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Call Of Duty Ghost Clans Recruitment

Fake pro call of duty clans?

There's this kid on my friends list that always says I suck at COD ghosts and says that I'll never be good at the game (even though my kd ratio is 1.4 and I share an xbox with my brother who is awful). I wanted to know if anyone has a gamertag with a popular clan on it. Ex. SoaR, OpTic, sB, Fariko, Envy, KoS, etc. you don't have to be in a legit clan, you can be a fake, or you can pick me up because I'm a pretty good CoD player. Thanks.

How to be recruited to a MLG team or clan?

If your interested in joining a clan for COD Ghosts, you can apply for my clan Ghostz Assassins on the Call of Duty App. We are level 11 with currently 24 members. I would be glad to let you in. Jut let me know your gamertag.

My call of duty CLAN problem.?

hello i now have a cod clan for ps3 ghosts its small but will grow with time all we ask is that u send a friend request to the leader me with saying u saw this post also put your age and why u want to join if all checks out then welcome send request to XX_KrAkEn0_XX

How do you make a MW2 clan tag for computer?

Lets see if 'OI Yuma remembers... You open steam File, Settings, Friends tab, And pick your nickname. Just put your clan tag like... My name is Ghost my clan tag is |EMP|. Just add that in the front and your set.

Cod ghost Ninja Defuse?

You could ninja defuse against recruit bots but the possibility of you ninja defusing a veteran bot would be very slim

Can I try out for someone's competitive COD clan?

So I really really want to join a competitive clan that plays call of duty and call of duty only. I'm pretty good at black ops 2 but on ghosts I'd say I'm average. I usually get 2nd or 3rd place on ghosts and on black ops 2 I get 1st almost every game. I love the idea of playing against other clans around your same skill level and I think I would be a great asset to any team. So if anybodys recruiting or anything I would like to try out ASAP.