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Caffeine Withdrawal From Coffee - Will I Feel Human Again

What is it like to take nicotine, caffeine, and Adderall - all together?

I take adderall fairly regularly (20mg XR, average about 5 times a week, on weekdays) and with nicotine there was no real harm. I’d lose a lot of my productivity but it’s really nice for reducing stress and helping relax without dumbing me down.With caffeine, I already have a very low tolerance and usually get super jittery if I have two cups within an hour, so I couldn’t drink coffee on Adderall pretty much at all. It would help when I needed to get a LOT done, but beyond that it makes me very hyper and my thoughts race even faster than they usually do, making it harder to focus in some ways then if I had just not done either. That being said, I get way more productive but I wouldn’t feel good.Other comments: Adderall enhances dopamine uptake, and nicotine is very well known for increasing dopamine levels in your brain, so nicotine (I would imagine) becomes much more addictive when you are taking adderall vs when you’re otherwise sober; for me the nicotine high I get is way more intense. But, I have ADHD, so my brain chemistry is different from many other people’s, this is just an effect I’ve noticed and it makes the withdrawals from nicotine moderately more severe (nothing crazy or extreme). When I smoke tobacco (or other forms of nicotine drugs), I lose productivity, but mental functioning is still very sound (if not better, I just lose motivation quickly and would rather play videogames).My advise: use moderation. I haven’t taken all three drugs together and I have other friends who have (both prescribed Adderall for ADHD and not) and they have all had pretty serious symptoms, mostly to do with elevated blood pressure, giving them a sense of their chest closing in and mild onsets of a sense of panic. If you feel you need all three, keep in mind it’s pretty dangerous (anecdotal basis, haven’t read any scientific reports on the interactions between these three drugs or done it myself).

Weird caffeine withdrawal symptoms? help!?

I have alot of digestive problems like chronic burping and acid reflux and coffee seems to make it alot worse, so naturally I am trying to quit drinking it. Eveytime I try to stop I get this acidic gnawing sensation in my lower abdomen that will only go away if I drink coffee again. Does anyone know why this could happen? or am I going crazy?
I had a blood test for H Pylori around this time last year when I had these same symptoms (trying to quit coffee again..) and it came back negative.

What is in the coffee that makes my headache go away after drinking?

This is not medical advice (please see a doctor) so take this answer under advisement. There are a few possibilities.Water. A number of human beings are often dehydrated, which can result in headaches. LinkCaffeine. Caffeine dilates the blood vessels, which helps relieve headaches caused by vascoconstriction, or basically constricted blood vessels, i.e. some forms of tension headaches are relieved because caffeine “loosens” your blood flow.Sugar. Low blood sugar can trigger a headache (hypoglycemia). Replenishing sugar levels relieves the headache. Link

Caffeine while pregnant?

It's okay in moderation. There's no need to quit cold turkey - that can be even worse on your body. Try cutting it down to only 1 CAN of soda a day. And see if you can get yourself to every other day and then eventually to only on very rare occasions. I was also addicted to caffeine before I got pregnant and now I only have a soda here and there on the rare occasions that I really need a pick me up. It's not good during pregnancy but once again, in moderation, it's not exactly bad either.

Is coffee o.k. for rats to drink?

Shin Chan(my eldest male rat) is insisting on being out of the cage during the day(he even tried to chew his way through the metal bars on the cage and almost tore his nails off and broke his jaw!) and he likes to drink my leftover coffee in the mug.

So I can stop him from doing this, it's just extremely hard because he is VERY spoiled. Hence why he gets to be out of the cage all day(he's litter trained and way smarter than any cat b/c he can do tricks and knows hand signals as well as voice command).

Anyway, if it's safe for him to have a little I will just let him have it to avoid him throwing a fit. I searched this online but I must not be very good at it because I could not find anything about rats drinking coffee. Thanks.

Why do I feel like a normal, averagely happy human being on caffeine, but the rest of the time I feel depressed, weird and generally low without it?

Sip your happiness slowly. Savor it! And by all means never run out. Out of curiosity have you tried caffinated teas, decaf coffee or half-calf? I ask this at the risk of asking a stupid question because if caffine is the source of your happiness, it seems worth it to me to do a little investigation! The upshot is, or the “moral” as I've seen people saying on Quora, is that your situation seems mild compared to some, though it does sound vaguely suggestive of mania with the caffine and all. I would work with the different drinks angle more if that's what makes you truly happy to be alive. Hang out in a lot of coffee shops. There's no sin in that. And drink slowly!

Im 6 weeks pregnant, can I drink coffee?

Just limit your coffee to one or two cups a day and cut out all other forms of caffine from your diet. I drank one or two cups a day (depending on how tired I was) and my baby came out just fine. Just make sure that you are drinking a regular sized cup and not a huge supersized grande.

Good luck.