Brutal Hangover What Can I Do

What is the best way to cure hangover?

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How to get rid of my brutal hangover!!!?

Camples tomato juice with or without salt to taste,and Tylenol make sure you DO NOT GET V8!!!!!!!!!something in the tomato juice kills a hangover and the Tylenol kills the headache,I used it for years when I partied,for jack daniels hangovers, now I'm a good girl!!

Help! The hangover that never ends?

Drink a ton of filtered water (at least 30 ounces a day) and up your doses of Vitamin C. Eat bananas.

You might have food or chemical intolerances. I get 4 day hangers from 4 beers too and they are brutal hangovers. It isn't the alcohol doing it to me - it is the preservatives and sulphates (and probably other unnatural "goodies) in the alcohol. Cider is even more deadly than beer I find.

Don't take the Advil. It could make it worse.

Next time try drinking natural beer without additives. See if that makes a difference for you.

Is getting drunk worth the hangover?

Avoid the drunk part. Enjoy the buzz of a few drinks then stop.

Depending upon the type of person you are, you'll either get stupid, melancholy, belligerent or any number of other things that you may regret the next day.

A hangover isn't fun, but it will go away, You may have to live with the consequences of being drunk for a long time.

Plus, it's a lot more fun to stay sober and watch your friends make assholes of themselves. :-)

At what alcohol percentage will you not get a hangover?

Drinking water while drinking alcohol will have two effects:You’ll almost certainly drink a bit less since part of your drive to socially bring liquids up to your mouth and sip and swirl and stir them will be satisfied by the water and since drinking that water necessarily at least slightly reduces the time that you COULD be drinking alcohol;andThe water will tend to balance the dehydration brought on by alcohol and thus reduce the dehydration aspects of a hangover. In this regard it’s probably most helpful to drink the water right before sacking out and right upon waking up. Of course some folks might have some — hmm, how to put this delicately? — bathroom difficulties as a result of this methodology…MJM, who prefers some chocolate milk after a night out partying (OK, ok, so I’m weird. Don’t make a big thing outta it.)

No hangovers from Jagermister.?

I don't get hangovers from Jagermister, (only a little dizzy and thirsty) and mostly everyone I've talked to get major hangovers from it.
My aunt is an alcoholic, and though I know I need to be careful because of this family gene, it doesn't mean I'm never going to have a drink again.

Most of the time I only have a few shots and get drunk with beer or something lighter.
But when I have vodka (rare occasions), I get mega hangovers.
Is it common not to get one from Jager?

Can marijuana give you a hangover?

Yes and its brutal. As a regular user for medical reasons I developed a sudden reverse tolerance accompanied by a next day brutal hangover that lasted the entire day. I smoked only in the evening starting around 8PM and vaped either flower or from a vape pen concentrate. When I say sudden I mean it happened after one evenings session and so far has not corrected itself. On that particular evening after my first draw off my vape pen I got as high as if I did 4–5 draws all at once. The high lasted around 5–6 hours and the next day I had a brutal hangover. Its not cannabinol hyperemesis syndrome as there is no nausea or vomiting involved. Staying off of it the the second day I am fine. Unfortunately now it pretty much happenes every time I use it. One draw off my Delta 2 vape pen is 8 seconds. I used to do 4 of those a night or 32 total seconds with no ill effects. Now if I even do a one second draw the high lasts 5–6 hours and is as strong as 4 full draws or 32 seconds. I will get the hangover from even a one second puff. Not sure what happened but it’s real. I was an experienced smoker with a healthy tolerance for years. I’ve tried different strains and different combos of CBD content all with the same result. Anything with THC in it produces the same negative effect. I even took 3 months off without any and upon returning had the same reaction. Currently I am going stay off for 6 months and hope my brain will revert to some kind of normal homeostasis. If anyone had experienced this and it corrected itself feel free to message me. Or if you think you know what might be the reason or theory why this happened let me know. I know it’s rare because I have searched everywhere. I did find someone else this happened to searching on Grasscity message boards for an answer but that’s the only other person I found with this issue.

Is life after 30 supposed to feel like a perpetual hangover?

In my 20s, I could get a couple hours of drunken sleep and be at work on time, no problem. Now, I wake up every morning thinking, "Jesus, what did I do last night...oh that's right, I went to bed early". And after 2pm, I have to stay on my feet at work because if I sit down, I start to nod off *immediately*. It's all i can do to keep my red eyes open and fingers moving for long enough to type this. I used to run marathons, but I can't run more than a mile and a half now. I stopped drinking, started eating healthier, sleeping more, but nothing works.

I know youth is a season of life, but this is damn near brutal. I can't afford insurance and I haven't been to the doctor in 6 years, so I guess that could be a factor.

What causes different types of hangovers?

Depends on the quality of the drink, the majority of branded drinks contain no other type of alcohol than the consumable "safe" one. Ethyl`s the additional ingredients that change the flavour of the drink.
If you vomit, your body is rejecting excess alcohol, if you don`t, it stays in your system and de-hydrates you in varying degrees, depending on the excess amount that your body can assimilate.

Basically, a hangover is the symptoms of alcoholic poisoning, to a greater or lesser degree.