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Buying Land In Orange County Ca

PLEASE HELP! Am moving to Orange County, Ca, and was thinking of buying a boat (27-34ft) to live on.?

If you're NOT familiar with California, There are a tremendous amount of rules and regulations about "Live Aboard" conditions. In many parts of the country it is and likely to have few if any rules for living aboard a boat. But this is California! We have people that have taken over and created rules to prevent people from doing what you want to do. There are almost NO Live Aboard slips in the southern half of California. The few that come up for availability cost a small fortune. The Environmental hacks have destroyed everything out here in the name of the environment with "Trash Science" and the Liberal Legislature has backed them up too. I'm in the Northern portion of the state and can tell you that it's tough up here too. I pay a "Premium Price" for that "Live Aboard" status. I don't do a "Live Aboard" on my motor yacht, but I pay it to have that privilege because it is so rare to be able to get it. There are a lot of conditions that have to be met to do a Live Aboard. Believe me, they check! and continue to monitor too. Most marinas use an electronic gate key to monitor the coming and going of the slip holder. Each "Pass Key" is unique to the slips, so they know when you're there and not there. Even "Slipping" pass someone else opening the gate doesn't help. They have the sensor reader in the dock box or a pick up reader under the finger leading to the slip. I know this because I have a close friend whose wife is the "Harbor Master" to this marina. The computer records everything! They get the weekly printout for every boat in the marina. This info is then viewed by many agencies for enforcement.

Some things that you can expect to be additional cost is, electricity (metered), water, "Live Aboard" fee (usually an additional $250), incoming phone line for internet connection (DSL), and cable for TV unless you get U-Verse from AT&T.

Things that will be trouble areas are, worn anodes to protect rudders, outdrives, props. Blisters on the gelcoat. Excessive marine growth adding weight to the vessel and clogging water intakes and scuppers. Worn or leaking valves and hoses. Bilge pumps going bad. Soft spots on the hull.

This is a highly "Controlled" and "Regulated" Communist state. You will be found and controlled here! Vote the Democrats out!

Is moving to Dallas TX from Orange county CA is a good idea?

Frisco , one of the surrounding Dallas cities , is a very nice , newer area in Texas. I have lived in Frisco almost all my life , and I do highly suggest it. I'm not sure about jobs in the city itself , I would suggest a job in Dallas , but the crime in Dallas, especially South Dallas is a little out of hand. A drive from Frisco to Dallas is about 30 minutes , and before my family came to Texas, they lived in Sacramento, they picked Texas because of the low prices! Frisco is pet friendly . And there is quite a bit of schools in the area 33 elementary 13 middle and 6 highschools (estimates) and there are some special needs schools as well. Since Frisco was a farm land before it was what it is. Parts of Frisco are still undeveloped , but I would not suggest moving around an area like that, because they will eventually build something there. The house range from 200,000 to 2 million in Frisco alone so if you had a 4 bedroom in California you could probably get a 6 bedroom here for the same price :) But like I said Frisco is still a newer area and it's pretty crowded at times. Most newer neighborhoods are gated , and almost all schools are exemplary. Or so I heard. Most families do end up choosing Frisco, so you might have to fight for a house or apartment. Not to burst your bubble or anything. There is low to none crime in the area , and there is pizza hut park for soccer and dr. Pepper park for baseball. If you like a more historical place though. Downtown Frisco is pretty neat. It has older buildings and houses, that are in great shape. Little boutiques and hair dressers. Frisco overall is definitely an entertaining city. There will be bands playing in parts of Frisco, there are tons of gaming places to play laser tag or they typical arcade game. There are places to jump around on trampolines. There are tons of dance and music businesses to learn. But Dallas is more a buisness area, so if your willing to drive 30 minutes almost everyday , give or take , then Frisco is the place for you. It has jobs , but they might not be easy to get at first. I can't say it's a small town where everyone knows everyone , but it's stil a nice little town:)

You will need to take into consideration: real estate sales compatibles, site location (Flat or hillside), neighborhood( Garden Grove vs Laguna Beach), soil conditions ( sand, rock, expansive soil) baseline materials used (ie wood, steel, concrete) , finish materials (ie tile from Italy), layout of home, number of stories, the use of technoloby (ie smart home), Misc fee costs (architecture, interior design, structural engineering civil, MEP) , development costs (utility connections, site), agency fees (permit, school , development, public works)In Orange County, for entry level clients that are trying to figure out hard costs for construction I suggest a range from $125 / s.f to $175 / s.f . For middle level clients I suggest a range from $180 / s.f to $245 / s.f . For high end clients I suggest a range from $250 / s.f to $500 / s.f . For a full project budget add at least an additional 30% to your hard costs.

