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Can A Teacher Get In Trouble For This

Would you get into trouble if you touch a teacher?

The first thing you have to remember is that each teacher is an individual person and has their own tolerance for touching. When you are around a teacher that seems comfortable with affectionate (not sexual) gestures, they will be more likely to accept and return things like fist bumps, high fives, funny handshakes, hugs, or even pranks. Conversely, if you are around a teacher that almost never touches any students, it is best to keep your distance as well. That teacher is likely to be shy or afraid of someone reacting poorly.Notice that so far I have only talked about well-intentioned touching. If the way a teacher touches you makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t return those touches and let the teacher know, gently at first and strongly if they persist. If you are feeling angry towards a teacher DO NOT touch them, you will get in a world of trouble, possibly even be charged with assault. And if you have sexual feelings for a teacher, DO NOT touch them. Ether you will be charged with sexual harassment, or you both will likely wind up in trouble if a relationship happens.I guess my summary would be never touch a teacher in anger or in a sexual way. And never allow a teacher to touch you in anger or in a sexual way (walk away and report it). But if you are both comfortable with gestures of affection, gestures of gratitude/happiness, or gentle reminders to get on task, it helps you to form a stronger bond between you, and makes it easier work together to help you learn more.

Can a teacher get into trouble if the teacher puts their hands on a student?

It totally depends on the situation. I have put my hands on the shoulder of a student as a gesture of comfort. I have touched a student who was falling to prevent them from getting hurt. I have held a student away from another because he was trying to “kill” the other. All these are appropriate.Putting your hands on any part of a student that is covered by a swim suit is a really bad idea. Putting your hands on a student in a “friendly” manner that can be construed as romantic or sexual is a good way to get arrested at worst, fired at moderate, and a huge loss of reputation at best.Putting your hands on a student in anger is arrest-able and terminable. That means you can be arrested for assault and fired.I know teachers who allow hugs or side-hugs. I don’t. My students are in 6th grade, I do a fist bump. I tell them honestly, I am not comfortable hugging students and there are lots of germies out there that I don’t want to carry home. I make it humorous mostly, tell them I am allergic to hugs or 6th graders, whatever. I just don’t trust our litigation happy society where a hug can be construed as a sexual advance. Age certainly has a lot to do with it. I think 6th graders, no big deal to hug, however, a high school male teacher should not be full frontal hugging high school girls (or boys!). Same the opposite. Physical contact is not necessary to show affection of appropriate type.I cover my butt and don’t have any contact that could be misconstrued if seen on tape. . . I never do anything that I wouldn’t want everyone in the world to know. There is zero privacy in a school and zero expectation of one.

Can a teacher get in trouble for texting a student?

Wait until you pass the class, then report the sh*t out of her.

Can teachers get in trouble for cursing?

Yes, she can! It is inappropriate for her to use that language in the classroom, and it is definitely not okay that she directed it at you, her student. You and your parents should talk to the principal. She should be reprimanded for it, especially if there are other students who are willing to come forward.

Can a teacher get in trouble if they date an 18+ student?

well basically, when ur 18, your an adult, so you can pretty do whatever you want.

HOWEVER.. the teacher...has codes of ethics to live by.. just like any profession. even though she or he maybe attracted to a student..and the student is legal... he or she may lose her job, because she's violating this barrier.. u know the student teacher barrier.. it's like a trust. Because if a teacher will hit on the student, then it's trepassing this space.. this space of trust.. and it may be violating the student.. because the student is in the care of the teacher.

of course, i'd like to say its wrong, but to be unbiased... i can't say it's all morally wrong.. u can't really argue that.. because they are both legal and it deals with love...

however, yes its probably wrong in the ethics of teaching. u will most likely lose ur job. and also.. i'd say that its probably best if the teacher NOT involve themselves wid the student like dat.. an 18 yr old still has plenty to develop in the head. so yes, the teacher is pretty much violating that space of trust.

Would you get in trouble for cussing in front of a teacher outside of school?

This is kind of funny. I cannot get anyone into trouble for cursing outside of school. That being said, I, as their teacher, would say, "Hey," to them. My students would respect me and apologize. I am 100% sure of that. We have that respect. One day, I was at the mall with my mom. I was 14 and she was a teacher. We saw 3 boys doing something wrong that was causing damage. She told them to stop in her teacher voice and explained that they were making bad decisions that she knew that they would not normally do. They apologized and skated away. I was mortified!!! She was not their teacher, but she also did not just yell at them. She explained it rationally and gave them a bit of the old guilt, not threats.That was a great example of what to do. I use this in my class and outside. Thanks teacher mom!

Can You Get In Trouble For Starting A Petition To Get A Teacher Fired?


You are a child (if you are under 18 you are a child), this an adult & you want to pass around a petition saying negitive things about an adult?? People have charged for ruining someones character.

Talk to the schools principal, the schools guidance councilor & your parents. Maybe suggest other kids who feel the same to do that too. But do not pass a petition around.

Here it is - If you pass around a petition with allegations (that is what you are accusing this teacher of.) you could get in trouble for Defamation of Character.

I'm not saying you are making this up. I moved a lot as a kid and had a number of teachers who never taught us anything. I had one teacher who use to let us watch tv in class. We would watch an old tv show called Beverly Hills 90210. A teen type soap opera. He would give a open book tests which were fill in the blanks. I had another teacher who did nothing at all. We just talked the whole hour.

I'm just trying to help you not get in trouble. I knew a teen in one school who had complaints about a teacher, the complaints were taken online and the teen along with her parents were sued for Defamation of Character. It was the kids parents who paid the price not the teen.

Taking your complaints to the principal & other trusted teachers should not get you in trouble since you are not sharing the complaint to the whole school.

I'm just trying to help.

But most important take this to your parents. They can lead you in the right direction.

Can my teacher get into trouble for letting me and some friends visit her home?

In theory, if you are a University student, you are an adult. If you are conducting research in someone’s laboratory, then it would be very commonplace for the professor to invite laboratory personnel over to his or her house for a gathering. As a university student, I personally cherished this type of interaction because it leads to the ability to establish more personal connections with people who are willing to serve as references in a professional capacity. However, you always need to be relatively professional at these types of social events.As an adult (i.e. > 18 year old) undergraduate student and then graduate student, I was invited to some parties that graduate students in the laboratory or even professors held. I enjoyed those parties immensely and got to interact with a lot of graduate students and professors. Never once did I feel like I needed to ask someone if I would get into trouble for attending the party and nothing ever transpired that made me feel like I needed to ask.If you are a minor (high school or public school student), my answer is very different. It would be highly inappropriate for you to visit a teacher’s house - under any circumstance (unless, you were perhaps, hired to babysit).