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Can Any Good Come From Telling A Friend You Feel Jealous

Why do I feel jealous when my girlfriend talks to other men?

Its because you are INSECURE. And to be honest, we are all humans. So , NOTHING WRONG IN IT. ITS IN OUR NATURE. NOW how to overcome it ? How about some reverse psychology.Speak with other girls, make a strong friend circle which includes women. It will help you in the long run.Well relationship with friends or girlfriend is like investing in stock market and creating a diversified portfolio with number of stocks in different sectors instead of one particular stock. If one stock goes down other stocks can help you to cover up losses.Imaging "A" is your girlfriend with a probability of .5 of dumping you.She speaks with 5 guys on an average.You try speaking and making friends with 7 to 8 girls, to keep you on a safe diversified zone. Appreciate there ability, there intelligence, qualities but never hit on them. Girls love to have friend zoned committed guys like you. Never flirt , keep your character intact. Just never ever flirt with them!! Express at times that you miss your girlfriend, she is talking to other guys and makes you feel insecure, get some emotional comfort from your female friends. Automatically you will observe you have a space full of good female friends, and you are giving less time and space to your girlfriend. She will understand , she will miss you, she will feel insecure too. Now if she comes back its your gain, your favourite stock in which you invested have actually given you profit. Worst case - she didn't feel jealous, dumps you, goes out with another guy. Well the other stocks in your portfolio, that is your female friends who knows how honest you are when you are in a relationship will automatically come to your rescue. be a man and cry like a bitch in front of one of them, tell them how your ex has played with your feelings, at least 90% chances are there that out of those 8 girls one girl will fall for you. P.S. - often look out for proper timings, like break up of one of your female friends at the same time of your break up. Remember the 2008 recession ? Leyman brothers got bankrupt, imagine the stock market crash, just imagine how rich people are who have invested then. its similar, support and comfort each other after break up, good times are ahead. Even in relationships.

What are some signs friends are jealous of you?

They tell secrets without you in them they look at you weird they act diffrent around others and diffrent around you hope I helped

Should I tell my girlfriend that I'm jealous?

Expressing jealousy has one goal: making your girlfriend act in a way that makes you feel safe and loved. While it sounds like a good thing, it really isn't.Saying it differently, expressing jealousy is trying to change your girlfriend's behaviour. I've been there so many times. You're thinking: "Damn, this girl is so awesome. If only she could change these few things, she'd be perfect". Unfortunatly, it always ends in a constant struggle. You'll find yourself in a situation where sometimes she acts the way you like, and some other times, for some reasons, she doesn't. Now, not only are you jealous again, but you're wondering why she stopped acting the way you like. As a result, you're expressing your jealousy again, and that you already told her you felt that way. This is a vicious circle that'll make any relationship so toxic, it's only a matter of time before it breaks.I learnt it the hard way: Don't tell people what to do, especially if your motivations come from your insecurities. There's nothing more repulsive than that.The important thing is to know why you are jealous: Is it because you're insecure, or because your girlfriend broke a boundary of yours?Let's say she's talking to a guy friend and you feel jealousy. This is insecurity. You can't possibly expect from your girlfriend to not talk to the opposite sex.Let's imagine that she's going on vacation with her ex-boyfriend. They'll be only the two of them, and booked only one room. Now, that might be a boundary of yours  she just violated (that would definitely be the case for me).Ask yourself what your boundaries are. Once you know, the situation becomes so much easier. If you're dealing with insecurities, then you need to work on them. If you're dealing with a boundary that has been violated, you need to find another relationship.Don't try to change people. It doesn't work. It only brings sufferings to you and your loved one.Know what you want and don't want, and observe whether or not the other person fits. Don't lie to yourself with the usual "but she's so great, there are just these few things!". If these few things bother you so much, then she's either not that great, or you need to work on yourself.

Should I tell my boyfriend that I am jealous of his girl best friend?

I'm going to go off the general trend of answers here. I'm no expert but I've seen multiple couples fall apart in a similar fashion.You're in a relationship with your boyfriend for a reason. It's a reason that you and your boyfriend know about, perhaps it's because you two are compatible, or because your conversations are great.In any case, my point remains that if both of you are equally involved in your relationship, you shouldn't be afraid of telling your boyfriend about something you feel isn't just right. You should discuss, and come to a good decision which suits the both of you. It's important to keep in mind though, that you should take extreme care of how you word your concern/jealousy.Try turning this situation around. If you had a guy best friend who you were really close to, how would you want your boyfriend to address that, if a similar situation arises, so that you don't feel hurt in that process? Think about it.

How do you tell when somebody is jealous of you?

Usually if someone is making fun or putting you & your home, belongings etc. down all the time.
Usually it's because they're very jealous, either of your looks, possesions, boyfriend/husband. Some people are just jealous of your personality & will constantly pick at everything you do or say. The only good way to handle it is to ignore them. I know that isn't always easy but just smile & pretend you didn't hear them. You know the old saying "smile, it makes your enemies wonder what you're up to".

What are some good ways to tell if someone is jealous or envious towards you, or even feels inadequate compared to you?

If they are constantly bragging about their life and going as far as saying their life is “perfect” , that’s a sign that they are jealous or envious of you , mostly because they view your life as better , and they wish they had your life , so by telling you this , it’s pretty clear they are jealous. Also , if a person starts ignoring you , pretending not to know you , then yes , that’s a sign that they are mad at the fact that you have everything they wish they had , but don’t. Hope this answer helps :)

I get jealous when my girl friend talks to other guys.?

Don't look at it as jealousy then. Look at it as fear. When we are deeply in love with someone, there's always a fear to lose them. Let your gf know of your problem. Let her know your fear. Put it across in a nice tone, but don't end up in quarrels. She should reassure you on her feelings. indeed it is very wrong to restrict her from talking to guys. She needs friends too. Look at it this way, you are only 18 and there's a long way to learn about loving someone. So you gotta learn to curb such fear now. If it is so easy to love someone, you think the happiness it brings will be so great? Good luck to you. Remember communications is important between couple.

How can u tell if someone is jealous of you ?

You can tell if a person is jealous by:

-Spreading rumors about you
-Constantly staring or snarling at you
-Laughing w/their friends at you
-Being stuck up or rude to you
-Ignoring you when you did something good
-Rolling their eyes
-Always making quirky yet rude/teasing remarks about what you say
-Copying you and trying to make it better
-Competing w/you to be better
-Trying to steal your friends/boyfriend