What is the property tax % rate in Orange CA, 92867?

The property tax rate is a percentage of the Sales price of the home. For example, if you bought a house for $100,000 and the tax rate is 1%, then you're going to pay $1000 a year in property taxes. $500 in November and $500 in April.

Plug the address in this website to see what the tax rate is and if there is anything else, like Mellaroos (spelling?). Remember, the tax amount you will see is based on how much the current owners have paid for the property. Use this site just for the rate and not the amount:

Also, if you're looking to buy a house in Southern California, especially Orange County, you can search the MLS for free on my website. If you use our services, we will split our commission that the seller gives us with you up to $5000 at closing. That should help with your tax bill! ;)

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My Chemical Romance banned from Orange County CA?

Oh my god, I wish there was a cut and paste answer for this question. There is no such thing as a "Teacup"! Absolutely none, not one, kennel club recognizes the "teacup" size in any breed standard. The term teacup is used by unscrupulous breeders to sell unhealthy, unfit runts to unsuspecting buyers at an inflated price. I know this sounds cruel, but a legitimate, reputable breeder would not have allowed a "teacup" size puppy to be sold, they would have humanely destroyed it at birth. Sickly animals should not be sold, and they should never be bred. But if you really want a sickly, unhealthy, undersized dog, I am sure of you just Googled it, you would find thousands of back yard breeders willing to help you spend your money. Ohh, Patient Paws, I can't stop laughing at your answer. I actually wish someone would hit the posters of these idiotic questions with a brick. If I had a nickel for every time I have repeated the same mantra about "teacups" I would be rich.

Oh my! Orange County, CA is on the far bottom left of your U.S. map. The South is on the right. There's 1,500-2,000 miles in between.The South? Rich in its complexity, with varied menus, dialects, architecture, cultures, history, attitudes and economies. Millions of words have been written about the South, and no one , they'll tell you, has got it right yet. You could spend several lifetimes in the South and still have so much to explore.Orange County has none of that, other than an annoying rising intonation, ya' know? And some like, ya know? superlative taco trucks? Well, also the original Disney Land? which is a kind of like a culture, you know? You could spend several days in Orange County? and your mind would turn numb?

It really varies depend where you want to buy. California is the third biggest state in the U.S (after Alaska and Texas) and it has various landscapes with differing levels of demand. In a city like LA or SF an acre would cost millions. Farm land would be thousands (probably) and worthless, dry desert is dirt cheap.

That is a hard question to answer. Let us rephrase:Should I live in Irvine, Ca.?Knowing absolutely zero about you, and your financial situation, all I can go on, are my reasons.So...I live in Irvine, and have just recently bought a home. Why rent--esp. when interest rates are this low--and esp. since we are looking to not move, hopefully, ever again.Therefore,  I totally agree one should purchase a home here for a few reasons if you find the points beneath, compelling:a) house value will not decline by much due to FCB + extreme desirability (10-rating public schools, lowest crime rate in the country for a large city, perfect location centered between San Diego & Los Angeles), lots of High-tech jobs.b) Planned community ensures conformity. Curfew laws are enforced. Home Owners Associations ensure conformity--thereby retaining house value.c) Every single neighborhood terminates in a cul-de-sac, so elementary aged school kids are able to walk to schoold) Lots of Asians, which tend to drive up the academic competitione) Every village has its own shopping center, negating the requirement of driving all over the city to find an itemf) Area is almost perfectly flat, with hardly any mosquitos (thanks to the Eucalyptus trees!)g) John Wayne Airport is proximally located, has restrictions on hours (can't fly out prior to 7 am, and no flights permitted in, after 11 pm). You probably will need to make connecting flights, which is kinda beat, but so be it.h) Irvine Corporation is still building, and building, and building homes...I think their stated goal is 300,000 residents. So, if you are running a small business here, then you have more potential customersGood luck, ask more specific follow up questions