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at first it does no longer be expert for the investigator to run into the court docket. The choose maximum possibly does no longer enable the witness however the protection could website that the hot witness replaced into no longer on the witness sheet and that the authenticity of his findings may be have been rehearsed and coerced by utilizing the Plaintiffs assistance

Essay question says ' Discuss' how do I write the question as a discussion?

Discuss = describe + evaluate

This is what I was told to do in Psychology essays. Describe the group processes and evaluate them against each other and their applicability to real-life situations. As they are theories there will be some downfall in this area. Or describe and evaluate the theories surrounding Group Processes.

Don't panic about references, if you're getting criticised look for websites, text books and journals. Put about two down of each and then they can't complain because you have used resources from different areas. Looking for resources in various places also helps you to solidify your answers as even if you don't agree with them you can still put it in your essay:

J. Jones says this but R. Rowen argues against and says this. I think that Rowen's argument is the more persuasive because of ...

Hope this helps!

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Please help with business hw?

You can look up the closing share price on many different financial websites including Yahoo Finance. Not sure what you mean by number of shares purchased. How many did you purchase? Or how many shares were traded during the day? Total volume of shares traded is also listed on financial pages. Total value is price times # of shares. You do the math.

Topics for elderly group discussions?

Most elderly people I meet love talking about past experiences in their life. You could talk about things they regret or some of their happiest days, just get them talking about their life experiences and they'll go on for hours. As far as particular subjects, things from their era like celebrities (Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire, etc...), pop culture, government, how the world has changed, wars, and stuff along those lines should keep the conversation going strong. Its really nice that you're holding these conversation groups for them, I know they get lonely a lot. Keep up the good work!

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Group discussion - the perfect place to showcase all your skills(without even spending a penny to gather that crowd ).Its equivalent to hunt or be hunted- if you are not gonna perform you are going to perish.No one is coming there to save you.Just say whatever you know. Dont just complicate things.Be charismatic. Because your character defines you.Lastly. Never budge on your core values.✌✌

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