asked. If you know the answer, tell the truth. Please take care.

My brother hit me in the face? I'm a girl?

Ok, for starters I'm 15 and a girl, and my big brother is 17. so we were fighting verbally because I didn't want my brother to use my waterbottle. Stupid, I know, but he always breaks my stuff and I payed for it with my own money and it was a lot.
I started by asking him nicely to not use it and that we have a drawer of other water bottles he could use. He wouldn't listen so I kept on saying don't use it louder and louder. eventually it got in to a yelling match and finally I was just done with it and I stepped on and rubbed my shoes on my brother's new shoes to make him mad and scruff them up. I DID NOT HIT HIM IN ANYWAY. Out of no where he hits me across the face. It was more than a slap, but not quite a full on punch. I fell over it hurt so bad and just laid on the floor holding my face and crying. after 5 minutes or so I saw a pool of blood on the ground and realized my nose was bleeding so I ran to the bathroom with my face still hurting.

My brother saw this and yelled "you stupid bi***" you just picked your nose to make it bleed.. "drama queen..." then he grabbed the bottle and walked out of the house to school. This is not the first time he has physically hurt me, and I don't know what I should do.

I don't want to be considered a little tattle tale and tell my mom, but whenever he gets angry I get scared he'll hurt me seriously. When we aren't fighting we have a great relationship, but I feel like when he get's mad he can't control himself. It began as a stupid sibling fight and ended up with me getting a bloody and swollen face and nose. Do you think it is normal for a brother to do that to his sister? I know it is considered normal for two brothers to physically me please.

What do I do when my younger brother hits me?

You should become another disappointment for him by not letting him beat you.Who cares whether he is younger, they say “age is just a number!”, so what you have to do is, hit him every time he hits you so that he knows his boundaries.Secondly from the above act, subconsciously he would understand that he will feel pain every time he hits you so I guess he will stop doing that.We should never let kids do what ever they want as this foolish act of his can be disastrous for the society as a whole as well as for himself, as I cant even imagine how stupid he would look like if he do the same act in his twenties and you will have deep bruises and few broken ribs etc.However you can explore why he wants to hit you specifically, may be he likes you or may be he is jealous of you because mom loves you sooo much or simply may be he is a potential psychopath.Therefore if you successfully identify the actual reason, we may be able to better treat him.Stay Cool, Let him know his boundaries, Analyse the reasons, Fix it, Enjoy!