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Can Anyone Explain This To Me

Can Anyone Explain This To Me?

It's basically saying that the universe is held together bcuz things dont without conflict the world would fall apart i guess....kinda like the concept of the yinyang

What is Hadoop? Can anyone explain it to me from the very beginning? How is it essential in big data sector?

Hadoop is a distributed files storage system. It has been there since the from a long time. Hadoop was first developed by Team Yahoo. Hadoop has now become more and more popular because of its architecture and its functionality. With data being generated in huge volumes companies are moving to Hadoop ecosystems to maintain and work on that.I found this web demonstration which is very simple and can be understood by almost everyone.Big Data Hadoop Online Training | Hadoop Certification Course | EdurekaPlease go through the link and it will clear all your doubts.

Can anyone explain about TestNG?

Hi Kiran,TestNG is a testing framework like JUnit and NUnit . It provide more annotations as compared to other testing frameworks so its more powerful and easier to use. TestNG eliminates most of the limitations of the older framework and gives the developer the ability to write more flexible and powerful tests with help of easy annotations, grouping, sequencing & parameterization.Using TestNG, you can use below features in your Automation framework:Parameterization of tests using "Data Provider" feature.Listeners to develop customized reports.You can define methods which run before of after:TestSuiteClassMethods etc.You can run tests in parallel or can run classes in parallel or methods in parallel.You can define on how many threads, tests will execute.You can group tests like Smoke, Regression etc.Apart from these features, there are other annotations available, which can be used to make you framework more flexible and easy to maintain.You can also refer to TestNG documentation available at if you want to gain further knowledge on all the above features and annotations of TestNG.Due to usability and variety in features, most of automation testing company prefers TestNG for execution of Automation scripts and reporting purposes.Please let me know if you have any specific questions on TestNG.Regards,Anand

Can anyone explain that to me? is it consacrated ?

if you have mozilla firefow type this:

than comment what do you see? what do you think

satan is a deceiver. he uses what he can to deceive . many working for satan even churches

nice day

Can anyone explain this to me -- geometry?

explain the best to your ability .

Rays CD and DA are perpendicular. Point E lies in the interior of angle CDA . if the measure of angle EDC = 4q - 1 and the measure of angle ADE = 2q - 5 , find measure of angle EDC .

Chemistry can anyone explain this to me?

How do you determine the number of moles of H? I will give 2 examples and if anyone can show me so I can do the rest it would be greatly appreciated!!

3.60 mol H2O

0.0734 mol N2H4}