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Can Anybody Relate To This

Can anybody think of a nudist-related pun?

Hmm why would a nudist go on strike, they don't get paid for being naked.

Why not get a stripy jumper, black tights & a pair of deeley boppers, go as a bee on strike with the caption "more honey & shorter flowers" on the banner.

Can anybody tell me how any of these physics terms relate to the Olympic sport luge?

I can attempt to help with a few of them.
inertia - the tendency of an object to remain in its state of motion until acted upon by some external force. Well, the luge is just gonna sit there unless the guy gets it moving to the slope where gravity can start it going down the run. As it is going down the run, it wants to keep moving until something stops it or turns it. Momentum is also close to this. Momentum is a product of an object's mass and inertia. If I were to throw a baseball at you and tell you to change it's direction with a bat, you would have no trouble. If I were to drive at you in my car and tell you to change the car's velocity with the same bat, you couldn't. The car having moremass, has more momentum. However, if I were to lob a ball at you and tell you to change the momentum with your bare hand, you could. Now, if Nolan Ryan threw that same baseball at you at over 120mph and you had to use just your bare hand to change the ball's velocity, you probaly could, but it'd sure hurt. The increase in speed increased the ball's momentum.
terminal velocity - absolutely maximum velocity an object can achieve relative to the environment it's moving through and forces that environment exerts upon the object factoring in object's mass
motion - movement
When it crests a hill in the track and comes back down the other side, if the luge's velocity is adequate, the rider may experience a feeling of free fall. The space shuttle does this when in orbit. It is falling to the ground all the time. But, it also has a "forward" instead of just "downward" velocity letting it arc out over the curavature of the earth and fall into nothing. Velocity is a combination of an object's speed AND direction.
There really is not enough room in this forum to fully explain all these aspects of your question. Try looking through your physics book at the definition of those terms to see what each could be talking about during a luge run.

I'm a lonely weirdo, can anybody relate?

Not really lonely, or a weirdo. My fake friends bullied me for no reason so I left them. I isolate myself sometimes for hours and write songs on my guitar. Or sometimes I continue writing a story I wrote, and even add about
five pages at a time. Or I fantisize about musicals and then I write them down, and work them out. Sometimes I feel like painting, or creating. I hardly show people my work, it's very personal and my way of expressing myself but when I do they say it's amazing and I'm really creative. Am I weird for wanting to be alone and make stuff? Or when I'm supposed to do homework I drift off and end up writing a song again..

Why can't I relate to anybody?

Because most people are different from each other. I’ve only met one person in my life who is almost exactly like I am and we are not close friends or anything.I understand that making friends with someone requires a certain level of similarities between both parties but what I don’t understand is when people look for friends or partners who like these X, Y, Z bands or have A, B, C interests because having similar interests doesn’t really guarantee that you’d be best friends or even get along with each other.My best friend is very old fashioned. I’m too progressive like you wouldn’t believe. He listens to grandpa music. I listen to weird crap. He’s not a fan of comedy shows. I want to binge watch Bob’s Burgers. He is all console. I’m all PC. He’s hardware fan. I’m a web developer. How are we best friends? I don’t know. We just get along so well. To be fair we both love Game of Thrones.You don’t need to have these superficial or I guess insignificant similarities to become friends. Sometimes it’s even better to be different because you guys can introduce new things to each other. Keep an open mind. You can’t also really “relate” to anyone by just knowing their interests. Almost everyone puts on a persona when you first meet them. It takes time to open up to each other and connect. At least that’s how I see it anyway.

Can anybody help me with this math problem? it's related to equations and problem solving

Let's let the distance that Joe walks be j, and the distance that Gayna walks be g. Let's work out how long they walk before they meet. We know that:

j + g = 3 (since they both stopped walking as soon as they saw each other)

And we also know that:

j = 2.5 * t (where t is the time they walked), and
g = 3.5t.

So we have:

2.5t + 3.5t = 3, and so 6t = 3, so t = 1/2. So this suggests that they walked 1/2 hour. Since Joe was walking at 2.5 mph, he will have walked 1.25 miles.

Let's check that. Joe walked 1.25 miles, which means Gayna walked 1.75 miles. Since Gayna walked at 3.5 miles per hour, it should have taken her 1/2 an hour, so everything checks out!

Can anybody guide me on divorce related issues?

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What does "I can relate" tend to mean?

Hmmm. It is definitely about understanding, and sometimes about empathy. On occasion it may be a way of expressing commiseration.This will depend on context and, as Kat Downing wrote, it can be used in a range of situations from quite light and casual to truly heavy and moved. Though the person saying “I can relate” may be referring to a similar experience s/he has had, it’s not required. Empathy and understanding are about thinking and feeling your way into someone else’s experience, not actually having it.Examples:After someone spills a cup of coffee s/he has just bought and catches your eye with a look of “Can you believe it?!”: Oh man, I can relate! (because I can imagine what you might be feeling right now)When someone tells you of a significant loss and how it has affected daily life: “I’m so sorry. I can relate. After my mom died I could hardly put one foot in front of the other.”After someone has finally cleaned both the toilet and the refrigerator, and wants to celebrate: “Of course you want to celebrate! I can relate. Toilet and fridge on the same day — that’s a once-in-a-lifetime kind of accomplishment!” (joking, we hope)When someone tells you s/he had a road rage moment in morning rush-hour traffic and felt like ramming into the back of the car whose driver cut her/him off: “I can relate. Sometimes I think it’s a good thing I don’t carry a gun.”When someone bemoans the ending of a beloved TV series: “I can relate. There are some things I just count on having access to, you know?”As an aside, we also say, “I can’t relate.” We use this when (1) there is an action, opinion, perspective and/or feeling that is beyond our ability to understand or empathize; or (2) when we are highlighting our difference. If someone said to me, “I can’t stand being by myself for even a moment,” I’d reply, “I can’t relate. I enjoy being with others, and I really treasure my time alone.” When I read about someone driving a vehicle into a crowd of people, I think, “I can’t relate. I get really angry sometimes, but I’ve never been to the point of wanting to kill people.”

Can anybody heal himself by NLP technique or by any technique related to subconscious mind?

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Could anybody suggest a Investigatory Project that's related to Biology? Plants? Animals? HELP!!!?

try to study about how plants undergo the process of photosynthesis and identify its phases and when did phases occurs.

hope it helped