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Can A Clinical Laboratory Scientist In California Read Or Interpret A Tb Skin Test

Can a Clinical Laboratory Scientist in California read or interpret a TB skin test?

Actually anyone with even half a brain could, after five minutes of instruction, interpret a TB skin test.

Can medical assistants read tb test?

The two states I work in (Ca & MD) do not allow that, as it is specified someone with a license has to sign the results for it to be legally acceptedl. MAs are unlicensed. If you work for a private MD, he may let you read it but he more than likely will sign the results card. You would have to check with your state regulatory body the legality of a MA reading a TB test.

Realize that there are many chemicals that can be called ‘bleach’, because that describes how they react….not what they are chemically.I do not know what you mean by your exposure to ‘bleach’. I am going to guess that  you are referring to a domestic mild solution of sodium hypochlorite. It does not smell good. Do not inhale. But….and this is a qualified ‘but’, you should not need any treatment whatsoever for inhaling the disagreeable odour of domestic sodium hypochlorite.The answer is completely different if you screwed up somehow and acidified the solution. That releases elemental chlorine. That is still bleach, but is not only a vapour but is a powerful, inhalable oxidizing agent. In moist tissue areas (think your tender pink lungs) it reacts with the moisture to create hydrochloric acid while simultaneously ‘burning’ that tender tissue. Your body tries to reduce the acid concentration by flooding your lungs with water. The ‘burned’ tissue bleeds. It is like simultaneously contracting pneumonia while hemorrhaging.Get medical assistance. Get fresh air. Do not induce vomiting.

Anyone had TB SKIN TEST?

I have not heard of any side effects from reactions to the TB test other than mild local reactions (swelling, redness) especially if you have a positive test. Usually it doesn't hurt much, it is a small needle and a small amount of liquid is injected intradermally (under the skin) it makes a small bubble. This bubble goes down and the skin will turn a little red, that's normal. You must wait 48-72 hrs to have the test read, you return to where you got it. Induration and swelling is a positive result (that you have been exposed to TB), a little redness is ok as long as the skin is not raised up like a welt or pimple, it's ok. When they read your test, the nurse will run her finger over your skin to make sure it's not raised at all. If it is, they will measure it, a positive result is either >5mm or >10mm of induration depending on risk factors and the physician, hospital or clinic's protocols. However, you have to wait the full 48 hrs to read the test, my arm will get a little swelling at first too but it goes away after the first day and by the time the test is read the result is negative (no exposure to TB)

TB test reaction questions?

if you were born outside the country theres a possibility that you might have gotten a vaccination that left a scar on your arm a little bit down from the shoulders and it will prove a positive reaction
if not and the bump gets more than 15 millimeters in width then you got a positive reaction
the bump usually appears later and might have nothing to do with a positive reaction unless it grows to about the size of a quarter
i got the same test done and i got a positive reaction (they give you a chest x-ray if you are positive to make sure you chest is clear and if your chest is not clear you will get isolated and have to take meds for about 6-9 months, very unlikely that you have it)

I dont Understand my blood test results?

With the number 3 it could have meant 3 mcg (micrograms)/dl(deciliter) of blood. That's anywhere from 10 to 20 times less than what would be the healthy minimum level.

Ask him for a copy of your lab results and what you should do for your iron deficiency Adding more iron in the diet through red meat, supplements, and vegetables may not be enough for you. I'd recommend acting quickly too. Having 10 to 20 times less the minimum healthy level sounds serious