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Can Anyone Help. I Am Looking For A Branded Clothes Supplier In Singapore.

How can I find a supplier of replica designer handbags?

I have a friend who started her own online business selling replica designer handbags and has been doing great! I would love to start my own but I need a good supplier. My friend's supplier doesn't want anymore clients otherwise I would use her. She found her supplier pretty much by accident. This isn't exaclty something you can look up easliy so I was wondering if anyone had any advice?

So yeah, if anyone has some advice that would be great.

No rude comments please!

Wearing Different Clothing Brands.... at the same time.?

Mixing and matching clothing brands is definitely okay! When you wear more than one brand you look more unique and original. A lot of times when you wear all one brand you end up looking like a walking advertisment for the designer.

Swot analysis for Gap (clothing stores)?

I think specific knowledge is required before a good swot analysis can be done.

Unfortunately I don't have that specific knowledge.

But I can help you with the following, based on the assumptions that GAP has a ready and comprehensive infrastructure of distribution.


1) Branding - personally i feel GAP has strong branding in the everyday basics, from casual to work wear etc.

2) Infrastructure - allows for ease of distribution nationally and internationally.

3) Quality - consumer trust in quality is built


1) Formal evening wear/ party clothes : I'm not sure about internationally, but in Singapore, it is not known to be the first choice of many who are searching for party clothes. Like I mentioned, we go there for the basics.

2) Marketing : a strong brand it may be, but marketing is not as strong in Singapore.

1) Rapid changing fashion trends : any clothing store that falls behind in these will lose out a chunk of its market share.

2) Rising production costs will reduce profit margins

3) Breakdown in distribution network.

1) Using Singapore as an example, more marketing can be done.

2) New market share : the younger and hip crowd - following up on the point on expanding their range of clothes beyond just the basics.

3) New products : expanding beyond clothing to include more shoes, handbags etc... not sure if GAP already carries these.. or if the branding on such items are strong.

More homework needs to be done, specific to GAP. A swot analysis on GAP is different from just doing a swot on clothing shops in general. Go ahead.. think it through.

However, do note that in any business, it is important to have a target market. Trying to expand beyond means or targetting everyone and anyone will result in dilution of customers' interest. Like I mention, I don't quite see young adults heading to GAP for party clothes. But this may not be GAP's main target anyway.

Good luck.

P.S : GAP's storefront in Singapore, not too outwardly trendy.. not sure bout those overseas.

What is the cheapest online store to buy clothes in Singapore?

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What are the best websites to buy name brand clothing?

I'm not talking about Prada, Gucci, Armani and all that stuff, I'm not trying to pay 200 bucks for a freaking shirt. I mean the I guess you would say "lower class" name brands, like Hilfiger, Nautica, Calvin Klein, Ecko, Hurley, stuff like that...I found a store where I live where I can get brand new Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis and other names like that for 8-10 bucks apiece (sometimes a little less even), and I know there are others like it for the other brands (theyve got to get rid of overstock some way, they don't just burn the stuff). I've looked at sites like, but they've got the celebrity stuff, and although it might be 60% off, that doesnt help much when the stuff was originally $400-500. I'm talking $10, $20, $30. Anybody know of stuff besides the obvious? (Belk, Dillards, JCPenney, etc.) Any help greatly appreciated. Looking for mens, womens, and kids clothes. Doesn't have to be online either, any actual stores in the Triad area of North Carolina would work too. Thanks!

Where can i buy factory defect clothes and brand name shoes wholesale like levi jeans hollister nike jordan?

Marshalls, TJ maxx, Ross

Platocloset sells gently use name brand clothing and shoes too, good luck