Can A Person Do Up And Down Of 50 Km If He Is Suffering With Ankylosing Spondylitis

What is it like to live with ankylosing spondylitis?

I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondilitis about a year ago, but I had symptoms for several years before I sought treatment.  As with any complex disease, the progression and how it affects a person varies from case to case.  I can only speak to my own experience with the disease.Ankylosing spondilitis (AS) is a constant frustration for me.  If I don't take my medication every 8-12 hours, then everything becomes painful -- it means I can't sleep, drive, or even walk around normally without being in moderate to severe pain.  My back and neck are the worst offenders, but other joints (knees, ankles, pelvis) start to be painful and stiff as well.On the medication (currently etodolac because indomethacin was killing my stomach), it's not too bad.  I was in physical therapy for a few months to learn some stretches and tactics for improving my range of motion.  I use those techniques now to try to make sure that I can maintain my ability to move for as long as possible.The latest issue I've started having is random joint involvement.  My right knee started swelling up a few months ago, and eventually it became swollen and painful enough that I needed to use the railing to climb/descend stairs.  So far, my doctor has had to drain it twice and we're trying a cortisone injection now.  If this doesn't work, we'll have to consider DMARDs or biologics (TNF inhibitors).Living with AS, in my case, involves not knowing what happens next and just waiting around (in pretty constant pain) for something to break.  Then dealing with as best you can.  Hoping you don't have to take any crazy medications  like methotrexate (a DMARD used to treat these kinds of joint issues -- it is also one of the ways they perform chemical abortions).The worst part about AS, for me, is that I don't know what's going to happen next.  I'm young, and I don't know if 5 years, 10 years, 20 years from now I will need to have joint replacements.  Or if I will not be able to carry kids around.  Or anything, really.  The uncertainty is what tends to keep me awake at night.And that, in a nutshell, is AS for me.  I'm always happy to give more information or answer questions about my experience.

What are the most common causes of severe lower back pain that include difficulty in standing and walking?

Low back pain has become very common problems in our day to day life.The incidence of low back pain is seen both in male and female. Female little higher side due to physiological, psychosomatic factor.Type-AcuteChronicMostly in acute back pain, we generally see pain with difficulty in walking, standing. It can be seen in sitting or lying down also, symptoms vary from person to person.Cause:Mechanical Back pain:Faulty posturesitting on a chair for a long duration while working on the computer, reading books etc can sudden strain the muscle around the back.Increased angle of anterior pelvic tilting, hip hiking(unilateral/bilateral), lordotic spine(increased convexity), Khyphotic spine( increased concavity), scoliotic functional(lateral deviation) of the spine are most common spinal deformity seen due to faulty posture.2. Pronged loadingAny activity which is done for long duration eg. sitting, standing, etc can cause back pain, due to improper muscle balance around the spine and hip area.3. Muscle imbalancemost of the times injuries happen due to a muscle imbalance between Gluteus muscle and abdominal muscle. Usually, our pelvis is slightly tilted backwards anatomically, but due to glutes weakness pelvis tilts anterior tilting and excessive stress on the extensor group of spine muscle leads to back pain.PathologicalAny kind of spinal pathologies can lead to sudden pain back, spinal listhesis, stenosis, Disc Prolapse, ankylosis spondylitis, etc.Any a tumour, haematoma growth also can cause pain in the backNerve compression, neural tension, impingement etc also can cause pain on the backFor further physio/ doctor consult, you may call us at 011–47307700 or visit our website Comprehensive Rehabilitation and Advanced Physiotherapy Clinic in Delhi Gurgaon and Noida – orthopedic, sports medicine, neurology, geriatric care, women wellness

Does chiropractic medicine have any scientifically proven health values?

While getting out of a pickup at the mine I was working at, my back went out. For those who operate scrapers will understand the stress on the spine from operating this machine. The operator sits at an angle with the spine twisted while loading the can.Anyway, after a few days suffering from excruciating pain and trying every stretching exercises I could think of, I finally went to the doctor. The X-rays clearly showed a dislocated lumbar. The doctor informed me that surgery was needed and warned me that I could expect at least three months out of work and a 50% chance of being permanently disabled. He gave me the name of a back surgeon.It just happened that we got a new chiropractor in town, Gordon Harrison. He had recently graduated from Logan School of Chiropractic.He took another X-ray and made the same diagnoses and even recommended the same surgeon. BUT, before we go that route he suggested we try manipulation.First, his massage therapist spent a good half hour on my back. Then the Dr. placed that electric stimulator on my spine and cranked it up. After 30 minutes, he came back in and did his magic.After he was finished, he prescribed a set of weight training to strengthen the spine and the abdomen. “The number one cause of men’s back problems is the weakness of the stomach muscles”.I was back to work the next day.Years later, I had run into him at a mall. I had just left an orthopedic surgeon who recommended knee surgery. Upon seeing my swollen knee, Dr. Harrison told me to see him the next day. Apparently, I have one leg a bit shorter than the other. That caused my spine hips to be out of alignment just enough to put pressure on the affected knee. Another adjustment and a wedge for my shoes and the swelling went down.So, do Chiropractors have value? In my opinion yes!