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Can A Region 1 Ps4 Cd Be Used On A Region 4 Multiplayer Account Call Of Duty Online

If I have region 1 PS4 and I bought a region 2 CD will it work?

If you're asking about music CD, then I'll have to remind you that PS4 doesn't support CD. But if it's game disc (which is Blu-ray rather than CD) that you're asking, then everything is just fine, no region lock on PS4, or PS3.

Can PS4 have more than one primary account and keep downloaded games on all profiles? Can PS Plus be purchased by both primary accounts?

Yes and no. Games can be shared between accounts. You can download game from account A and play it when login with account B, if you have associated account A with this machine as most frequently used. But you won’t be able to access some DLC unless you have account A keeps login. You can login with more than one account at the same time; you can do that from main menu > power > switch profile.Yes and they’re running independently. If you have only account A purchased PS+, when you login with account B as currently active profile, you won’t be able to access cloud saves or online contents of some games. Because games will treat your profile A and B as different user, and save files can not be shared between users.

Can I create a Region 1 account on PSN on a Region 3 PS4 console?

Yes, you can. Account creation and authentication is not restricted on PS4. You can even create account in web then login in PS4 PSN store items, however, is strictly tied to the account’s region.

Does the PlayStation 4 have a region lock in games?

Yes and no. From your question, I assume you're talking about physical copies (discs) but I will also address digital copies further below.The physical copies of games, as I write this, are not region-locked. This means you can buy a game from another side of the world and still be able to play it on your console. (Hooray for japanese games)The digital copies on the other hand are region-locked. As each region has their own laws regarding the content presented in some games. They can remove the games and their DLCs from their region's Playstation Store.You can easily overcome this problem by making an account of another region (using fake credentials). So there it is. Now go ahead and choose from the expanding library of PS4 games.P.S. Check out the free to play games on your store. They're worth it.

What are the Xbox 360 controls on Black Ops?

LT = Aim
RT = Shoot
LB = Special Grenade
RB = Primary Grenade
Left Thumb stick = Move
Right Thumb stick = Look around
D Pad = Equipment
Y = Change weapon
X = Action Button
B = Knife
A = Jump
Start = Pause Menu
Back = Scoreboard (Multiplayer)

Does playing games online consume more data than streaming videos?

ok most people have already illiterated this however most games already have the majority of the aspects installed such as :characters, cutscenes, environment, and most games nowadays actually only send what it's doing so e.g. Player one is moving right and climbin, player 2 is running left…that's it very watered down but you should get the picture so it only sends that its doing an action not the actual action.films on the other hand have to download every frame individually so they take up a lot… however a couple of things to consider…game files take up a lot to download in any case before you even go online and start playing so including that games would take up more but you will probably play an online game for more than 1.5 hours….ok here we go 2 perfect examplessnapchat takes up no room to download, however uses up a ton of data….like ALOTVainglory uses 0.03GB PER half hour however drains battery 30% per hour and takes up 3GB to download….Any questions just comment!Hope this help!

How do you view saved MW3 clips? (XBox 360)?

I saved a clip from a recent game as "TREX goes exploring." But how do I go watch it now? When I go to multiplayer and then go to vault there are 3 options "Online Vault", "Friends' Online Vault", and "Theater". I've looked through Theater and it's only my recent games, there aren't any saved clips. My online vault just has 8 saved games that I've uploaded. Am I missing something here?