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Can A Bad Esn Phone Be Used Unlocked Overseas

How do I unlock my Verizon cell phone to use other carriers?

I have an LG VS920 and I wanted to unlock my Verizon phone, it DOES use a sim card, to another carrier. Any prepaid carrier will do. Can I get help with the steps to complete this?

Save the "go buy an unlock code" and "it's illegal" answers if thats possible. :)
Thanks in advance!!

I bought a phone on Ebay that was factory unlocked, but was being used with Verizon Wireless, Can I use it with MetroPCS? Read description.?

When I go to MetroPCS' website and enter the IMEI, it says "The provided phone is not eligible for activation via the web. Please use a different phone" . The IMEI is clean. Do I have to go into a MetroPCS store to get it activated?

Will an unlocked phone with bad esn work abroad?

If bad esn is the same as blacklisted then yes....blacklisted phones can be used abroad ...they are only blacklisted in there own country

What exactly is sprint and unlocked version of smartphone?

Was hoping if someone can explain to me what does carrier Sprint mean
------------- Sprint is a USA wireless carrier using CDMA technology (ran by ESN#), not GSM technology (ran by SIM card)

and does that mean if I buy the phone I have to sign a contract with sprint?
------------ no, if you buy the Sprint phone, then it can only work with Sprint. If the ESN is Clean, then you can flash the phone to another CDMA carrier... which is only 14% of planet Earth. CDMA phones cant be used on GSM carriers cuase CDMA phones have no SIM card slot and GSM Carriers dont use ESN#s...

Also why is the unlocked international version so much more expensive compared to the sprint version.
-------------- Unlocked international is the GSM version of the GS2... Poeple kill for unlocked GSM phones cuase that means any SIM card can be used in it... its not locked to a carrier... hence the term "unlocked"..... SPrint phone is cheaper cuase not many people use CDMA carriers... but in the USA, CDMA is popular

Does work? does it actually unlock iphones?

I personally never used them but haven't heard positive things... I unlocked my iPhone at and haven't had a problem since.

Unlock iphone 5s never activated internationally?

yes you can. iPhone 5s locked to sprint - can only be internationally unlocked unless using a gpp sim card to unlock it for US. but from doing research now. there are people and website online that can now factory unlock sprint iphones.

AT&T is easiest way to go.

but if both phones has a bad imei only way to unlock those are through a gpp sim card.

I have been seeing phones on eBay with bad esn. they seem to be a lot cheaper. anf I've read that phones with bad esn can't be easily used in north america, but the thing is I dont live in north america. will it be possible for a phone with bad esn to work properly with a sim card in Nigeria?

A phone's ESN is a serial number assigned to a phone used to connect it to a network (WCDMA to be specific) of a certain provider. In the case a phone is reported lost or stolen, or someone doesn't pay their bills for example, the provider can block the ESN from being activated on their network. The problem in the US is that there is a shared blacklist between providers which makes it impossible to activate the phone on another WCDMA carrier aswell.The other way for phones to identify themselves to a network is through the GSM protocol. A phone with a GSM protocol uses an IMEI to identify itself, which isn't linked to a phone in the same way as the ESN. If a phone has both WCDMA and GSM protocols, slotting in a different SIM card should suffice to use the phone in your area. However, this is known to be different from phone to phone and provider to provider. It's worth the shot, try to communicate with the seller and get a deal in case you can't get it to work.If the phone's IMEI is bad, it's possible to "flash" the phone, changing the IMEI. The ESN is saved onto the actual motherboard and can't be changed or tampered with.

Iphone bad esn phone will work in india?

I don't think you can use CDMA phones in India. If your phone has SIM slot, you can get it unlocked and use it in India.

Will a bad ESN Verizon iPhone XR work on international GSM networks?

Since American iPhones are in demand in certain regions, where the use of FaceTime is banned by the government, then I would imagine that is where stolen iPhones wind up.The only place where no one cares if it’s a stolen device.Now, if Apple marks the phone as stolen, in their own database, there’s not a network in the world that will be able to activate the phone, because they are the manufacturer. Apple, just like every phone manufacturer, retains the ability to brick your phone wherever you are in the world. Naturally, they have strict standards by which they adhere in order to make such a drastic change in their customers’ devices.If your iPhone has been stolen, I STRONGLY recommend you use the iCloud activation lock to prevent your phone from being activated in another country.If you have a stolen iPhone, then I also strongly recommend you contact Apple directly for the proper procedure to replace your phone, provided you didn’t know it was stolen when you purchased it.Best wishes